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  2. At the risk of going all Phantom Dreamer on you guys, if you want a color scheme that's historically relevant to Seattle sports, but isn't used by any Seattle teams currently or by any prospective rivals: I love the idea of green and some other color, but this color scheme would work quite well for a Seattle NHL team, while allowing them to completely 'own' those colors.
  3. Manchester United had a reunion match to celebrate 20 years since winning the treble and debuted their new kit. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I think I rate Nike’s take on the treble winning look a touch higher, but this is still a phenomenal effort by adidas. For reference, here is the old design. The new one isn’t an exact copy by any means- I’d say “loosely inspired” with a similarly shaped crest shield. And here was Nike’s take on it. This one was just on another level. Something about it was exquisite, sublime. The white shield, the gold trim (even detailing the sponsor). I also like the balance of color on the Nike one better, more white, whereas adidas’ emphasizes the black.
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  5. I'd usually agree but given modern technology in arenas, I think as long as they make the seats a neutral, colors in the environment can change with a flick of a switch. Not as big a deal as it used to be.
  6. Fresh off the press (Twitter): Does this count?
  7. Oh yes, thanks for the link. From quick shot of the Eskimos player in the video, I am much more relieved. I think the truncated pant stripe thing may be done. Really hoping Ottawa drops the hashtag from their pants. The whole uniform reveal was wonky. It is obvious there have been changes to the pants for teams. Yet they did not want to show us? Making us hunt down what we can try to find out until the teams take the field.
  8. @Idconcepts WOW! That is a real beauty! Thank you so much for the update! I may have to buy all 3 of them! Haha keep up the great work!
  9. The Bruins fans on that map are their home state, and the teams the Blues beat in the playoffs. So yeah, just a joke. I'm more concerned by the first map claiming to show us who America is rooting for and being a map of Canada.
  10. So Scotiabank is the latest company to Googlefy their logo. Boring.
  11. I would've thought the maritimes would be Bruins territory. I dunno if that chart is made from actual statistical analysis or is just meant to be funny; the fact that Texas is a Bruins state leaves me to think it's the former.
  12. Deep red and kelly green should be the colours.
  13. It wasn't, but "Green+some other color" was the leading choice of the fan poll, so we know green is at least going to be involved in some form. I can't see them going green+yellow just for the Sonics, because they want to be distinct; and red is a large part of their marketing, so I have to think they'll use it in some form. Green+red to homage the Metropolitans while doing their own thing is honestly a pretty likely option, maybe with a blue in there somewhere.
  14. So I’m seeing nothing new correct?
  15. many of y'all still think the phrase "We The North" is stupid/silly/grammatically incorrect/all that other jack so many of y'all so vehemently clowned the Raptors about when they first introduced that phase a few years ago?? (Nah I ain't forgot; just reminding y'all...haha!) Just goes to show how true the ol' mantra holds: "winning cures all ills." On a serious note, though, although I was definitely pulling for Milwaukee (because daggone if that city don't need SOMETHING to cheer about), I'm also just as happy if not more for not only Toronto but for all my neighbors to The North (who I get to interact with more and more these days now that I'm based up in South Dakota--and it's been way too long but I still remember all my interactions with the Canadian troops during my first deployment, so there's that too). I do wonder how DeMar DeRozen must feel right now...but the Raptors wouldn't have made it to this point without Kawhi Leonard--who for my $ has quietly, in true-to-Kawhi fashion, staked his claim as the single best player of this postseason (along with Damian Lillard). Just for that fact alone, I hope Toronto wins all of Canada and I NBA championship--and if that happens, Kawhi will be the unquestioned MVP. As for the Bucks, well...considering the hodgepodge of pieces they have on their roster now, both young stars (Giannis), mid-age vets, and "elder statesmen" who seem like they been in the L ever since I graduated high school (like Lopez and Hill), they kinda remind me of the '80s Detroit Pistons in a way. And remembering the pathway they took to finally win a championship, I'd say the onus is on them, and really Giannis (because that team is only going to go as far as he takes them), as to how they respond next season. They have the pieces to make another push, I believe, but it's on them to put in the work--& develop the heart--to get back there. All that said... .
  16. Google Drive isn't the best for hosting images. You should upload to Imgur or Flickr, and then copy the URL for the actual raster file (one that ends in a raster file format like .JPG or .PNG) and paste it right in the box where you compose a post on the boards. It should embed automatically, and that will save everyone a click or two.
  17. They were doing promo shots a few months ago and I think they were using old Adidas pants and jerseys. I'm not sure why they didn't just use the truncated striped pants (maybe because they would become obsolete?). I hope this means a return to the full stripe. The New Era promo video shows pants with stripes: Then again, their videos also show the Lions' away jersey with orange numbers, so who knows what's really going on. This is kinda wonky, isn't it? The new uniforms were "revealed" three days ago and yet we still don't know what most of the entire uniforms will look like.
  18. Be interesting to see if the camera vendor is listed among their creditors. I’d be shocked if they weren’t; Ebersol didn’t pay anyone who was dumb enough to not insist on payment up front.
  19. Keep in mind how ludicrously inflated those attendance numbers were, though. Cut most of them in half, or a third, or even smaller.
  20. Awesome It reminds me of when Seattle lost its mind after the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the NFCCG. Though Toronto's numbers are way more impressive. Wow!
  21. Hello everyone! I will be making the BPTL! Here is the league logo:
  22. I really like the black ones, but the hat needs to go. My favourite alt look is the black jerseys at home while batting, and as such wearing the batting helmet and not the caps.
  23. The Pride number look a LOT better and are a lot more visible than the regular ones. I like it.
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