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Braves and Twins wear BP caps in today's game

Brave-Bird 08

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So, the Braves already decided to :censored: up their home look by wearing their crappy, unnecessary fauxbacks every Saturday and Sunday and wearing their garish red alts every Friday night. The classic home jersey was already reduced to half the games, and now they will be wearing it less than half the games so they can wear a bad BP cap? That sucks.

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I'm about to pick up that Braves BP cap shortly. I really like the way the colors pop in real life. I tried it on in the store the other day and it was the most comfortable 5950 I'd ever worn. However, I don't think I like it beyond spring training and batting practice. It doesn't seem to work as well as the traditional cap. Now if Atlanta had a history with this design (it's essentially the same stylistically as Boston), that would be a different story.

I think the Braves really just need to streamline their uniform system because it has gotten incredibly cluttered. From having two primary looks for both road and home, they definitely have way too many options now. At my count, they've got 4 caps (including BP since it is apparently in the rotation), 5 jerseys, and 4 pants. I would say they should eliminate the red and navy jerseys, the tomahawk A hat, and remove the BP hat from the rotation but keep it for intended practice purposes. Also eliminate the secondary gray pants because those are silly and will be useless with the removal of the navy jersey.

This will leave the team with:

The primary white uniform with traditional cap

The primary gray uniform with traditional cap

The alternate cream uniform with traditional cap

Alternate all-navy cap for variation on the road

I think the reason I really like the cream is because it has both the vintage feel and familiar Braves look. Even though it is tweaked, it still feels like a Braves set in every aspect. I also believe that is reinforced because the same primary cap is also used.

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Yeah I wasn't a fan of the Braves BP hats paired with the Home uniforms. I've really become a fan of all of the Braves uniforms but I wish they'd stick with the normal blue crown/red bill hats for their home and away uniforms.

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Twins did it a couple days ago at home too.


This is exactly why I love the switch back to 59Fiftys for the BP caps and the fact that a good amount of teams have multiple BP caps. Not only can it be used during BP, but it also gives teams another hat to pair with their jerseys on rare occasions.

Some of the looks I'd love to see in a few games this season are:

A's BP cap with the yellow alt jersey. It's break up the redundancy of using the same logo as the main jersey and cap logo (even though they do still use the Elephant on the sleeve, it'd be less egregious because its a secondary mark IMO)

Rangers BP cap to wear with the whites instead of the red cap. It'd give them something more to use without having the terrible mismatch they have now.

Dodgers or Tigers grey BP cap with the road uniform. I know it's going against tradition, but all grey looks really nice IMO.

Cards BP cap with the cream alts. It harkens back to the Stan the Man look really well and gets rid of them using the red cap with the white logo with that set which looks awful.

Cubs BP with the road set. I still miss the red bill on the road.

Pirates BP with the black alt. it's eliminate the need for that stupid alt cap they currently wear.

Mets BP with the blue jersey. Same as the Pirates.

Rays powder BP with the powder or white jersey. Their set is really boring IMO and its spruce it up a bit.

Any team with the white front panels with the white jerseys. What can I say, I'm a sucker for white front panels.

It's not something if want to see all the time, but it can be condoned in the dog days of summer. Plus, when you play 162 games a year, it's nice to have a bit of variety.


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Looks like a spring training game. Garbage.

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