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If you could make the NHL perfect in your world

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What would all the teams look like? You don't have to post pics, just a brief description. Home, away, 3rd, logo. Go.

Anaheim: Switch the black in their set to a dark green, and switch the places of orange and gold. Make the webbed D by itself the logo on the front of the unis, and create an 3rd with the duck mask logo.

Boston: Change nothing except make the yellow Winter Classic jersey the 3rd.

Buffalo: Eliminate piping and front numbers, lighten the blue to their original blue. Maybe a navy third with the 2-Sabres-logo from their old red alternate.

Calgary: Go back to the 80-94 set. Make an alternate based on their 03-07 home uni with (red with black trim)

Carolina: Add a little white to the 3rd.

Chicago: Change nothing. Not sure which alternate they're currently using, but I like the Winter Classic black if they're not already using it.

Colorado: Edge-ify the 95-07 set including the maroon 3rd.

Columbus: Create a set based on their current 3rd, using only the dark blue and replacing the light blue with red. Stick the flag logo on the front and the cannon logo on the shoulders. No 3rd.

Dallas: I realize it's hard to edgeify the Star template from the glory days, but try. Utilize green more. Use the logos on the front. Create a black 3rd of some sort.

Detroit: Change nothing.

Edmonton: They finally got it right. Never change again. No 3rd needed.

Florida: Back to the 93-07 template. Beautiful set.

Los Angeles: Eliminate piping. Make the crown the primary with the banner as the shoulder logo (if you must). Use a purple third, either the 02-07 alt or the original forum purple/blue, or both if possible.

Minnesota: Use current 3rd template, add a little red, put wolf/bear head logo on front. Create a white counterpart. Make a red 3rd, with the Minnesota script on front, based on the current home, but with the stripe at the bottom like it used to have.

Montreal: Bring back the white 3rd they used a few years back with the stripe across the chest. Use it maybe 6 times a year.

Nashville: I'm pretty happy with their set, but get rid of the piping. Maybe add a navy third.

New Jersey: Use the gorgeous red 'Christmas' jersey as a full-time 3rd.

New York Rangers: Change nothing.

New York Isles: Leave the home/away alone. Create an orange third, either based on the home/away, or even based on their 07-10 set.

Ottawa: Take the black uni from 2000-07, create a white counterpart. Use the updated 2D Sen head as the primary. Keep the third.

Philadelphia: Change nothing. I don't want a black 3rd. Maybe scratch the white & black nameplates. Not crazy about that.

Phoenix: Add a stripe to the bottom like the 03-07 set had. Incorporate the native striping like the original set had.

Pittsburgh: They could do one of two things. Update the 88-92 set, or bring back the 02-07 set. But, you MUST use athletic gold. Use the baby blue first winter classic uni as the third.

St. Louis: So, so simple St. Louis. You had such a nice set before the current monstrosities, go back to them. I would love a third based on their original blue uni, specifically the 79-84 one. Use the arch logo on the 3rd.

San Jose: Update the 91-97 set. Eliminate orange. Keep the black third but make it less plain.

Tampa Bay: Take your 3rd, put the 07-11 logo on the front. Create a black 3rd based on the original cup-winning uni template.

Toronto: Use the current 3rd as a template for a home-away set. No 3rd needed.

Vancouver: I do like the orca, but the script is not needed. Create a 3rd based on these as well.

Washington: Use the 3rd as a home/away set, but use the new modernized logo. Create a blue alt using the Weagle logo.

Winnipeg: 'Washington-Capitalize' the 90-96 Jets uni and make it the 3rd. Add a touch more red to the home/aways.


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I'll just mention the ones I have the biggest issues with at the moment, but in general, anything that has piping of any kind must go.

Anaheim: Get rid of the orange and gold, and use the purple and black 2003-06 3rd's as a template for a new away and home set, relegating the D logo to the shoulders.

Buffalo: Not a fan of the original logo, but since I understand the fans want it, just get rid of the piping on the current set and call it a day. I prefer the navy to the old royal blue. The new 3rd should be modern, not involving the circle logo in any way.

Calgary: Make current 3rd the home, make a white version of it for the road, and make an updated black horse based third using a superior graphic.

Carolina: Too much to mention. The entire identity should be re-branded, but for now just home and away versions of the black thirds would be an improvement.

Colorado: Updated versions of the originals, plus a maroon third involving the shoulder footprint logo as the main.

Columbus: Home and away versions of current third, with these updates I mocked up a while ago, with or without the roundel.


Dallas: Updated star cut jerseys, North Stars inspired third with new original logo.

Detroit: Add a modern third of some kind with a radically changed logo. The status quo is getting boring, no matter how much people love tradition.

Edmonton: Keep the current set, but change the collars to a traditional edge cut. I can't stand the current collars that just abruptly stop. An updated 3rd using the McFarlane logo would be cool as well, although not entirely necessary.

