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  1. Not a fan. Of the bunch I actually prefer the Icon the most, but it's not a great look for them. I expected they'd go a more Canadian route keepin the association and icon white and red. The black outline around Raptors on the association is not pretty. And no Toronto wordmark at all??
  2. I knew about the rivalry between Duke and UNC but I never knew about the reasons behinds the colouring choices and that NC State was involved as well! Thats really cool! I will definitely try explore some different versions that includes all of these different factors. Thank you so much for the clear elaboration - I really appreciate it!
  3. @Ukyo I will certainly do it one day. Appreciate the kind words! @QCS Thank you so very much for your kind words. A lot of people prefer the second set and I have to say I do too. The mashup of colours and style are great - not that my concept is great, but the Hornets classics are just beautiful. When it comes to the CLT versus CHA - I understand. Im far away from Charlotte, far away from the United States anyhow. I just hopped on the abbreviation the Hornets has established as I feared using CLT. I will certainly match the colour of the waistband "buckle" to the rest of the shorts - thanks for the suggestion! - added and updated now! My reasoning behind the Tar Heel uniform is multifaceted. To be honest I dont know that much about North Carolina or Charlotte, so I kinda used tunnel vision, in a sense. The fact that Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets and played for UNC was a big factor in me going in this direction. I did some googling and the nickname of the state of North Carolina is Tar Heel. So I just added these together and made a very simplified and easy city edition concept. I should've done more research, without a doubt. I must mention that I love powdered blue and the carolina blue is just such a beautiful colour that it sealed the deal for me. A I can definitely understand what you are saying and I am taking it into consideration. Thank you again for your kind words! @Chawls Thanks for your feedback - I really appreciate it and I definitely agree with you! I made some alternates with white wordmarks and coloured outlines, however twitter decided it for me. Could you elaborate more about the numeral situation? You want multicolored numerals? Sorry about this, sometimes my grip on the english language escapes me.
  4. These are really great and very probable too! Orange and the gradient logo is absolutely marvelous look for the Heat! I hope this is the start of a city edition concepts thread!
  5. So the Charlotte Hornets unveiled new unis a couple of days ago and twitter went amok with both positive and negative takes on the unis. Last time I tried making some Hornets concepts it turned out bad. I've always found the Hornets a bit hard as so much of their identity is rooted in their inaugural uniforms. The Hornets colours are immaculate; teal and purple is a beautiful combination which brightens the oversaturated NBA which has too many teams wearing blue, red and yellow. My personal opinion is that the new uniforms lacked purple. The white is clean and very streamlined, but purple is as much a part of the essence of the Hornets as red is with the Heat. I must admit I am among the segment who very much liked the former unis they wore. I thought they were easy on the eyes and popped very well against other teams, especially other purple teams. So with this in mind I sat out to try again. I ended up making two different sets, one is a slightly revisioned throwback and the other is a more modern set following Nike's minimalistic approach. Disclaimer - I am not exactly sure I got the right hex codes for the teal and purple as other concepts seems to have a wide arrange of shades so I used the colours I got from the Hornets media guide. For the modern set, I kept the double pinstripes which was now newly reintroduced. I wanted to avoid being as monochromatic as the new uniforms but at the same time keeping it as easy and clean as I could. I've tried several different routes but for some reason "HORNETS" always look somewhat awkward on a pinstriped jersey. I'm avid to a fault on having team name on home unis and city name on away unis, however I found that "CHARLOTTE" always looked better, even on the association edition - this said I refused to buckle so I've kept Hornets on the home uniforms and from thereon out I keep away from using "HORNETS". The association and icon are basically the same, just some colours reversed really. The statement was inspired by the current statement - I considered using CLT, however knowing how fast memers would attack this I went for CHA instead. It's a more hyberbolic version of the association and icon and very purple. For the city edition I did something slightly controversial which might upset Duke fans. I originally wanted to do a "Queen City" uniform but it's been done so many times that I wanted to do something new. What I ended up with as a more state edition, or tar heel state-edition one might say. I knew I wanted to use Carolina blue as it is just a marvelous shade of blue. From there on out I felt it was only natural to do a slight homage to the Tar Heels, as it was Michael Jordan's team and seeing that Michael Jordan is the majority owner of the Hornets. It's not out of the ballpark to believe that a uniform like this might happen one day. The uniform is very basic and easy-going, athletic and very much college inspired which is not hard to see. It has a cube C with H logo on the waistband and some hornets on the sideshorts. As you surely will notice, the font in use for the modern set is not the same Hornets use. Reason for this is that I am beyond horrible at recreating fonts so I did some slight modifications on a font I have. It's not perfect but it somewhat works. Charlotte Hornets Association Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Icon Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Statement Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets City Edition Uniform Concept ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, it was never my intention of making a throwback set with some slight revisions. It speaks to the timelessness and greatness of the classic uniforms. They are so ingrained in my mind that I could not espace them. I was able to find a wordmark and numeral that somewhat matched the originals. The pinstripes are in different colours, just as the originals were. Instead of the usual horizontal double lines at the end of the shorts, I added them together and made a bigger "block". On the icon and statement editions for the throwback I kept it white as to contrast the teal and purple. I should've fixed some logos for the sides of the shorts but I was afraid it would be too noisy (same for the more modern set) - I just might revisit this later. Retro Charlotte Hornets Home Edition Uniform Concept Retro Charlotte Hornets Away Edition Uniform Concept Retro Charlotte Hornets Alt Edition Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! As always I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented and strange times!
