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  1. This might be my favorite team yet! Love the new logo and the color scheme. The film reel sleeve trim on the Home Plate set is inspired.
  2. Great work on the Solons. I think I prefer the blue look to the red. Hope to see more from this series!
  3. This just goes to show how much better the Marlins would look if they were blue team first, and a black team second. Great job!
  4. Solid start! Looking forward to seeing where this series goes.
  5. Whoops, it looked black on my phone. But yes, I still think brown and red would work well.
  6. Really like the Guardians’ scripts and logos but black doesn’t seem to fit them. Since San Diego no longer becomes the Padres in this universe and I assume they’ll be adopting a completely different color scheme, might I persuade you to swap out black for brown?
  7. Navy, powder blue and red would be fantastic.
  8. Same here. Some team needs to use black, yellow and gold. Thanks! Today's team is the San Diego Padres! PADRES HOME ALT (1969-70) PADRES ROAD ALT (1969-70) PADRES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-73) PADRES HOME ALT (1974-77) PADRES HOME ALT (1979-84) PADRES ROAD ALT (1979-84) PADRES HOME ALT (1985-90) PADRES ROAD ALT (1985-90) PADRES HOME ALT (1991-2003) PADRES HOME ALT (2016) C&C is appreciated. The Giants will be up in a few days!
  9. I think a good color scheme for the Whales would be navy and yellow, a la the 2016 Padres.
  10. Really looking forward to the rest of the FL clubs, especially the Whales and the Stars!
  11. That’s definitely sacrilege, but BEAUTIFUL sacrilege! Love the wood grain pattern on the Giants’ unis and the Dodgers trolley logo. I kind of think the “SF” logo should appear somewhere on that secondary logo, though. This has been a fantastic series so far!
  12. Great job on the last few teams. The Hammers look great and have a wonderful color scheme. Brilliant repurposing of the Braves’ crossed tomahawks logo.
  13. Great photoshopping on those players! It really takes the presentation to another level.
  14. Thanks! And thanks again for your support! Up today are the Pittsburgh Pirates! PIRATES HOME ALT (1963-69) PIRATES ROAD ALT (1963-69) PIRATES HOME ALT (1970-75) PIRATES ROAD ALT (1970-75) PIRATES HOME ALT (1985-90) PIRATES ROAD ALT (1985-90) PIRATES HOME ALT (1991-96) PIRATES ROAD ALT (1991-96) PIRATES HOME ALT (1997-2005) C&C appreciated. The Padres are up next!
  15. Very interesting premise for a series—and very ambitious. Both the cartoon terrapin and that “Terps” script are fantastic! Hope you follow through with the rest of the league. Can’t wait to see the San Diego Whales. The original Chicago Whales had my favorite Federal League logo. P.S. Are you still working on your MLB series or is that project done?
  16. This evening we have the Philadelphia Phillies: PHILLIES HOME/ROAD ALT (1963-69) PHILLIES HOME/ROAD ALT (1970-72) PHILLIES HOME/ROAD ALT (1973-91) PHILLIES HOME ALT (1992-Present) PHILLIES ROAD ALT (1992-Present) As always, C&C is appreciated. The Pirates are next!
  17. Thanks! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Next up are the Kansas City/Oakland A's! KANSAS CITY A's HOME/ROAD ALT (1963-67) OAKLAND A's HOME/ROAD ALT (1968) OAKLAND A's HOME/ROAD ALT (1969-71) OAKLAND A's HOME ALT (1987-92) OAKLAND A's ROAD ALT (1989-93) OAKLAND A's HOME ALT (1993-2010) OAKLAND A's HOME ALT (2010s-Present) The last concept is my attempt at an updated BFBS style design, using Kelly green in place of the A's regular forest green, which makes for some better contrast than their original black jerseys. Let me know what you think!
  18. Great work on both OKC identities, I’d expect nothing less. I especially love the interlocking “O-K-C” logo. For the 89ers dream catcher logo, I wonder if you could modify the feathers hanging off of it to be shaped more like pennants? I agree with @itsmb8 that the tornado design for the Twisters could use some work. The black bits actually cause it to look like a very thick, severed tiger tail! I wonder if something a little more abstract could solve the problem, like this: Side note, those colors would’ve been perfect for the latest Marlins redesign.
  19. Glad to see that this series is continuing! The Stars and Padres look really great. I think the script on the Padres road jersey should be brown with orange drop shadows since the “D” gets a bit lost on the head spoon.
  20. Sand is definitely a color I would not mind the Rangers introducing into their look.
  21. Haha! I think it actually works well. My original idea was for you to eliminate the face entirely and have one line of stitching going vertically rather than horizontally across the moon.
  22. Thanks! Today is a BIG post featuring the New York Mets! (CC: @JH42XCC) METS HOME ALT (1963-77) METS HOME/ROAD ALT (1963-77) METS HOME ALT (1978-82) METS HOME/ROAD ALT (1978-82) METS HOME ALT (1983-84) METS HOME ALT (1985-90) METS ROAD ALT (1985-87) METS HOME ALT (1991-92) METS ROAD ALT (1988-92) METS HOME ALT (1993-94) METS ROAD ALT (1993-94) METS HOME ALT (1995-97) METS ROAD ALT (1995-2012) METS HOME ALT (1998-2011) METS HOME ALT (2013-Present) METS HOME FAUXBACK (2020-Present) It took me a while to get through the Mets because while their look has remained fairly consistent since the '60s, they've still made some noticeable changes over the years, adding (and then removing) racing stripes, frequently playing with their road script, and then of course there was that experiment with black in the late '90s-early 2000s that everyone loved. For the '98-'11 home set, I figured a sleeveless look might have been something the Mets would've experimented with, right in the midst of their BFBS debacle and at the time when sleeveless unis were all the rage around the league. The present day fauxback was inspired by Pete Alonso's recent plea on Twitter for his team to resurrect the black look. Re-coloring the Mets' pullover era racing striped jersey in solid black makes for an interesting combination of eras design. C&C appreciated!
  23. The new cap logo is a big upgrade over your first version. And man, I’d buy any jersey or cap from that Hornets-colored set in a heartbeat. Great work!
  24. Thanks! I prefer the "Brewers" script from those years, but I get that it would make sense to use "Milwaukee" on the road. Thanks! Green is criminally underused throughout MLB so I too wish the Brewers had a green alt during those '94-99 years. Thanks! Quick post today with the dearly departed Montreal Expos: EXPOS HOME ALT (1969-91) EXPOS HOME/ROAD ALT (1969-91) EXPOS HOME ALT (1992-2003) EXPOS HOME/ROAD ALT (1992-2003) C&C appreciated. The Mets are up next!
  25. Great to have you back, and what a way to return with the Charlotte Knights! I am very proud of the fact that my Chicago White Sox have some of the best minor-league identities in the league. I really love what you’ve done with them here, although I do have a few nitpicks. One, something seems off about the colors of the front numbers on the home and road jerseys, particularly the white numbers on the road set. Second, as others have already said, the cap logo is a bit awkward looking. I think the plume hanging off the back of the “C” is the problem. May I offer a few suggestions for alternate C’s? or even a “C” based on the Knights’ Hispanic Heritage branding cap: This concept is just a few small tweaks away from being a perfect identity. Keep up the great work!