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First Official On-Field Rally Cap Design


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Our friends over at the Altoona Curve just unveiled the "First Official On-Field Rally Cap Design" in baseball history. The Home cap, when turned inside out, features the Curve's famous "Al Tuna" rally mascot fish eyes. The team has also been issued the caps. So when a Curve player is on third, it's time for 8,000 fans and players to summon the rally mascot out of the bottle! Flip those lids!


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"Like much of our fan base, the Plan B branding team we worked with on the new logos really enjoyed Al Tuna during their visit to the ballpark last summer. They suggested the possibility of a home cap with an Al Tuna rally cap lining and we were hooked.

You designed these? Fantastic idea and execution. Would never want to see it in the MLB, but for a minor league team, this is awesome! :notworthy:

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