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2013 NCAA Tournament


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Seeing how UConn can't go to the postseason, I'd say you're wrong on that one.

As for who's going to the Final Four? IU, UofL, Miami, Florida.....and myself.

Oh shoot, I forgot about that. Well then, I think Kentucky gets in instead of Oklahoma.

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Thought it would be good to have a thread for this. Picks on who's in, who's out? Who's going to the final 4? You know the drill.

My predictions: Uconn and Arizona State get in instead of Oklahoma and Cal.

Even though I'm a Sun Devil homer, how the **** does ASU get into the tournament?

Bracket show in 3+ minutes?

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Oregon a #12 seed, guess I had them too high on the seed list. Just to update I am doing the tournament bracket "wallpaper" like I did last year on here. here is the preview of what they look like at the moment:


I'm working on resizing them to fit all 64 in one, otherwise I'll keep it like this and the other half on separate sheet.

I'll post a thread when they're complete. Got all teams ready to go just got to put them in the correct spot. :)

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Maybe let's spell the topic correctly.

It's a weird year, for sure. Louisville earned the overall #1 with some good wins in the Big East Tournament, but the fact that it was up in the air until the last week says a lot; it could have just as easily been Duke, Gonzaga or Indiana with the top seed.

I wonder if we still see a VCU/Butler/George Mason in the Final Four. People are big on St. Louis this year, but the whole deal with the surprise teams is that no one was big on them ahead of the tournament. We've more or less reach parity in college basketball, so perhaps there are no surprises this year.

Louisville was dominant in the Big East tournament, and Gonzaga dominated a bad conference, but outside of that, it feels like anyone can beat anyone else. Brackets are going to be a mess this year.

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