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If Baseball had C's and A's


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Ive always thought it would be cool if other sports had Captains (and Assistant Captains) with C's and A's on their jerseys like the NHL. im gonna go through all the MLB teams, and name captains based on skill, leadership, and tenure with the team like the NHL does. (not sure if this has been done before)

Lemme know what you guys think:

Anaheim: C - Tim Salmon, A - Garret Anderson, Troy Percival

Arizona: C - Randy Johnson, A- Steve Finley, Luis Gonzalez

Atlanta: C - John Smoltz, A - Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones

Baltimore: C - Rafael Palmeiro, A - Sidney Ponson, Melvin Mora

Boston: C - Pedro Martinez, A - Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek

Chicago Cubs: C - Sammy Sosa, A - Kerry Wood, Mark Prior

Chicago Sox: C - Frank Thomas, A - Magglio Ordonez, Paul Konerko

Cincinnati: C - Barry Larkin, A - Adam Dunn, Sean Casey

Cleveland: C - Omar Vizquel, A - C.C. Sabathia, Matt Lawton

Colorado: C - Larry Walker, A - Todd Helton, Vinny Castilla

Detroit: C - Ivan Rodriguez, A - Bobby Higginson, Rondell White

Florida: C - Josh Beckett, A - Mike Lowell, Jeff Conine

Houston: C - Craig Biggio, A - Jeff Bagwell, Brad Ausmus ( i know i'll probably be grilled for now having Clemens there, but he just arrived and probably wont be there for long)

KC: C - Mike Sweeney, A - Carlos Beltran, ?

LA: C - Paul Lo Duca, A - Eric Gagne, Shawn Green

Milwaukee: C - Geoff Jenkins, A - Ben Sheets, ?

Minnesota: C - Brad Radke, A - Torii Hunter, Doug Mientkiewicz

Montreal: C - Jose Vidro, A - Orlando Cabrera, Livan Hernandez

NY Mets: C - Mike Piazza, A - Al Leiter, Tom Glavine

NY Yankees: C - Derek Jeter, A - Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada

Oakland: C - Barry Zito, A - Eric Chavez, Tim Hudson

Philadelphia: C - Mike Lieberthal, A - Bobby Abreu, Randy Wolf

Pittsburgh: C - Jason Kendall, A - Kris Benson, Craig Wilson

San Diego: C - Trevor Hoffman, A - Phil Nevin, Ryan Klesko

San Francisco: C - Barry Bonds, A - JT Snow, Jason Schmidt

Seattle: C - Edgar Martinez, A - Jamie Moyer, Brett Boone

St. Louis: C - Jim Edmonds, A - Matt Morris, Albert Pujols

Tampa Bay: C - Aubrey Huff, A - Rocco Baldelli, Tino Martinez

Texas: C - Kenny Rogers, A - Michael Young, Hank Blalock

Toronto: C - Carlos Delgado, A - Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells

I know theres probably lots of changes you guys would make, lemme hear em!

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Anaheim: C - Tim Salmon, A - Garret Anderson, Troy Percival

Detroit: C - Ivan Rodriguez, A - Bobby Higginson, Rondell White

St. Louis: C - Jim Edmonds, A - Matt Morris, Albert Pujols

Anaheim: C - Garret Anderson, A - Tim Salmon, Troy Percival

Detroit: C - Bobby Higginson, A - Ivan Rodriguez, Rondell White

St. Louis: C - Matt Morris, A - Albert Pujols

Just my opinions on those two...

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It's a tough decision, but for the Cards, I'd go...

C-Mike Matheny, A-Ray Lankford, Albert Pujols

I'd have to agree... anybody else hear about Matheny's record-breaking streak of something like 1300 straight chance behind the plate without an error? That's impressive..

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yep, i was aware of this. i saw the C on mike sweeneys jersey when they were playing the jays a few weeks back. its what inspired me to make this thread! ^_^

And your choices aren't bad.

I saw, I came, I left.

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I don't think a pitcher should be the captain. If the rules were similar to hockey, where a captain gets to speak with the officials, it would have to be an everyday player. A starting pitcher is only out there one every five days. He may be a calming presence in the dugout, but an on-field captain needs to be out there most of the time.

For example, for the Red Sox, I would have:

C- Jason Varitek

A- Nomar Garciaparra

A- Trot Nixon

of course, since there are current injury conflicts, these changes would happen:

A- Bill Mueller (or the resident first baseman)

A- Johnny Damon

I wouldn't pick Manny, only because he seems so be in his own world most of the time anyway. He's just out there to have fun, he doesn't come across as an "on-field general".

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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