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  1. Was it ever officially announced that Spurs would be moving to Nike? I can't seem to find anything online that was official.
  2. I don't think they are....could just be an optical illusion. There's a similar effect on the pair of 5s.
  3. Well....he ain't wrong.
  4. MUCH better. Your last bullet is my biggest grievance with the's a complete mess. This is a great fix. Well done.
  5. in New Orleans it's drawing comparisons to the City's current mayor:
  6. Technically, wouldn't it be a "Sam U" logo? Either way, I'm not really a fan of the new bulldog. It's better than the old one, but I still don't care for this one.
  7. Yeah, a good king cake will have the cinnamon flavor in the dough braids....and a good amount. I still, personally, prefer a cream cheese-filled king cake to a traditional, though.
  8. Based on what? I MUCH rather a cream cheese-filled king cake to a plain one.
  9. No one calls it a "Cake Baby." It's a King Cake Baby.
  10. I don't think blame can be levied on the branding company here. The new owner put out a call for name suggestions and received thousands of submissions. They narrowed it down to 10 or 15 and then announced 3 finalists. I lay blame FULLY on the new owner for picking this junk.
  11. I HATE EVERYTHING Not one person I know thinks this is a good change. NO ONE uses the term "Baby Cake." I gotta get my hands on a Zephyrs hat before they're gone from stores here. But this is what happens when an owner from outside of the region decides the team name needs to be more "New Orleans." To be honest, the 3 finalists they picked were all pretty bad and lacked any real "New Orleans" ties. I would have been fine with Crescents, PoBoys, Krewe, Rougarous or even Crawfish over this garbage. I do think the logos are mostly nice. The hat logo isn't bad....but I can't bring myself to buy anything with any of these new logos because it would make me an accessory to this crime.
  12. Is pattern sublimation allowed? Or would that be considered to be a separate color?
  13. GOLD: 21 SILVER: 1 BRONZE: 22
  14. Just checking to see if it's cool for me to roll with a team in Louisiana....