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  1. You can throw the Rangers into that and of course...THE DEVILS!!!!
  2. When I first started really getting into Canadian football, I chose the Edmonton Eskimos. I am somewhat of a Packer fan (I push farther and farther away from the ridiculously obnoxious fan base and how terribly the front office is running the team. I mean 2 generational quarterbacks in the the last 25 years and 2 Super Bowls. I mean build around them.) and chose the Eskimos because of their similar color schemes. Although every once in a while a do get a, ”nice packer jersey.” compliment here and there when wearing my Eskimos jersey. I become a Devils and hockey fan after seeing the 1980s Green and Red Devils jersey during the stadium series. My old man was also a fan of the Devils and Martin Brodeur back in the 90s so I kind of picked up from him. And who says a color blind man can’t love the red and green look of teams even though he can’t tell them apart most of the time.
  3. I say keep the yellow triangle and put the castle in it. And maybe a white outline around it.
  4. Whether or not you like the name “Milwaukee Bavarian SC”, you gotta admit, that concept crest is CLEANNNN.
  5. *Teaser shots of uniforms release* Everyone: This is gonna be the best they ever looked!! *Uniforms full reveal* Everyone: What is this S***?
  6. I was reading up on old Lexington Park in St. Paul, Minnesota and found out that the Chicago White Sox almost played in St. Paul as the Saints in 1901. Just thought it would be interesting to see your take on another team. http://www.projectballpark.org/tc/lexington.html
  7. I’m doing baseball. I want to use something that isn’t motor related because this team, per say, has been around since like the 1880s.
  8. Anyone got any ideas for Detroit? I’ve got nothing.
  9. Another throwback here, Chris Davis looking like he hit something.
  10. My journey began about a year or two ago when sitting in my hunting blind. A neighbor walked onto my land. He was wearing a blaze orange jacket. That's when I got thinking. I imagined this football stadium packed to the brim of blaze orange jackets in the sunlight during a football game. I came up with the Milwaukee Blazers. I began to read up on the football history in Milwaukee. From Packer football at County Stadium to the third AFL's Milwaukee Chiefs and the NFL's Milwaukee Badgers. But one thing caught hold of me. In 1965,Marvin Fishman, the original owner of the Bucks, tried to obtain an expansion team from the AFL. But Vince Lombardi signed a lease to keep playing various Packer games at County Stadium until 1976. But what if Milwaukee had gotten an AFL team? I imagine they would have been called the Whitetails or something until the 80s or so when the state made blaze orange or some kinda of orange or pink mandatory to wear during gun season. "But what about the Bucks?" you ask. The Bucks original name was going to be the Robins due to a name the team poll but was changed because they felt Bucks was more fitting. The now Bucks would be the Robins. My odyssey through the creation of the Milwaukee Blazers franchise ends in the present day. But not the way it started. Miller Park can't hold a football field, but it can hold a football pitch. three football matches have been played at Miller Park, the latest being F.C. Pachuca vs Club Leon. I said to myself,"If Yankee Stadium can have an MLS club why, can't Miller Park." The finished project looks like this. The logo puts the buck head in front of the tricolor of brown, orange, and white to mimic the german flag because of Milwaukee's big german influence. The Orange is the Primary while the Brown is the secondary and the white is the clash or warm weather kit. That's my journey through creating a present day football team, alt history team, and a football club. Hope you enjoy.
  11. Can’t find any pic’s other than this media guide but apparently in 1983, the California Angels jumped north to play the Edmonton Trappers at Commonwealth Stadium. Edmonton won in front of a crowd of over 24,000.
  12. Still wondering what the Atlanta v. Memphis game would look like since both teams wear dark blue as a jersey.
  13. After a long break, I'm back to finish this. Montreal Alouettes A little Thanksgiving game set, like the Lions Ottawa Redblacks Saskatchewan Roughriders Labour Day special Toronto Argonauts-I made them bring back the full body argo logo just recoloured. Labour Day Special Winnipeg Blue Bombers Labour Day special That's all I got for my redesign of the CFL. Hope you all enjoy.
  14. Maybe now the Brewers can change their look from the current, miller brewer look back to the ball in glove logo. (Still gonna call it miller park tho. Rolls off the tongue better)
  15. I was just thinking about this thread and decided I would finish it. Starting with the long overdue, redo version of the BC Lions. I changed the helmet logo to the paw print and that's pretty much it. Next,the Calgary Stampeders. Went with the grey because it looks better. The shoulder stripes are somewhat of a throwback to the 1949 Stamps. Next, The Edmonton Eskimos Thought my team would look better with more stripes like how it used to be before the adidas rebrand. Next, Hamilton Tiger-Cats: A Labour Day Special jersey Personally I think it would be fun the Ti-Cats had two helmets. That's half. I'll post the rest when I have time so stay tuned.
  16. Howdy everyone, I'm with the the BC Lions I took a little liberty's with the Lions. I started with the 1964 look and put somewhat of a modern twist on it. I believe that the full lion on the helmet was a cool concept, just poorly executed for the Lions. So here is BC. BC Lions All pants and jersey's are interchangeable. C&C as always
  17. Were away uniforms confirmed? Will Orlando have a color jersey? My favorite look belongs to Memphis. Might have to buy that jersey to be honest.
  18. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I've taken some time to listen to you guys/gals's advice and changed the green to the original shade. Here's what I'm considering the final version/update to everyone's favorite CFL that doesn't exist. (All Parts of uniform are interchangeable with one another) Anyway's, next up are those Big Cats from British Columbia.
  19. I took the primary colors from Trucolor and worked them around in the uniform. Maritime Blue was the primary according to the site, Nautical Brass was secondary, and Silver was tertiary. I used Silver as a helmet color because no team uses it so I thought it would be something new. I've taken all of your suggestions into consideration. Which do we all think is best? 1, 2, or 3 I hope everyone enjoys the Grey Cup tonight. I know I will.
  20. So I took the Seahawks color scheme and added it to the current set and I gotta say, this is the way to go.
  21. Welcome and Enjoy! I'm a huge CFL fan. With the Grey Cup this weekend, and the unveiling of the newly named Atlantic Schooners, I thought it would be a good time to unveil what I've been working on for quite some time now. Using this site,Trucolor.net, and fan opinions, I tried to put together how I believe the CFL would look if I were in charge...and could only use paint. I start alphabetically, with the Atlantic Schooners. Atlantic Schooners Thanks to @BenjiJ for cleaning up this logo. The Schooners have just been announced as the team name for the new team set to play in 2021. Flashback to a couple of months ago while I was on and off while working on this project, I took the color codes from Trucolor and logo of the original team and put my spin on how the failed attempt at bringing football to the Atlantic Coast of Canada would look today if they had played. Uniforms: Home and Away: Alternates: I hope you all enjoy the beginning to this thread.
  22. They should be the Halifax Dreadhawks. That’s just me though
  23. I’m having a tough time with two cities in my fictional baseball league right now. Houston and Seattle. Anyone have any team name ideas for these two?
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