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  1. I understand trying to take inspiration from a team's past, but the 3 different sets of stripes just doesn't work, IMO.
  2. i just input the coordinates and the image I get on Google Maps is an early construction phase shot. There's a bit of concrete laid and some vertical construction. Odd that we're getting 2 different images.
  3. Just wanted to point out that there was another Super Bowl in New Orleans in between the 2 you presented above. And, of course, we all know the story about the logo changing due to the 9/11 attacks. I think there's merit to both sides of the argument. But I'm not sure you can say that people were unable to identify the logo as a "Super Bowl" logo when they all had the text across the design. I do think that it makes sense to have unified branding for the game...but I also like the creation of the regionalized logos that we've seen since the change in mindset. I just wish that those designs were a little better and more prominent nationally.
  4. you sure? Looks more like a Pilsner glass than a bottle neck.
  5. Today, LSU UNVEILED the 8 uniform combinations to be worn by the team (and on which days they will be worn) for the 2017 season. The set includes a sweet throwback.
  6. I really like "Stylized triangles."
  7. With the new Carnival season here, Abita Brewing has made an upgrade on the Mardi Gras Bock label to fit in with the other new designs: Old: New:
  8. I prefer this to the black top but would still like to see some blue thrown in there.
  9. One week left in the application window. As CRichardson noted, members must have at least 500 posts and have been a member of the board for a minimum of 6 months. Member must also be in good-standing on the boards.
  10. Agreed. It brings all of the components of the uniform together nicely.
  11. They prefer going by "Czechia" now. But I would agree with Bruins, carry the half-blue, half-red/white theme up to the shoulder yokes.
  12. Definite improvement on the Augusta kits. Regarding the Athens crest, I would also look to shrink down the size of the cannon as well. Maybe reduce it to where it's contained within the 2 white and 1 gray stripes.
  13. While it's a definite upgrade, is there any symbolism or meaning behind the red arrow in the middle of the star? If not, it's a bit distracting and busy considering the stripes inside the star as well.
  14. As always, incredible. Thank you!
  15. Which is what I'm truly afraid of. The quality of the league is getting better, no doubt. But, the pace of expansion can work against the quality as you spread players out over more teams. I'd hate to see the MLS take a step back in terms of quality.