  6. This is great! The Heat should definitely explore orange as the teal and pink has somewhat run it's course. I would love to see black and white unis with this colour palette!
  7. Absolutely love it! Love Metroid - after this you gotta do a Zelda inspired hockey league too!
  8. New Hornets unis are a bit lackluster. They dont look bad, but they would've looked so much better with pinstripes on shorts and more purple.
  9. @Ukyo - Thank you. I added red to the trim and removed the irish rainbow and reintroduced the classic trim pattern. It gets kinda dark though, however bonus points a more christmas-y look. I considered using green, white and red for the trim, but wanted to go with something more "controversial" and "radical". I might try out the more conservative approach later. Milwaukee Bucks City Edition V2 Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented times!
  10. I polished the Bucks city edition a bit. Instead of triple trim with blue, cream and green I went full five shaded irish rainbow. There are some inconsistencies in the trimming when it comes to size, especially on the shorts, however it should sufficent enough to showcase my overall idea. I exchanged the Cream City wordmark with Milwaukee instead as I think Cream City sounds a bit strange. I considered using Cream Brick City instead, or even Brew City, but it just sounded too meh. I assigned the jocktag text to be cream city. Double bucks logo on the shorts outlined with lime green. It's not the most exciting of city editions but I think it looks kinda cool and different. I did make several renditions of this concept; in black, white and all the five shades of green - however to complete the set I needed to use cream. Milwaukee Bucks City Edition Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented times!
  11. Everything you have done so far is very exciting and fun! Great series!
  12. @NicDB That would really be better, but I really wanted to follow a more alternative route. @itsmb8 That was probably the original idea. I didnt really read out every note I had but in essence I wanted to make the Bucks more different to the Celtics in terms of colour matchups. I could definitely make the changes, if you guys want me to. I really appreciate the comments and the kind words!
  13. Been quite busy lately. I was originally going to post my Raptors concepts but instead I wanted to publish my revised Milwaukee Bucks uniforms as they've collected dust for a couple of months. The Raptors concepts is would be too boring to post now as I basically spammed my thread with several different takes on the new unis for the '21 season. I went through my notepad and I've outlined the following: Contrasting to the Celtics, irish rainbow, easify by meshing the current and the old. As to the point of making the Bucks look different from the Celtics - they already do, however I want them to be more modern and a bit darker. I am not the greatest fan of black unis as its too easy, lazy and uninventive. That being said, I took the easy route and made the icon edition black instead of green with the dumb assumption that they would use them against the Celtics. Association is white, icon is black and statement is green. This might be controversial but the statement looked way cooler in green, and I cant justify both icon and statement being green. Irish rainbow is a fan favourite. The irish rainbow was inspired by the Houston Astros. The Bucks started using the irish rainbow pattern in '77 to '93 and ever since Bucks fans have wanted them back. The current Bucks unis use a slight rendition of the rainbow, however the black and blue just doesnt cut it, so I removed them from the equation. Blue stands out way too much and the black gets muddled up on the sidetrim, so I darkened the primary green and for the irish rainbow I chose to use 4 shades of green to complement the primary green. I made the rainbow bigger as well. Instead of the one coloured trim, I went for the three trimmed and made the middle part thinner as to make the cream a big less intrusive. This said, I think cream appears very much off-white. The colour just gives off this passive and nostalgic feeling which doesnt really work, however I kept it as fans very much like the colour. I'd rather add red or purple into mix but maybe for another time. The statement edition is basically a green-ifyed version of the Bucks current statement edition with 4 shades of irish rainbow. I know the inverted M (or whatever you call it) on the shorts is somewhat hard to make out - I could make an outline but I dont think it will fit the overall concept. There is no special reasoning for the NoB being beneath the numbers - I did the same my former Bucks statement editions - I guess it's because of Giannis long last name. There's