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  1. Is pattern sublimation allowed? Or would that be considered to be a separate color?
  2. GOLD: 21 SILVER: 1 BRONZE: 22
  3. Just checking to see if it's cool for me to roll with a team in Louisiana....
  4. Yep, jerseys were only worn once in the Superdome vs Tulane.
  5. If there's still space and New Orleans isn't taken, I'd like to get it on this. Location: New Orleans, LA Team Name: Louisiana Rougarous Colors: Black, Purple, Red, Green Logo(s): TBD
  6. Eh, I don't want to be Alabama or Auburn. I think the alts are fine when done tastefully (which pretty much all of them have been). I would have preferred sticking with yellow lids and britches this week but I'm thinking that this was a team decision as Coach O is trying to do what he can to make the best of his opportunity. That being said, this look is not a bad look at all.
  7. I'd be interested in joining with a team located somewhere in Louisiana. I do think the league could benefit from a bit more structure, maybe include some league graphic stuff in the original post.
  8. LSU will be wearing special tribute decals to honor mascot Mike IV who succumbed to cancer this week. Looks like they'll be breaking out the white lids to go with the purple jerseys as well.
  9. Well, they're only worn gray or white pants thus far in 2016. I don't really know if the red pants are part of the normal uni sets or if they were acquired just for this game. Regardless, the uniforms are hideous.....much worse than what McNeese wore against us this past weekend.
  10. Soooo Nicholls State will apparently be wearing these unis this weekend....and I'm sad.
  11. Agreed. The mismatched helmet decal trend needs to die in a fire yesterday.
  12. My alma mater, Hahnville High made the switch from Russel Athletic unis to Adidas this year. The tire tread and numerals suck...but the numerals weren't very good with the Russel last season. The thing that really bothers me is the change in the helmet decal. The new H decal has a photoshopped strip of tiger eyes across the H's horizontal bar. Looks pretty damn awful. OLD: NEW:
  13. They aren't even shoulder least not in the same respect as their normal unis. I would consider these to be sleeve stripes. That helmet was a Pro Combat creation using a shade of gold inspired by an old shade they used to wear. Those helmets were more of a metallic gold than the mustard gold...but I'm thinking these new unis might be more on the mark with the color match.