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  2. the Boomers have pitchforks outside your house
  3. So at 4pm this Monday, Sacramento will be:
  4. Wazzu going traditional vs. Colorado: The Buffs are going all-white: Utah going red/black/red vs. Arizona State:
  5. Oh I probably believed you Mega Hawk, I guess I just didn't wanna believe it because I hate the Bills red color-rush so badly. Plus we never seem to make the announcement until the Wednesday morning before the Sunday game. I'm too much of a traditionalist as I had seen my first Bills home game at the old stadium while still in the AFL and with the old grazing bison logo. I could probably tolerate the red jerseys for one game if they'd at least wear white pants with the red striped color rush socks with them, but this mono-red just is an eye-sore to me. Dunno who you know at #BillsMafia but you got it right .... I guess it could be worse, by wearing those 2002-2010 Donahoe monstrosities. Both Buffalo and Miami should be wearing their AFL throwbacks like in 2016 and 2017 down in South Florida, that looked great!!
  6. Agin you brought up Miami and Miami has nothing to do with this. Miami's stadium issues are a combination of ownership issues where they are putting a AAAA quality product on the field, combined with an okay location. When the product gets better, turnout will get better. But again you interjected them into the topic when their scenario is nothing like the Rays. But i humored you for a for a few posts. So you admit that you are an outsider, don't know the area, the market, the geography, or our past. But you sure act as if you are an expert to determine why the Rays should leave the area. You made up lies saying that the Rays gave away tickets to the 2008 World Series. You lied and said the Marlins stadium was in downtown. Anything else?
  7. I think the Las Vegas badge would look better without the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign detail. It seems unnecessary and clutters a great design (great colors). As a Las Vegas resident I'm glad you did not go with a gambling theme. I am part of a LV soccer supporters group that used to be called the Atom City Army, but changed it's name once the Lights came to town with the USL.
  8. The Golden1 is a nice arena though. The concourses are a lot wider than Chase in SF.
  9. Not to be THAT guy, but these actually aren’t even Madden’s player models, it’s something they make themselves just to show the combinations. Either way, your point still stands. It would look a lot better to just take a picture of the jerseys and pants hanging in a locker or something like that.
  10. Kansas City San Francisco Houston Jacksonville Buffalo Green Bay NY Giants Detroit LA Rams LA Chargers New Orleans Seattle Dallas New England
  11. I can't say I've known any Wild fans in Milwaukee who didn't have some sort of roots in Minnesota or at least Western Wisconsin. It's really just Hawks and Preds fans with a smattering of Red Wings. And even a lot of those have ties to Michigan or Northeast Wisco (near the U.P.).
  12. Today
  13. The NFL thinks it does, or they wouldn’t have required the Packers to adopt one. Take it up with the league.
  14. I was referring to people in the thread, not the Clippers themselves. Though if they did it wouldn't be the biggest lie a sports team ever told (see Nationals, Washington; "Founded 1905" patch). I think I need to clarify something. If the Clippers want to do the 90s Compton thing then all the power to them. My point was originally in defence of @Still MIGHTY's argument that this doesn't work for the Clippers and isn't authentic. And I'm expressing why I feel that's accurate.
  15. Didn't see your more recent post. I don't think it's as cynical as you make it out to be. All brands position themselves using external reference points. The Clippers aren't asserting that -- at least, nowhere I've seen.
  16. Why do they continue to use maddens ugly player models and not ya know the jerseys they actually have? They have players who can take a few pictures after a practice or something to show off the outfit right? Or Atleast take a picture of the uniform itself, not this ugly animation
  17. So basically this... I suppose. My issue is the idea of retroactively insisting the Clippers were always "the inner city" team to the Lakers being "Hollywood's team." They weren't. Not really.
  18. To clarify: the Clippers' alts aren't marketing to Compton; the Clippers are marketing "Compton" to their broader fan base. That is, they're marketing nostalgia for late '80s/early '90s Black/Latinx LA -- edgy enough to be cool; yet a distant enough memory to not represent a present threat. And that's fine. As a "little brother" team, they're looking for a brand differentiator. And they're not the first little brother team to dip into hip hop culture to do it. Cf. the White Sox's shift to the Black caps, just in time for hip hop heads and poseurs of the era to add it to their collection of Raiders caps. And, of course, the Nets' entire brand is built around '90s Brooklyn hip-hop.
