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New NBC Sports logo


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Its not that big a change IMO and didn't really do anything that differentiates it from the earlier one

It just looks a lot cleaner now.

The only real change is to the "sports" script.

I think it's a good change, but kind of obvious and expected.

What if they had the peacock logo over "NBCSN" like the msnbc and cnbc logos?

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A new NBC Sports logo will also be implemented on January 2. The new logo features an evolutionary design that maintains the equity of the classic NBC Sports logo, while signaling something new. Changes include:

The Peacock is slightly larger.

The letters ?NBC? are still bold but have a new font which puts them in balance with the Peacock.

?Sports? maintains its scripted feel, but features a new hand-lettered font exclusively created for NBC Sports.

Previously ?Sports? was on an angle, but it has been straightened to allow for ?Network? to fit easily beneath it and to accommodate the on-air design of commonly used sports tickers.

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