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  1. Wish granted:
  2. This is a step in the right direction, IMO. However, the mountain peaks are way too small. Any smaller application of this logo would make this difficult to replicate and the peaks would more than likely get lost.
  3. Nice work. I see that you're pulling a Nike and giving City and Barca the same template for the 3rd kits. What's the pattern sublimated on the numerals on the back of the City jerseys?
  4. FCS is still Division I.
  5. You're correct on the spellings...I never realized they were different between the 2 parks. I'm pretty certain the 95 on the back is a reference to when the massive Tomorrowland refurbishment was completed in 1995. Prior to the refurb, they were the Star Jets. I see that Wikipedia says the Star Jets were closed in January 94 and reopened in April of the same year....that seems like a very short time frame for that refurb on the ride. I saw another site noting that the Astro Orbiter in WDW opened in June 1995.
  6. They aren't in the parks. They are pre-order. Once the window is up, they print and ship.
  7. Just ordered 4 shirts because I'm a nerd: Dreamfinders, Alphas, Sea Serpents & Commanders.
  8. This logo assumes its rightful place in the city where it belongs:
  9. Agreed. Something needs to be done to make the "mountain" look like a mountain. Right now, it looks like a slightly modified hotel logo.
  10. 3rd year definitely....maybe even their 4th. Love the Sea Serpents, Skippers and Dream Finders designs...I'll probably order a couple.
  11. I'd love to see you work on ones for Harry Kane and Cal Ripken Jr in this style.
  12. Beautiful....just gorgeous. Very well done rendering. I really like the streaks of color "bleeding" from the illustration. It just gives it a nice, abstract touch while not going overboard and losing the primary image integrity.
  13. I understand trying to take inspiration from a team's past, but the 3 different sets of stripes just doesn't work, IMO.
  14. i just input the coordinates and the image I get on Google Maps is an early construction phase shot. There's a bit of concrete laid and some vertical construction. Odd that we're getting 2 different images.