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Logolympiad: Event #9

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This one's kind of silly, but I think it could be fun, too. It's also the last non-sports event, so expect to sweat from here out.

Anyway, on to business...

EVENT #9 - Company Logo


? design a logo for Gigantic Gases, a fictional Houston-based fuel distributor

- Limit 2 colors, plus black & white.

DEADLINE: Monday, May 31. 5:00 PM EDT

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Am I safe to assume that "gas" is just that specific? Like, we can determine if they are a natural gas mining company, a gas station, an propane distributor, etc, etc?

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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Arrrghhh! I wanted to do a logo for Gigantic Asses. :D Where's my donkey picture? :D

Well, if it's any consolation, gigantic asses pass gigantic gasses.

Now, back to the contest . . . .

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wait a second how do we know you arent opening a gas company... :D ... damn you pitt nice work... lol... this could be another beer challenge all over again

GDB... Brothers from other Mothers


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I'd actually like to thank Avenger...I don't think I would have submitted this entry if I thought I might have a realistic chance of winning :D .


Dude... that's hilarious! :D

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