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  1. I started a fantasy football league with some of my friends,and me being me, I tried to make the logo for the league. The League is called the United League of Fantasy Football. The 8 stars stands for each team.The 3 differently colored stars stand for the divisions, Black for the American Division and Red for the National Division. Expect the first uniform and logo soon. Original:
  2. If you are doing holidays this year,don't do what the MLB is doing this year for Mothers/Memorial/Fathers/Independence day
  3. I love the Philadelphia Liberty. Really the only problem I got with uniform is that I think that the number should be inside the keystone otherwise it's beautiful. I can't wait to see San Antonio and the two American Division teams. Keep up the good work man.
  4. The winds of change is coming to this topic really soon.I can feel it.Team redesigns and expansions,its a comin.
  5. How about the Milwaukee Great Lakers or the Wisconsin Fightin' Bobs for an expansion.
  6. How about Milwaukee?They have had Major League team before,so they are well capable of having another team.And they could have a rivalry with Chicago/Iowa/and maybe Minneapolis-St. Paul if they get a team.I also like the Philadelphia team and the Brooklyn team too.
  7. Are you going to do the defunct teams of the USBL when your finished the 20 teams?
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