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Lights Out's NFL 2013

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First up, the NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys




I standardized the color scheme - royal blue, silver-green, and white only. The jerseys are based on the '90s double-star set, which I've always liked the best out of all their looks. They would also wear blue at home.

New York Giants





Not much has changed with the Giants. I updated their classic GIANTS wordmark and brought it back to the helmet, brought back their 2000-2004 road uniforms, added more silver and red to their home jersey, and added blue pants as an alternate look. While I really dislike their current road uniforms, I kept them on as an alternate because they won two Super Bowls in them and they're more-or-less a throwback anyway.


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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Philadelphia Eagles





I like the Eagles' current colors and general identity, so I kept it, but based their main uniforms off their 1974-1978 set. I also kept the throwback they currently use.

Washington Warriors




I kept the same classic Redskins striping pattern but changed the color scheme to one more like their throwbacks from last season and added the striping to the collar. I also brought back the spear helmet.


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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These are great! The only thing I would consider changing would be the grey on the Giants helmet & home jersey; I think white would help them stand out a bit more.

I think it's cool that you're combining the best uniform elements of different eras. It makes the sets unique and personal, and I look forward to seeing your other interpretations.

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DAL: I'm personally not a huge fan of that set, but I like that you made the colors consistent.

NYG: I kind of like the addition of grey into the home jerseys, but it bugs me that there's no grey at all in the road set. I'm not sure how you can work it into the jersey, but I think if you added grey to the pants stripes it would help.

PHI: Those sleeves might be too much...I'd have to see them in action to fully judge them. I like the removal of black though.

WAS: I like everything but the number font and the gold facemask.

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Dallas: I like the standardized colour set. The double stars may be a bit to out there in actuality, but it's still a fine look in its own right.

New York: I like most of what you have here, but I just do no like the GIANTS wordmark. Sorry, but I believe that if you play in New York you should emphasize the city as much as you can. I would have preferred either the current ny or the short lived 70s NY.

Philadelphia: The midnight green really works when you don't muddle it up further with black and charcoal. The helmet also looks like an improvement. If those sleeves can work on the standard cuts then I'd be all for this set. My one complaint would be the number font. I've never liked that font.

Washington: I don't mean for this to sound harsh, but it's just ok. It does nothing wrong, and I wouldn't have a single complaint if this was actually in use. I just personally prefer the 70th Anniversary versions. These just seem like a stripped down version of those uniforms. Nothing wrong with them at all on their own though.

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Kansas City Chiefs:




Not a huge fan of the helmets here but the actual uniforms look nice. Very on par with what we have right now. Thoughts on going for a Jaguars inspired helmet for the Chiefs? How could I convince ya to do that?

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Love the Orange and Pewter, very creative, not sure I have seen that one before. Like the Chiefs, incorporating more yellow is a needed touch.

Didnt care much for the Cowboys, Eagles or Giants but liked that you took some chances. Liked the Skins

The Ravens one was really cool what you did with the pants. not sure about the helmet, but A for creativity. These are great cant wait to see more.

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Green Bay Packers:





HATE the gold pants... no Packers fan wants to be reminded of the Forrest Gregg days, and we certainly don't want that stripe on the helmets.

That said, I'm probably in the minority amongst Packers fans on this, but I'd love for them to adopt green pants just like those for dome games. The road uniforms have too much gold for artificial light.

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The grey is unnecessary and muddles the whole thing up. I really don't like the navy as the primary color, but to each his own. Not particularly a fan of the logo either, but I won't go there. I really like the tapered sleeve stripes.



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