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CONCEPT81: Cinncinatti Bengals (UPDATED 10/28)


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I am not a 100% fan of the Bengals current look, but on the other hand I don't think it's as bad as people make it to be. I feel with the proper fixing their set could be one of the best in the NFL because of their unique scheme with using tiger stripes.


> V-Collar added to simulate sharp curving tiger stripe as is on the sleeve with contrasting orange insert

> Sleeves are orange on all (3) designs with pattern desinged into the jersey cut. 'Bengal' stripes are woven into the sleeve fabric to eliminate painted on look. Reebok logo is regulated to the bottom of the sleeve to give stripe pattern more prominence. Sleeve cuffs are black

> 'B' logo is reduced in size and placed closer to the collar

> Number font changed to a 'beefier' style blending traditional block styling with curves that flow with the sleeve stripe pattern

> White side panels eliminated (exc;away) to give cleaner, less cluttered look


> Transitional white insert of the stripe/wedge eliminated. Solid oragne tapered wedge with Bengal stripes for both white and black set


> Orange upper with Bengal striping and white base. Socks to be used for both home and away combinations. New style socks offer a continious flow of the Bengal pattern running from the helmet to the leg.










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I like it, although the sock stripes may be overkill.

It couldn't be worse than how the uniform currently looks! I think that they look even more 'off' when they wear the orange socks because you have so much orange in the helmet and then the sleeves, pant wedge, then just 'blam'...plain orange socks. The idea of my concept was to take away what I felt wasn't working for them and in turn, adding an element that could add to their already unique look of using bengal stripes by placing them on the socks. In my next post I will have put this onto a sports action template for a visual.

It is spelled:


BTW, good looking concepts. Where did you get that template?

Yeah I figured I spelled it wrong...didn't feel like spell checkin' it though sorry! And I made the template myself. I had been working on it for a while and just finished it this morning.

that wouldve looked way better whooping on my bears this weekend! nice job!

Ha Ha..Thanks!

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I really like this. Oddly enough, I think the numbers was what did it for me, if it had a different number font I probably would of been less of a fan lol. But they definitely look better without the side stripes.

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I really like this concept a lot in a lot of ways. Personally for the Bengals I prefer the black jersey as the first choice and the orange as an alternate but I think the set would be a great big update for the Bungles. (Can we still call them that?)


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