  19. No, I get your point. I brought up them sharing a building with the Lakers because unlike New York's NFL teams? They didn't do much to establish themselves prior to moving into the same building. It's VERY hard for you to carve out your own distinct geographic niche when you play in the same building as your in-town rivals. You need to have a footprint in the markets you're aiming for to pull it off. The Clippers? They failed to make much of a mark on Compton or South Central LA before moving to Stables. Which makes the retroactive association of them with these areas in the present (after NO ONE was making them for decades of them playing in Staples) disingenuous. In line with what I said above? It obviously wasn't enough, considering how forgotten the Clippers were when they moved into Staples. @DG_Now brought up a good point earlier in this thread that he sort of touched on in his last post. That this Clippers "reinvention" or "resurgence" is going to resonate with trendy white guys "wearing retro Clippers gear for a retro brand that never existed." I'm paraphrasing, but I think this is the problem many people have with this look. There may have been a time when the Clippers could have been the "Compton and South Central LA" team but their cheap (and racist) owner and pitiful performance (and lacklustre marketing) led to them being less then an afterthought. Then they move into Staples- again, having failed to have much of a footprint in Compton and South Central LA- and continue to fail to make much headway carving out a niche. And only now are people pretending that a "Compton/South Central LA/inner city Clippers" identity ever existed. It's shallow. I understand WHY it's a popular idea. People feel like there should be a "Hollywood/inner city" divide among LA's basketball teams, but it's revisionist history to suggest the Clippers ever successfully branded themselves as that until 2019.
  20. I agree that, at the moment that the NFL let Stan Kroenke reverse the Rams' 1995 relocation and build a new home for that team in Inglewood, the Spanos family had put much less effort into securing a better stadium for the Chargers -- in the San Diego market or anywhere else -- than the Davis family had done with regard to giving the Raiders a better stadium in Oakland. However, I do not remember the Davis family and the Raiders delving into genuinely serious discussions and negotiations with business leaders and public officials in the Las Vegas area until after the league allowed the Rams' return to the Los Angeles area and endowed the Chargers with the upper hand over the Raiders in being able to enter that market. This is why I suspect that Roger Goodell and the owners of most of the teams across the NFL shared a strong fear of a repeat of all that went wrong with the Raiders during their thirteen seasons in L.A. and thus gave the Chargers an earlier and easier chance to be the league's new second team in the L.A. market.
  21. I still feel like you're missing the point. I was simply pointing out that it's a fallacy to cite a shared arena as a reason a franchise cannot brand a certain way. For what it's worth, in 1984 the Clippers branded themselves as "the peoples' team" and charged their ticket prices at about half of what the Lakers did.
  22. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  23. Did they ever court Compton or South Central LA when they played in the Sports Arena? No. And since doing nothing of the sort they've moved to the Staples Centre. I'd say they could claim those areas if they had marketed to them made an effort to make them "their" team in contrast to the Hollywood-esque Lakers, but they didn't. And for people to assert such a "Lakers are Hollywood, Clippers are Compton" dynamic exists today, decades after the fact, is revisionist history at best and a lie at worst.
  24. I really didn't want to get into this whole Clippers uniform argument, but I do have to point out that being in the same building currently doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot represent different areas of the city. For a little history on the subject which you may or may not already know, the Clippers moved from SD to LA in 1984 and played their games at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Expansion Park. Expansion Park just so happens to be 10 miles from Compton and less than 2 miles from South Central LA. One could argue that this proximity to these areas drew a different fan base to the Clippers than the Lakers, who already had an established fan base and were known to be very "Hollywood" with the Showtime era. The Jets and Giants share a stadium and the Jets have always been known to represent Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, whereas the Giants are usually associated with Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. This clearly stems from the fact that the Jets played in Shea stadium for 20 years and the Giants did the same at Yankee Stadium. But it's that history that plays a large part into why their fan bases are what they are today, even though they currently share a stadium. In Italian Soccer, AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium and they have a VERY different fan base. The same could be said for Roma and Lazio. I get your point, and I would have to agree with you that the Clippers don't necessarily scream "Compton" at all, or even more so than the Lakers. I just don't think citing the shared arena is a good reason why.
  25. I'm surprised there are four left. I thought they all bandwagoned the Warriors by now.
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