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Hey guys, I took a couple month long hiatus from designing and started again about 3-4 weeks ago. I think the break really helped me and I feel like I've improved. I decided to design myself a new personal logo. My current logo (top right) is very simple and I'm kind of sick of it. I have 3 new options and I am having trouble deciding on a design. Any input or suggestions from you guys would be great!

1) Very simple. My initials are JM and the J forms the left leg of the M.

2) The negative space between the green outline and the M forms a pencil.

3) Upper and lower case J's create a design with a capital M in the middle.


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I think the first one relies too heavily on color. The second one has a good use of negative space forming the pencil, but the shape itself is awkward. The last one looks like an energy company.

What do you want the logo to say about you? You shouldn't have to play off multiple imagery of paperclips and pencils to get your point across. Emphasize your initials more. Maybe make a pencil out of the negative space between the J and M, or in the legs of a lowercase m.

Brainstorm...just start scribbling tons of ideas. You should be able to represent yourelf more than just type set in Arial.

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Here are a couple new ideas. The first one is just an update of Logo 2. The second one is completely new, there is a J and an M as well as a pencil that all form together to look like a hand clicking a mouse. I think this one may be a little tough to make out but I'll see what you guys think. Comments and suggestions would be great!



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You're definitely onto something with the mouse hand clicking thing there.

My suggestion to you is this...as tough as it's going to be to do especially if you've got all your adrenaline pumping about this logo...leave it alone for about a day, maybe two. Or, sketch out some more ideas tonight and tomorrow and don't look at it again until Monday. Sometimes taking a break will do wonders for helping you see something you might not have seen before, as well as seeing new ways of executing and/or fine-tuning your idea.

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After a long time of not doing much in the way of designing, I've decided to get back into it. My first order of business was to fix my personal logo and get it to a point where I'm happy with it. I took the clicking/pencil logo and updated it to make it less subtle. C&C please.


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