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  1. Like so many others, I am not sure what to make of the new Boston Celtics City Edition leak. I believed the gold and turquoise was a horrible prank, but of course it was Enes Kanter's horrible camera. The uniform will be Celtics green and gold - which is a good thing. All things considered, it could be lot worse. As an avid Celtics fan and listener of anything and everything Celtics, I remember that VP Business Development Nicole Federico talked about the 18/19 city and earned edition. This was last year and both those editions turned out marvelous. However, during the podcast(Celtics Talk) she talked about different directions and a neon green celtics uniform. A neon would be "fun" but would certainly be a miss. All the Celtics really need is their traditional green and white uniforms. They are perfect as is. However, this makes it near impossible to create something original and cool. Some wants the green, white and black unis from the Big Three era - which are way superior compared to the statement. Many really wants the St Patrick back(this uniform is the greatest thing ever!) and several have taken inspiration from it. This is a very quick take and it is not exactly polished but I wanted to show what I would do to the new Boston Celtics City Edition. I dont know how the shorts will look so I just played it by ear. The typeface isnt exactly the same though it is gaelic inspired. The leak showed dark outlines around the numerals and wordmark - I changed it to white to give the uniform a bit more lightness. I also added a white piping as middle trim around neck, shoulders, and shorts - it makes the whole uniform less intense and takes from the weight. There is little doubt in my mind that this uniform is a homage to the Irish heritage of Boston - which is why I also used the flag of Ireland in the background. I considered changing Boston to Celtics as this would really take it home but it just did not look as great as I had hoped. It says "Luck of the Irish" above the jock tag. I hope this uniform looks "better" than the current 19/20 city edition. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Boston Celtics City Edition Uniform Concept
  2. @NicDB It is definitely not for the faint of heart! Just wanted to make something different and eye catching(disgust and/or excitement). Do you have any suggestions how to make it more halloween-esque? In regards to the city edition - would this uniform a good starting point?
  3. @sportsfan7 - Inspired by the Shining. Redrum is murder, mirrored. Just thought it was a fun little touch to add.
  4. I was going to post a city edition to follow up my current take on the Bucks - one continuing down the "woodland" rabbit hole and one with the irish rainbow. While sketching things out, I found myself very much empty for motivation and uninspired. I went out to the store and noticed halloween themed paper napkins and paper cups. Halloween isnt a very big thing here in Norway however it has begun to catch on, ever so slightly. Halloween is exactly one week from today so I thought it be fun(at least for me) to make a halloween themed uniform for the Bucks. I tried to find out if there were any specific halloween colours. Different sites said different things yet the overall consensus said purple, green, black, orange and even red. As the Bucks have donned both green, purple and red uniforms at some points during their existence, I focused especially on those colours. I increased the saturation to make them almost "scream". I wanted retina burning saturation. The whole concept is basically the "Cream City" city edition from '17 with some slight edits. I removed the nose and mouth on the buck to make it more terrifying, imposing; something dead hunting you at night deep within the forest. The Shining is a classic so I did a little red rum with the player name, in red of course. I replaced the outline of Wisconsin(Bucks tertiary logo) with "Fear the Deer" - except it says "FEAR THE DEAD", kinda tacky but it made me laugh. I hope you guys like it! Maybe Nike should make Halloween themed uniforms, make it a thing like the Adidas Christmas uniforms from a couple of years ago. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Milwaukee Bucks Halloween Edition Uniform Concept
  5. I'll will certainly try that as well. You want me to substitute the lime green, kelly green or forest green with cream?
