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Seattle Grunge Hockey Concept


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Basically, I was in a grunge mood the other day after 90's Day on MTV2. After listening to Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains for a couple hours, I somehow got the strange idea that Seattle Grunge would be a funny name for a sports team. As I kept working, it became more and more serious and I eventually ended up with what you see above. I really had no expectations for the project other than expecting to get bored and toss it after awhile, so, if nothing else, I'm pleasantly surprised by how it turned out.

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the logo and template are good, but the color scheme doesn't fit the name very well. It's GRUNGE!. You should have more drab colors, like dark green/khaki, dark red, brown, black. Stuff that is dreary. Maybe incorporate some flannel plaid into it somewhere. Try mimicking the clothers of your logo...brown for the base of the jersey, dark khaki for the sleeves and shoulders.

Maybe have uneven striping on the sleeves and bottom, not round...symbolizing disorder and sloppiness that the grunge movement was known for.

play with the fonts a little. How would the "grunge" font look for numbers? Maybe you could use the Nirvana lettering (Bodoni Bold Condensed/Birch) for the lettering on the name. Really bring out the Seattle feel of everything.

It's not a bad start, but try and "dirty" it up some more. Feel the grunge. Or, maybe you absorbed too much grunge on Saturday and you just want to not do anything and feel sorry for yourself all day long....j/k :)

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I dig it, but why not take it one step further.. make the jersey a plaid pattern, except for the front, where it looks like it is open to the white t underneath, with the logo.. truely what a 'grunge' type would have worn!

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navy and that gold/khaki color on the white jersey look awesome together. Not really feeling the silver on the home.

I agree with what others have said. You need more natural colors: Olive Drab Green, whatever khaki color you have, the brown of the guy's T-shirt. Dirty urban grunge colors. Muted colors.

Logo is cool, but Kurt does need more facial features. Gotta love the KC rememberance patch.

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sorry, but I must break into song from seeing this....(i know the logo looks more like kurt, but pearl jams the grunge band Im most familar with)

at home, drawing pictures

of mountain tops

with him on top, lemon yellow sun

arms raised in a V, the dead lay in pools of maroon below

daddy didnt give, or the fact that mommy didnt care....

King Jeremy the wicked, ruled his world

Jeremy spoke in classsssss todaaaaayyyyyy


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Man I saw this post and it was sooo weird!Back in 1994,my ssenior year of high school,I ran a fantasy football league with all my friends and my oldest nephews team was the Seattle Grunge!I saw that and flipped because at first I thought there was an actual team coming out with that name.I did all the logos and unis for that league and they were pre-Nike Miami Hurricanes.Wore white at home with orange pants and 'Grunge' in an odd font on the white helmet.One day I'll put all the logos and unis on here and get your thoughts on them.Anyway as far as my thoughts on the uni I really like the colors and logo.I was into the whole grunge phase so those colors dont seem too far off for me.Now if they just made combat boot-style skates!!


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If we can have New Orleans Jazz and Philadelphia Soul, I guess I can live with the Seattle Grunge.

Just don't move them to Utah...


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Definitely a good start, I think the guy within the logo needs some work done. Why not just use a photo of Kurt Cobain?


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