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Teambuilder Uniforms



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Hello people! EA Sports has a website called Teambuilder for making teams. I decided to use this to make new jerseys for NFL teams. Just so you know, I can't have the names of the teams be exactly the same as the real names.

New England Patriots


Home jersey: Helmet 1 Jersey 1-Pants 1

Road: H1-J2 -P2

Alt 1: H2-J3-P1

Alt 2: H2-J4-P2

Philadelphia Eagles


Home: H1-J1-P1

Road: H1-J2-P2

Alt 1: H2-J3-P1

Alt 2: H2-J4-P2

C&C please!

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Folks around here look down on the Teambuilder thing, as evidenced by my USFL teambuilder teams thread here a while ago


With that being said, the Patriots look pretty good. the Eagles, uh not so much. Try finding the wing ;)


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My little brother could create these jerseys. You can't even call them concepts... Quit trying.

Man, that's a little harsh don't you think?

I was gonna say... Wow. :shocked:

Yeah boys it's a little harsh. Not having the best day, stupid OCHEM test. But my argument does have some merit.. I feel like teambulider Is a step below paint.


Someone be a World Champ, please!

Fantasy Football Keeper League.....PM me if you want to join!!

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TeamBuilder is great for those with limited skills in Paint, Inkscape, Photoshop, et al.

It's a nice way to start learning about concepts and what makes a good uniform. I like your Pats set, but not the Eagles that much. The alt jersey is a weird cucumber color.


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Do you have the game fouhy12? If so, I would download them into the game then take some screenshots, so you have a better idea of what they actually look like, because the Teambuilder site can be kinda deceiving.

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