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  1. Wow, I just discovered this thread. Really intriguing premise for a series and AWESOME results. Looking forward to more, especially how you handle my White Sox! EDIT: I agree with everyone who'd said they'd like to see hats, as it would really complete the look of these designs.
  2. Nice work on both the Pirates and Padres! I especially like the Pirates throwback.
  3. I think the Capitals would make for a believable MLB identity, although this particular design rips off the Tigers a bit too much.
  4. This Instagram account has posted low quality photos of the twelve proposed Raleigh MLB identities from Friday’s Design Showcase. They’re split up over four posts: The Reapers, Oaks, Harmony and Captains are my favorites.
  5. I like it! One idea I had along similar lines to yours is to was to have one league in black and the other in white, but the trim color and outlines would be specific to each team. Padres would be brown, A’s Kelly green, White Sox silver, etc.
  6. Beautiful work. Those scripts are just magnificent.
  7. Great work! I don’t think I’d change a thing.
  8. Ironically, I can't help but see a white "N" in the middle of the design with this tweak. I actually really like the squared off "eMb"! In my eyes it definitely solves the original issue of the "M" not being obvious enough.
  9. I find myself really liking that latest black & red set with the new scripts. The alts in particular look fantastic!
  10. I wonder if the "M" part of the "eMb" would be more apparent if the top of the logo and the middle part between the "e" and "b" was squared off?
  11. Looks great! Glad to see more from this series. I do think you should make the numbers on the Cubs jersey red with a white outline. Solid white numbers look strange.
  12. While I really like the Titans-inspired set with the new scripts, I’d make the script on the home (and possibly road) set red with a light blue drop shadow.
  13. Yeah, I’d say stick with the new scripts. I have really warmed up to using the Titans colors, though.
  14. I actually really like the updated “eMb.” It’s much clearer to me, and I imagine it would be to Joe Q. Public, that there’s an “e” and “b” within that strange shape.
  15. Oh man, the new scripts look great. Definitely the way to go. I wonder how that set would look in the Titans color scheme. Maybe model one of the alts on this design?
  16. Checking in to see if we'll be seeing any other relocations in this series.
  17. The Phillies look phantastic!
  18. I love everything about your Yankees set. The only thing I might add is a gray-crowned cap to go with the road alt.
  19. I know this would be a major change but I wonder if you would consider using the scripts from the Sounds’ current uniforms. They have more of a classic baseball feel, IMO, with their more traditional script style. Just looking at the fauxback you made, that “Sounds” script is so much nicer than the primary one. You’d lose the “Music City” alt, but I think it’d be worth it.
  20. That's just the logo the group that is trying to bring a team to Raleigh is using.