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Previously on "Lights Out's MLB Concepts": Brewers ? Rays ? Twins ? Diamondbacks ? Rockies ? Padres ? Yankees ? White Sox ? Astros

Atlanta Braves





In my past couple of concepts, I've looked to the future for inspiration. For the Braves, I've decided instead to look to the past. I've always loved the 1972-1975 Braves uniforms with the feather sleeves, as well as the the powder blue roads they used from 1980-1986. However, I also like their current cap logos and the tomahawk. I've decided to mash up what I feel have been the best elements of Atlanta's overall identity - the powder blue roads, the '70s red and blue colors, and the current cap logos.

I also found a great place for the tomahawk - the bill of the cap, which every team leaves empty for some reason. Comments?

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Overall it's very busy.

-The red outline on the feather looks awkward sticking out under the contrast band.

-The NOB being under the number seems more basketball than baseball to me.

-the tomahawks on the hat look really cool, but I think it would look better with one blue instead of the two-tone look.

I think these could be really clean, but it would mean scrapping a lot of what makes this concept this concept.

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Please, can you just use one thread for all of these? They're getting kind of ridiculous. I don't mind you having the concepts though.

All that aside, I'm not a huge fan of 'em. I'm not a traditionalists by any means but I hope we don't see these futuruistic designs...

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Well, I've decided to scrap the Braves concept. It looked better to me in my head than on the screen anyway. That being said...

New York Mets




Let's face it - the Yankees own pinstripes in New York baseball, and no matter how many times Mets fans insist that the Mets have used them for a while too, pinstripes are still way more closely tied to the Yankees. So instead of pinstripes on the Mets, I've delved back into their past as the New York Giants and reintroduced a grid pattern to the uniforms. Realizing that this could look garish if done improperly, I decided to tone the color of the grid way down to make a more subtle effect. I also used the old New York script from the '80s because it looks nice, and I decided to go untraditional and use the city name at home and team name on the road. As for the road, I went orange. I really wanted to use orange to further differentiate them from the Yankees. An orange road uniform would scream Mets and unlike San Fran, they have the right shade of orange to pull it off. Again, I've reached back into their past.. Finally, for the alternate, I've introduced more white to the color scheme for contrast and made it a blue vest. I decided to use the cap logo, but put it on the opposite side from where the Yankees put their logo on the home unis, to further differentiate. I also added a front number.

I do have one more Mets uni in the works, and I can promise you all this - it'll be "out of this world."


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Well, droozer spoiled it in advance, but here it is...

Mercury Mets



On July 27th, 1999, the Mets "moved to Mercury" for a day, donning "Mercury Mets" uniforms that were a good TATC idea on paper but were horrendously-executed. Almost 11 years later, they're still being talked about. In this concept, on July 27th every year, New York will be "visited" by the Mercury Mets again! This time, however, their uniforms won't look like the cover to a ten-year-old's lab report.

I decided to play off the classic sci-fi image of a UFO beaming down aliens to a major city. I used the skyline from the Mets logo and a clipart of a UFO (obviously, the Mets would have somebody make a UFO graphic themselves, but I don't have those kind of skills). The UFO's beam is the only orange part of the uniform outside of the MLB logo, for contrast. The font and NOB placement are both meant to be futuristic. And of course, you've gotta have the matching cap with Mercury symbol.


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I like the NY logo but I think it is connected in the wrong place. I think the bottom of the N and the top of the Y need to connect cleanly for this to work. Otherwise you are creating a negative space in there that doesn't belong. However, doing it my way might make the logo too tall. You will just have to try it out and see.

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