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  1. This is correct. They were also featured on merchandise and inspired signage around the stadiums as well.
  2. The school is officially a Sun Belt member. However, because football has the two Division I subdivisions, there is a transition period for that sport. All other sports are full members. This year they will be an FCS independent. I believe next they would be considered an FBS independent or at least an FBS school ineligible for a bowl game.
  3. According to Coastal's own website, they are technically an FCS independent this season...which is typical in the first year of transition.
  4. I like the Navy kit....the home isn't terrible...but I'm not sure about that third kit. That shade of gold just doesn't work well as a primary color IMO.
  5. I'm liking that Spurs kit.....if only the home would leak.
  6. No, it's not just you. I think it would definitely work better with a white Adidas logo. Using any of the sash colors makes in blend in a bit too much, border or not.
  7. I'm pretty sure that it's heavily influenced by this:
  8. Very nice and it works well as a standalone image.
  9. Very nice. That makes a huge difference with the sash and really brings out its visibility. Nicely done.
  10. I could stomach "Po-boys" or "Crawfish" since it's a minor league ball club. I'd absolutely hate any of the others. "Night Owls" would be clever if the area were known for owls or a particular species of owls. Instead, it just gives you a terrible acronym by which the team would be called.......the "NO-NOs."
  11. None of them. "Crescents" would have been a much better option than any of these.
  12. Seven finalists for new Zephyrs team name unveiled This is SOOOOO bad.
  13. To me it just doesn't strike me as being suitable as a logo for athletics. I would almost expect to see this on the side of a tractor trailer going down the highway. It's a nice logo, I just don't think it works for a university's sports programs.
  14. I don't think that's being too picky. That stood out to me when looking at the logo. I initially thought that the hair/fur/beard was cut off some how but then realized that it was intentional on my 2nd look. Other than that, a very, very nice modernization.
  15. I really like the updated colors and simplification you've done here. I am a bit concerned that you're losing the sash a bit in the upper left of the monogram given the thickening of the strokes on the letters. How would it look to carry the sash completely across the outer circle? In other words, instead of stopping even with the "M", send the sash all the way to the outer ring. It may make it look more cluttered...but just a thought.