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2013 NFL acquisitions in new uniforms...updated w D.Revis/TB


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I saw the title and I immediately thought "IS GLASDAMADSAD BACK?!?"

Haha...yeah, this is my season. I'll have alot more after the draft.

Outstanding work, I hope to see a Mike Wallace version once Miami releases their uniforms

I have a pic ready to go.
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These are awesome you're bad ass thanks bro I had been asking about these for the past month and I had my topics closed ...... Hope you can keep up the good work and do more I too would like to see the New Texans and Cowboys as well as the Eagles players.

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I have a favor to ask you guys. Do any of you have an ebay account? If so, could you please see if you could contact the proper authorities on that site to stop member


from selling football cards with my work on them. Unforunately , if he continues to profit from my work, I will have to stop posting my work. Here is a link to his "products"




thanks for the help

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Wow...some people...I have to find my account info....haven't been on EBay in a loooong time.

But I'd say you should contact them GSM to take out the middle man...because you have the PSDs for them if it gets that far to prove you created them.

I wonder if they are ripping them from here or ff (or maybe another site that you post them up on.)

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