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St. Louis Blues

I basically started over for the Blues. The uniforms are based heavily on the pre-Edge set. The alternate is double blue with yellow music note stripes and the alternate logo. New number font to go along with the new wordmark. Primary logo stays the same, alternate logo is a remake of the old alternate logo. I threw another logo in there combining the primary logo and wordmark with the St. Louis arch, but I'm not sold on it.

*EDIT- the current uniform is the most recent version, after having undergone some updates.



*Link to original version*

Thoughts? LIKE this post, leave a comment here or on Twitter/Facebook, whatever. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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The alternate needs five yellow stripes and not four. On another team, it wouldn't matter, but on the Blues pinstripes like that will be associated with a musical staff and therefore the number must be five.

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I think if you just switched the navy and blue on the shoulders on the away that'd be fine, like how they have done it since the pre-edge. Otherwise awesome set!

The one thing i never understood is why is the trumpet blue? I think if you make it gold it'd look a lot better and stand out more.

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Beautiful, don't change a thing. I'm kinda intrigued by the numbers though. Specifically, what would the other digits look like?

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Looks beautiful. The only suggestions I'd make would be to make the trumpet gold, not only to stand out more, but because trumpets are gold anyways. As well, I'd stick to single-coloured NoB for the alternate.


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Detroit Red Wings

Nothing too different here, but a few noteworthy changes:

-New number font

-New font for NOB, captain's C, and team wordmark.

-Lace-up collars

-"HOCKEYTOWN" on inside of collars

-New alternate jersey

I also touched up the primary logo ever so slightly. Oh, and take note of the primary jersey being white.



I know this isn't anything too exciting, but I would love some feedback on this.

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I like this set a lot. The new font is different, but it's definitely better than the generic one they use now. The alternate is good, better than the winter classic one they had a couple years ago with the stylized D. The whole set screams "classic" and that's the vibe you should get from the Wings. Solid job.

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