Florida: Another team I'd like to see completely re-done, starting with the colours. Get the guy who did the Solar Bears to come up with something along those lines for em, just less corny/cartoony.

Los Angeles: Keep the set, but get rid of the pencil/flag logo. How hard can it be to come up with a decent looking crown? If that fails, just use the Gretzky era logo.

Minnesota: Red and white versions of current 3rd template (plus contrasting stripes where needed), except with the wildcat logo. No third for now.

Montreal: Make the white third the main light jersey and come up with something completely new for a third, not using the CH logo in any way. They have a great history of varied logos and uniforms. Time to get creative again.

New York Rangers: Updated Lady Liberty third. That is all.

New York Isles: Current set with either the fisherman or lighthouse logo in traditional colours. They're far superior to the ugly roundel they've call a logo all these years, and with the move to Brooklyn, the "I" pointing to Nassau Coliseum will be outdated as it is.

Ottawa: Make the 3rd the new home, a new modern white featuring the 3D head logo, and a new 3rd based on the original black jersey with original logo.

Phoenix: Nothing. Just move the team already. There's no hope.

Pittsburgh: Stop with the retro thirds and come up with Robopenguin 2.0 as a third. Current set is fine.

San Jose: GET RID OF THE ORANGE! Updated versions of the originals, with slightly tweaked new logo (no orange eyes). Maybe use the full body shark logo as the main.

Toronto: Home and away sets of this:


Vancouver: Back to just the orca logo with the current sets. Retire the rink and stick logo. "V" neck era thirds, no matter how ridiculous it's going to look. It must be done.

Washington: Use the Capital/Eagle logo as the main crest. Retire the ugly script logo and retro jerseys. Make a new navy third with a new Washington/Government/Military inspired crest and maybe some Nike style faint sublimation using the text of the US Constitution.

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Like the guy mentioned above, go back to whites for home jerseys...

Anaheim: Go with green/orange or back to the purple/teal. Use either the D Alt logo or the old Duck.

Boston: Nothing

Buffalo: Lighten the blue to the older blue.

Calgary: Go back to the 80's style and drop the black.

Carolina: Come up with a new logo and drop the toilet flush. Perhaps use the stick/flag combo.

Chicago: Nothing

Colorado: Back to their first jerseys in the mid 90's.

Columbus: Go with the color scheme of the 3rd. Get away from the Rangers look.

Dallas: Use green as the primary or do away with period and give the name Stars back to Minnesota.

Detroit: Nothing.

Edmonton: Nothing.

Florida: Back to their first in the 90's.

Los Angeles: Since they won the cup in their LA logos, keep it. Make is simpler without the piping.

Minnesota: Nothing.

Montreal: Nothing.

Nashville: Nothing, stick with gold. Only team that can pull it off.

New Jersey: Nothing.

New York Rangers: Nothing.

New York Isles:Get rid of that ugly third and go back to the early 80's cup style.

Ottawa: Calm down the colors and get rid of the piping

Philadelphia: Nothing.

Phoenix: Make them french blue with a white fleur de lis on it

Pittsburgh: Go back to the Lemieux era black with bright yellow sleeves.

St. Louis: Go back to the old style with Hull. Their two tone blue is bleh.

San Jose: Not much. Keep it simple and do away with the orange/ numbers on front of jersey.

Tampa Bay: Not much you can do with them.

Toronto: Keep it classic looking.

Vancouver: These seem to change every other year. Either go back to the old simple logo or use the orca with no script. Keep green/blue.

Washington: Go back to the 80's style. Never have liked any of it since the teal/gold/black design.

Winnipeg: Go back to the old style. New logo and style was simply for shop sales.

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I take it this is just uniform related? Not a place to propose relocation/expansion/contraction? I'll stick to uniforms and logos.

Anaheim They won a Cup in their current set, and I really don't like anything about the Disney look. Still, what they have could use some work. The original proposed colour scheme for the 2006-07 change would be an improvement, and I've always liked the "duck in profile" logo that they almost used.

Boston What the Bruins have now is, frankly, perfect. I love the alternate logo that calls back to the team's first ever set, and I think I'm one of the few who actually likes their black alternate. While I wouldn't mind gold version of the current home/road set I'm not big on that fauxback Winter Classic look they used. It's way to late to make the Bruins a "brown and gold" team and that early version of the hub B logo screams amateur hour.

Buffalo The current look can work if they drop the front numbers, the armpit patches, and the piping to nowhere.

Calgary Find a way to fit the 2003-06 look onto the Edge template.

Carolina What they have is pretty good, they just need to drop the pointless phantom yoke piping. Also correctly colouring the flag stripes correctly on the alternate black sweater would be nice.

