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  1. Which is which?
  2. I thought these were new Texas Tech duds when scrolling past them at first.
  3. I would think that's a "fashion" jersey. They've had a black one for LSU in past years....and they have this one on there currently:
  4. The new Colorado St unis are decent, in my opinion. I would prefer to see the same style of horn used on the sleeves and helmets for some continuity. And, surprisingly, the thigh stamp doesn't really bother me here. I'm not really sure why. I typically don't care for it.
  5. I do what Griffin does. Any outlines I have around numbers or logos are typically made by duplicating that object, pasting it in place, dropping it below the main image and then adjusting the width of the stroke. Then I convert the stroke to path and adjust as necessary.
  6. Here's our airport in the New Orleans area: Here's the logo for the Baton Rouge airport:
  7. Just had one tonight.....pretty close to what I remember from the original run.
  8. It's a pretty common mistake, but the misspelled "Thibodaux" under Nicholls State. There's no "E" in the city name.
  9. I want this helmet.
  10. This is correct. They were also featured on merchandise and inspired signage around the stadiums as well.
  11. The school is officially a Sun Belt member. However, because football has the two Division I subdivisions, there is a transition period for that sport. All other sports are full members. This year they will be an FCS independent. I believe next they would be considered an FBS independent or at least an FBS school ineligible for a bowl game.
  12. According to Coastal's own website, they are technically an FCS independent this season...which is typical in the first year of transition.
  13. I like the Navy kit....the home isn't terrible...but I'm not sure about that third kit. That shade of gold just doesn't work well as a primary color IMO.
  14. I'm liking that Spurs kit.....if only the home would leak.
  15. No, it's not just you. I think it would definitely work better with a white Adidas logo. Using any of the sash colors makes in blend in a bit too much, border or not.