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dsaline97's MLB Series


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Hello regulars and wanderers at CCSLC. This is my MLB Series. The way it will work is like this: I will release concepts for teams, take C&C (obviously), and update them when I go through an entire division. (Just to make things clear, Houston will be part of the AL West.)

NL East:

Philadelphia Phillies: 3/4/12 3/16/12 3/18/12

New York Mets: 3/10/12 3/17/12

Washington Nationals: 3/10/12 3/17/12 3/18/12

Miami Marlins: 3/15/12 3/18/12

Atlanta Braves: 3/16/12 3/18/12 3/19/12

NL West:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 3/20/12 3/25/12

San Francisco Giants: 3/22/12 3/25/12

Arizona Diamondbacks: 3/23/12 3/26/12

Colorado Rockies: 3/25/12 3/26/12 4/1/12 4/2/12

San Diego Padres: 3/26/12 4/1/12

AL East:

New York Yankees: 4/2/12 4/7/12

Boston Red Sox: 4/2/12 4/7/12

Baltimore Orioles: 4/4/12 4/7/12

Tampa Bay Rays: 4/6/12 4/7/12

Toronto Blue Jays: 4/7/12 4/7/12

AL Central:

Detroit Tigers: 4/8/12 4/14/12

Chicago White Sox: 4/9/12

Cleveland Indians: 4/10/12 4/14/12

Kansas City Royals: 4/12/12

Minnesota Twins: 4/14/12 4/14/12

AL West:

Seattle Mariners: 4/15/12 4/19/12

Oakland Athletics: 4/15/12

Texas Rangers: 4/18/12 4/19/12

Anaheim Angels: 4/19/12 4/20/12

Houston Astros: 4/19/12

NL Central:

Pittsburgh Pirates: 4/22/12

Cincinnati Reds: 4/24/12

Chicago Cubs: 4/27/12 4/29/12

St. Louis Cardinals: 4/27/12

Milwaukee Brewers: 4/28/12


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kevinmets' idea has become pretty popular, eh?

IMO the A's in green and (yellow) gold is much better than what you have them at (bronze-ish pale metallic gold). For the Rockies, you should darken one of the colours (keep the colour the same, just make it a darker shade). As a Blue Jays fan, I'm not sure how powder blue-black will look, but I'll wait until you post the concept until I judge.I'm also interested to see how brown-green works for the Tribe. I'll be following this series very closely.

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IMO the A's in green and (yellow) gold is much better than what you have them at (bronze-ish pale metallic gold).

I wanted the A's to have athletic gold, but the yellow shown on the color scheme wouldn't look right for them. My plan (for right now) is to keep their colors or slightly alter them.

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Not sure about royal and black for the Nationals. Would have to see it to make my final judgement.

When are we going to see the first uniform concept?

As always, I'm pumped for another MLB series to follow on these boards :grin:

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Team #1: Philadelphia Phillies

I wanted to go back to the maroon/powder look from the 80's for Philadelphia and use their current logos to make a modernized version of the current set. Hope you like it.



C&C welcome!

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This is actually a really sweet set. I'd make the cap logo a bit smaller and the back numbers a bit bigger, though. Also, powder blue pants are a big no-no for me.

In general, I hate colored pants, and I agree with this.

But the Phillies get a pass in my book. The look simply wouldn't be the same with white pants. I don't know why but in this instance it wouldn't bother me.

Overall I think this is a really solid concept. I've never thought of grey pinstripes for the Phils, but it looks good. For the primary logo, putting the liberty bell in the stadium seems a bit odd to me. I would either just use the liberty bell as the primary or put the Phillies script across the stadium.

Nice work!

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Light blue was never a Phillies color. It was simply the base color for their old road uniform, just like it was for many other teams. I'm not sure why everyone desires to change their colors to include it.

1. you need to fix the lines on your template. I can't tell if your seams are all just bold, or if you mean to have thick placket piping. If the former, then fix that. If the latter, then... well, fix that.

2. You have a primary and secondary logo that are essentially untrademarkable. Every counterfitter would jizz their pants at this, because there's no way to stop anyone from selling maroon Liberty Bells. Need some proprietary imagery there.

3. Not sure about the road pinstripes. I think they generally look terrible, and there's no historical precedence for the Phillies using them, so I'm not sure they'd work here. That's subjective though.

4. Their '80s set worked because the maroon P had a white outline separating it from the powder blue base. Your script there looks sloppy because the maroon doesn't look right against a colored base. Don't get me wrong - IMO the current Phillies set would look better if they dropped all white, kind of like what the Dodgers did several years ago, but that wouldn't work against a blue base. Needs the outline. Also, the white stars would get totally lost against the blue.

5. The Phillies are a team that doesn't invert their script on any jersey and on 99% of other applications. Now that certainly doesn't mean that you can't take liberties with your concept, but since you haven't changed anything else about their current logos, it would seem pretty inconsistent for them to start changing up the colors of letters and stars now. If that's the idea, I'd recommend coming up with a different script (chances are it'd look better than what they're wearing today.)

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New York Mets

I wanted to do what everyone else wants to do with the Mets: remove all traces of black in the uniforms and logos. I also replaced the current "Mets" scripts with ones that are similar to their "New York" ones currently on their road jerseys. The primary also has no more laces, because the logo feels too crowded and cluttered with them. Hopefully they look alright, because I think they look pretty good myself.


For the jerseys, I removed the pinstripes like what the Mets are doing as an alternate. Orange is back as a second alternate, along with blue to be worn both at home and on the road.


C&C appreciated!!!

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I would make the oranges brims an alternate-only option. Also, drop the orange jersey, grey pants option. The two don't mix well IMO. Very good though. An interesting take on the Mets, but it turned out very nice.

EDIT: one last thing. If you're going to use placket piping, (which you should for the Mets) you MUST give them pants piping as well. Add a single blue line to the pants and possibly the sleeves and this may be perfection.

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I'm still looking for some more C&C for the Mets, even though I posted it last night. However, I was able to crank out my next NL East team: the Nationals.

Washington Nationals

Not too much of a change here, except for the interlocking DC instead of the curly W.



C&C Appreciated!

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I like the logo, but the jerseys need work. The placket piping is unnecessary and the arm yoke/stripe things should never touch a primary jersey. The Mets script, NOB, and numbers all need to be bigger. Also, the pants need piping.


Put the "W" on the primary logo, not the "DC". They're the Washington Nationals, not the DC Nationals. Give the home hat a blue bill and button and give the blue hat a blue button. Again, make the numbers and NOB bigger.

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Phillies: Looks good! I'm a fan of the dark red and light blue colour combination, and for the most part, I think you made it work nicely. I'm torn on the road grey pinstripes, and I think the Libery Bell logo could do to be red with a blue outline instead of blue with a red outline. I really like both the home jersey and the first alternate jersey. The second alt, I could do without, but it doesn't look bad.

Mets: I love the idea you have going with the primary logo, but the word 'Mets' is pretty small and hard to read. I also really like the Mets script as an idea, but it needs to be waaay bigger on the jerseys. The shoulder piping is actually an interesting idea, too... it looks good in 2-D, but I'm left wondering how it would translate to a real uniform.

Washington: Eh. I definitely like the Nationals script, but nothing else really appeals to me. P.S. I thought you were going to do the Nats as red and gold? I think that would help to define their identity a little more, because what you have for them now looks too Twins.

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