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  1. Absolutely, I was just pointing out that it makes more sense to say they resemble those peer schools with actual purple/gold color-schemes over a school like Pitt. Personally, I rarely like when teams/schools switch to darker shades of colors. I like the bright yellows, kelly greens and royal blues in sports.
  2. I'd argue that the colors are too close to James Madison and Western Carolina.
  3. I think it's a good look overall.....especially after seeing what Nike has done with other clubs. I'm not a fan of the mismatched sleeves and I would prefer a wider font for the numerals. Other than that. I think it's fine.
  4. I'm right there with ya. Po' Boys would have been so much better (even if it is equally as cheesy).
  5. To me, it isn't the branding that's the problem (I actually like most of the logos and the color scheme)'s that stupid, stupid nickname.
  6. There's really no way to know unless it were to happen. if i had to venture a guess, though, I would probably stop following the NFL as much and put most of my focus into college FB and the Premiere League.
  7. I love threads like these. Prior to Katrina, the Saints and City of New Orleans were at odds over the Superdome. The Saints basically wanted a brand new stadium and the city/state wanted to renovate the Superdome. Out of all of this, a number of potential locations for a new stadium were discussed including one in the suburbs about 30 miles from the city (but less than 10 min from my house ) as well as a stadium on the Mississippi Gulf coast (even further from New Orleans). There were two potential city sites that were discussed and both ended up with concept art. The first would have been in the Algiers district of New Orleans, across the river from downtown. This site is a mix of old warehouses and industrial buildings and homes. The second would have been a location just on the edge of the French Quarter with an open end looking into the historic district. This stadium proposal would have eliminated a large public housing development and caused quite a stir when proposed.
  8. Agreed....which is what makes Nike's use of this template so bad.
  9. Wish granted:
  10. This is a step in the right direction, IMO. However, the mountain peaks are way too small. Any smaller application of this logo would make this difficult to replicate and the peaks would more than likely get lost.
  11. Nice work. I see that you're pulling a Nike and giving City and Barca the same template for the 3rd kits. What's the pattern sublimated on the numerals on the back of the City jerseys?
  12. FCS is still Division I.
  13. You're correct on the spellings...I never realized they were different between the 2 parks. I'm pretty certain the 95 on the back is a reference to when the massive Tomorrowland refurbishment was completed in 1995. Prior to the refurb, they were the Star Jets. I see that Wikipedia says the Star Jets were closed in January 94 and reopened in April of the same year....that seems like a very short time frame for that refurb on the ride. I saw another site noting that the Astro Orbiter in WDW opened in June 1995.
  14. They aren't in the parks. They are pre-order. Once the window is up, they print and ship.
  15. Just ordered 4 shirts because I'm a nerd: Dreamfinders, Alphas, Sea Serpents & Commanders.