no city edition to these revised concepts. There is however a take on classic editions. Maybe I'll finish them or not. I really want to add brown into the Bucks colour scheme in someway, as I once did without too much success. Brown is such a great colour and is severly underused in sports. It would fit so much with the forest and deer theme. Speaking of former concepts and deer theme, I kept the "ours is the fury" text on the jocktag as nobody fear deers. As a hunter I just had to change it. The slogan is taken from Game of Thrones and is the motto to House Baratheon and their coat of arms is a stag. Should note that there should be logos on the side shorts, but I never came to it. Green is such a magnificent colour. Maybe someday we will see more teams in green. I am still holding on to hope that one day the Sonics will be resurrected. Hell, I even hope the Clippers rebrand and adopt green in someway, as they once intended. Sorry for my rambling. Milwaukee Bucks Association Edition Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Icon Edition Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Statement Edition Uniform Concept All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented times!
  14. Not a fan of the name. People fool around with kraken here in Norway, never expected it to be used for a hockey franschise in Washington. Looking forward to see the unis though. The name was disappointing.
  15. This is a major step in the right direction. The distasteful volt green has to go.
  16. I would love to see orange instead of yellow. I know its controversial but I think its a great look; more aggressive, military and fighterpilot inspired. And I wonder if there is a special reason for choosing the wishbone neckline? I think your concepts would look perfect with either crew or v-neck (Im not a fan of wishbone). Besides the wishbone issue I have - i gotta say this is amazing work and beautiful concepts! Would love to see your take on other expansion teams like Louisville, Vancouver and so on! And yeah, lets hope for the Sonics return!
  17. @sayahh I found the older files (took some searching) and did some of the changes you requested. I will do the rest of the changes for the Lakers icon and statement soon (the oldest template is a complete mess and the overview of the different layers are hopeless to understand). Anyways, here are the edited Atlanta Hawks and two versions of the Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition in the 60 to 67 colours(Used trucolor for reference this time, not sure if it's the exact right colours). I definitely think you are onto something with the Hawks. And in regards to the Lakers versions, the V2 looks better to me. I actually think I might update and "remaster" the older concepts with the newest template one day. Atlanta Hawks Icon Edition Uniform Concept Edited Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Edited V1 Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Edited V2
  18. @LA Fakers+ LA Snippers looks better to me! And the city edition is very interesting! Great work! Are you going to make some more for different teams?
  19. These look great! The sidepanels is very reminiscent of the Boston Celtics 18/19 City Edition(especially the association), however the back part of the shorts is really very clever! On Statement Edition I would perhaps go full green for the sidepanels and back shorts, the white is too bright, at least to me. I understand the want and wish for the return of green and yellow - its a unique colour scheme. The current NBA suffers from extreme saturation. Sonics concepts are always great to see - keep it up!
  20. Here's the statement with black chevron and white/red trim. Looks better but still something a bit off. Anyway, I hope the Raptors makes the statement different from association and icon. Toronto Raptors Statement Edition V2 Uniform Mockup-Revised
  21. @Hawkeye15 Thank you so much for your kind words! In regards to the Raptors - the asymmetric shorts is exactly the same as the earned edition/city edition. @bcon_731 Yeah, I get that feeling as well. I just chevron-ifyed the current Raptors set (excluding the purple maniac uni). Hopefully they make something more out of the statement this time around, instead of just keeping it in tune with the association and icon. @Krz - It absolutely does not work! I just had to make a purple uni just for the hell of it, and its definitely a tricky balance. I will do as you suggest later today - it's definitely going to look alot better. Another possible solution is black chevrons (and a purple waistband), followed by white wordmark/numerals/NoB with red trim. Red piping around the chevrons maybe too. I highly doubt the Raptors will re-introduce purple to their sets though, which is kinda a shame.