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  2. The delay was because there was no CBA agreed upon. The CBA was signed today. I suspect we won't get a huge event but we will see the uniforms released in the coming days.
  3. That’s true. But blows to the head, while not the only problem, do seem to be the major problem. If football can’t evolve, then it doesn’t deserve to exist.
  4. I see that Chris just posted information on the Buffalo Sabres 50th Anniversary commemorative logo. The Buffalo Bills are celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year...
  5. True...but I think it's in part because it's impossible to even mitigate in football (barring playing flag football, which is a growing thing for elementary/middle school ages). When you think of the sports that are most likely to lead to CTE, football's probably the only one you can't significantly reduce the risk for without essentially ending the game as we know it...except boxing and MMA, which I don't think kids participate in. Maybe some of the hockey folk will disagree with me, but I think you can play hockey with virtually no checking for kids. No heading in youth soccer? So? Kids are still getting everything out of it they otherwise would (exercise, teamwork, making friends, winning and losing, etc.). Soccer taking heading out is kinda low-hanging fruit and I hope it doesn't contribute to what I think is a false notion that direct contact to the head is the only contributor to the problem. I still think it's the impacts that sort of snap your head around, even if you don't hit the ground and nothing directly hits your head...the dialog is still stuck at "blow to the head."
  6. The CFL is a minor league but it doesn't have to act like it. Unveil the uniforms.
  7. I deeply dislike the euro-jacking of current MLS teams which inappropriately appropriate European club names (FC/SC is fine, City is fine,it only slightly bothers me that DC United wasn't formed as a club merger because "United" is a fairly "DC" name, but Real, Sporting and (jesus) Inter are awful), which is why I hope this logo never changes.
  8. Unless they do something Friday I think we won't see anything.
  9. I really like how you've evolved this concept over time. The one thing I'd like to see is a little more distinction between each game in the same "tier" of the bracket. For example, in the Pacific Division, you had first round games between the Knights/Sharks and Avalanche/Flames. What about slightly thickening the white space between the Sharks and Avs? So it visually reads more like 2 groups of 2 teams instead of 1 group of 4 teams. Please excuse my 5-second hack job to show what I mean:
  10. 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, third round complete and finals set:
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  12. Yes, I quoted myself. __________________ I went to high school with Ed Hale's son and still talk to him a few times a year. I've never asked him why they decided to move from Royal Farms Arena to Towson University's SECU Arena, which has a capacity for indoor soccer that is approximately 2,000 seats lower than the team's average attendance at Royal Farms Arena. However, it has supposedly been an economic plus for the team (presumably based on ticket pricing and how much of the revenue the team receives).
  13. So we all thought there would be the New Era uniform unveiling back on May 15 according to news in the media. That was delayed. Here we are today and the first pre-season game is this Sunday. Has anyone heard any news when there is going to be the official unveiling? Is that even happening?
  14. The only good instance of templated sports merch. I miss them terribly. What a long decline from that to [team]/Star Wars mashup shirts.
  15. Looks nice, but also looks like something a Seattle team would wear.
  16. Can we please resolve to stop confidently announcing how a series will end every time a game finishes, and instead just enjoy the damn basketball series???
  17. Fair enough... thought I learned my lesson years ago, guess not.
  18. There is literally no team that I'm a "fan" of because of their logo or uniform. I've always had a reason that's either sentimental or geographical for the teams I sell my soul to. But I have developed a liking over the years for the Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Steelers because they have some of my favorite uniforms in baseball and football, respectively. I also have always liked Michigan State's colors and uniforms in spite of being a Hoosiers fan.
  19. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for colleges and universities with unusual mascots, specifically the Trinity College (IL) Trolls.
  20. Classy sentiments. In spite of how the last couple of games went, I think it was a very evenly matched series. I think the difference really just came down to the Blues depth and ability to withstand a hard fought series. I have no animosity towards the Sharks and wish them all the best in the future. Now LET'S GO BLUES!
  21. Its over 30 users now (including myself). So go get your fix there.
  22. You're welcome, I can't wait to continue reading this thread. I wasn't really expecting that reaction to me mentioning my leagues. I got a few messages from people already to post about them. The only thing is I don't have players, story, jerseys or logos. I could easily write a story up for it just I know the jerseys, players, and logos play a big part to that, so it'd just depend if people still cared even without those things. But thanks for the interest everyone.
  23. It’s still a good matchup but without St. Louis’ yellow numbers and Boston’s yellow socks, it’s gonna look slightly annoying.
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