Chicago Perfect. The only thing I'd suggest tweaking would be the pants stripes. Maybe see how transferring the throwback's pants stripes to the home/road set (in appropriate colours of course) would look.

Colorado Go back to the pre-2007 look and get rid of this Edge template garbage.

Columbus I'd use the 2003-7 alternate look as the basis for a new home/road look.

Dallas Something inspired by their 1988-91 Minnesota look would be perfect.

Detroit Perfect.

Edmonton Perfect.

Florida This is a team that got it right the first go-around. Go back to that.

Los Angeles Fix the hem striping on the home so that it matches the road, and drop the black and purple alternate. The logo's kind of underwhelming but I don't mind it. Maybe find a new crown? I've never liked the overly pointy one they've been using since 1998.

Minnesota Like the Panthers they got it right on the first go-around.

Montreal The home set is perfect. The whites though, have always been underwhelming. Use the white 1944-47 throwback as the basis for a road look.

Nashville The Predators are currently wearing their best look. I'd just suggest toning it down a bit. I'd lose the guitar strings on the numbers and the wordmark on the back of the collar.

New Jersey Perfect.

New York Islanders The home and roads are perfect, but that black alternate needs to die. I'd also like to see them change the logo to include Brooklyn on the map once they move.

New York Rangers They just need to drop the pointless fauxback alternate.

Ottawa They need to drop the Roman theme, as the centurion to senator connection has always been tenuous. Use the new alternate as a basis for a new uniform set.

Philadelphia The 1984-1997 look was perfection.

Phoenix The 2003-07 look, with the hem striping, was superior to the Edge version of the look they wear now.

Pittsburgh You can make the 1988-92 Cup look work on the Edge sweater. Do that.

St. Louis The Blues had one of the best looks in the league pre-Edge. They need to return to that.

San Jose They got it mostly right the first time. The lighter teal, the striping, the fin shoulder logos, they were perfect. The primary was very solid too. I appreciate a lot of what the new logo did to try and fix the old one, but the new one goes to far in a lot of places. I'd apply the improvements the new logo made to the old design.

Tampa Bay No more Original Six dress-up. The Tampa Bay Lightning will never be the Olde Tyme Iced Hockey club they do desperately want to be. They need to take the 2007-11 logo, put it on the current blue and black alternate, and make a white version for the road. I'd also suggest changing the blue to the Honolulu blue they wore for their first few seasons, just so it pops against the black a bit more.

Toronto The current look is as good a look as is possible with the current Ballard leaf logo, but it's not the best they could look. The 2000-11 alternate, based off of the white sweater from the 1958-67, was ideal for the road. A blue version for home games would have been perfection.

Vancouver So much potential with the current set. They need to drop the orca, and they need to drop the script. Make any Johnny Canuck logo the primary, be it full body or the head/V version. Then use the updated stick in rick logo as the alternate mark.

Washington The Capitals look as good as they ever have, but I'm not a fan of the wordmark logo. I'd keep the uniforms, but use the W/eagle/Capital Dome logo as the primary.

Winnipeg Their home and road set is perfect. I'd lose the version of the wordmark that uses the maple leaf though. It makes the team name look like "JET'S" instead of "JETS." I also wouldn't mind an entirely double blue and white alternate sweater that used the maple leaf-less wordmark as the logo.

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Out of self interest I'm just going to stick with Vancouver for now...

Remove the VANCOUVER script. Sick of it. Clutters up the jersey imo.

Remove the white collar and make it all blue.

Retire that stupid ugly Johnny Canuck V head logo. Can't stand it. And now the goalie has it prominently located on the front of his mask. Sheesh...

I'm Danny fkn Heatley, I play for myself. That's what fkn all stars do.

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Vancouver So much potential with the current set. They need to drop the orca, and they need to drop the script. Make any Johnny Canuck logo the primary, be it full body or the head/V version. Then use the updated stick in rick logo as the alternate mark.

See what I mean. Honestly if that Johnny Canuck head logo ever got used as a primary it would be a complete embarrasment and easily the worst logo we've ever had. Is that what this team needs? lol

I'm Danny fkn Heatley, I play for myself. That's what fkn all stars do.

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Vancouver So much potential with the current set. They need to drop the orca, and they need to drop the script. Make any Johnny Canuck logo the primary, be it full body or the head/V version. Then use the updated stick in rick logo as the alternate mark.

See what I mean. Honestly if that Johnny Canuck head logo ever got used as a primary it would be a complete embarrasment and easily the worst logo we've ever had. Is that what this team needs? lol

What the team needs is something that represents its name. A novel concept, I know, but one worth trying out.

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I'm not going to write out what I think each team should do, but here is a link to concepts of what I think all 30 teams should do.

I love your bruins concept. They have great look now but I really like gold shoulders on white jersey better than black. Only change I would make to your concept is alternate. Just use current alternate logo on jersey instead of the throwback B you have.

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