  6. Thank you so much for your C&C - I really appreciate it! The current color scheme is certainly more mature. I really did consider orange but I once saw someone argue against green and orange for the Milwaukee Bucks because of the hunting theme -- it makes their team look like they are being hunted. I did not think of it myself, but I do not disagree with the logic. The shade of brown is very dark, I could recolour it with a lighter tone. However, lime green would make the uniforms look very much electric. I can certainly make a set based on the irish rainbow, however I would trade the cream for white in that case, or would you keep cream? And would go use the current shade of green the Bucks uses or the suggested one which is used? @NicDB Edit - I recoloured the association and icon edition with the irish rainbow theme. I also kept the darker shade of green as the primary. Looks way more lively! Milwaukee Bucks Association "Irish Rainbow" Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Icon "Irish Rainbow" Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Statement "Irish Rainbow" Uniform Concept
  7. I was pleasantly surprised when the Milwaukee Bucks announced their new uniforms back in 2015. Easy on the eyes with distinguishable wordmarks, numerals and a very much minimalistic direction. Nike has since its NBA deal back in '17 have pushed a minimalistic/clean approach for each team even though the rebranded Bucks first appeared under previous contract with Adidas. Since then there has been some small revisions to the uniforms, for the better if you ask me. While I actually enjoyed the green and red(way too bright) uniforms the Bucks wore, the rebranded uniforms are by far an admirable upgrade. Now, I am not a fan of cream. One of the reasons why is that cream isnt too far off gold; basically reminds me too much of the amazing St Patricks uniforms the Celtics used to wear(this excludes the sleeved jersey amboinations). The other reason, which is by far the most valid one, is that the usage of cream appears very much off white. I understand the “Cream City” association and it is very clever but the colour just gives off this passive and nostalgic feeling which I don’t really care for in general. As the majority of fans were beyond pleased I kept the cream for these concepts. Then we arrive at the colour choice of blue. I can understand it as blue represents the rivers of Wisconsin and Lake Michigan but it clashes very much against the whole - even though it’s a tiny part of the makeup of the uniforms. Black also felt out of place so I removed both blue and black from the equation. I remember reading the piece ESPN made on D&C way back and it mentioned that the designers were not able to use the preferred green they wanted as the deadline simply came to fast. Inspired by this quote, I have made the green a bit darker - more forest-y if you will. As I have removed blue and black, I needed a replacement colour. If you have read my previous posts, you would be very much aware of my opinion that the NBA is oversatured with too much of the same colours. I went with brown - a colour which I have yet to see in the NBA. I feel it was an appropriate choice of colour as it reflects Wisconsin’s forest and woodland, only adding to the Bucks brand. I flirted with the idea of drop shadow but it ended up looking a bit too much like the Sixers/Lakers for my taste. I kept the status quo wordmark colouring on the association - for the icon I've made it cream with brown outlining as I felt the original icon typeface was too bright. The side panels are kept in place, only replaced with brown and slightly rearranged for the association and icon. I also complemented the side panels by filling out the side pattern on the shorts to give the uniform a continuity since it looked empty without something there, inside the piping. Another thing I did add was logos on the belt buckle - hit or miss I guess. I wanted to put the Buck logo inside, unfortunately the resolution took a great hit so I abstained from it. The statement edition is just a simple recolouring of the 2017 edition. Brown dominates the uniform with cream and dark green contrasts. I think it looks kinda cool. I’ve also reversed the player name and numeral on the back as I thought it added a little pop to the uniform. I don’t mean to offend any Bucks fans on this site but the slogan “Fear The Deer” just doesn’t work for me! I’ve been on quite a lot of hunts in my life and under no circumstance has a deer ever felt intimidating to me. The new Bucks logo is fierce, wild and focused - almost like a beast, like Eikthyrnir. I really wanted to add a different slogan above the jock tag to reflect this. The replacement slogan came to me while binge watching Game of Thrones. House Baratheon uses a stag as their sigil and their slogan is “Ours is the Fury” and I just thought it was a decent upgrade from the current one. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Milwaukee Bucks Association Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Icon Uniform Concept Milwaukee Bucks Statement Uniform Concept
  8. Nike explains the City edition as "These designs honor the fans - those who, 41 times a year, take pilgrimage at their local arena, and whose passions help define each respective team’s identity." To create a city edition for team that is no more is kinda sad in my ways, especially for a fan favourite like the Seattle Sonics. The City edition is supposed to capture each team and its city in a way that respects the past and present of the club while also positioning them for the future. I kept this very much in mind when trying to create a city edition for the Sonics. However I really wanted to go with something new and exciting as I want to keep the Boston Celtics within the green and gold spectrum, but it felt almost blasphemous (and very pretentious) to me to make a new uniform when the city of Seattle yearns for its old green and gold. I kept imagining the fans screaming the top of their lungs out, draped in team colours at the KeyArena. From Johnson to Payton and Kemp to Allen. As you might gather by now, a homage to the 85' to 95' uniform was the only appropriate direction for this city edition so I remade one of the absolute greatest uniforms of all time with some slight revisions. Say what you will about the rebranded bronze edition of the Sonics during the 90s, they are pretty cool but the 85 to 95 uniform is far superior to me - admittedly I have a soft spot for this colour palette and the arc front to back, the somewhat mundane wordmark, varsity numerals - it's just amazing! I made some slight tweaks, the sides pattern on the shorts is exactly the same as with the association and icon editions as I didnt really like the throwback stripes - they didnt really fit. I also put the logo on the belt instead of having it linger on the left side of the short. I made the wordmark a bit bigger compared to the original and thickened the golden stripes on the arc. I think the uniform translated pretty well to the Nike template. Green and gold all the way. Here's hoping for the Seattle Sonics rightful return one day! Seattle Sonics City Edition Uniform Concept
  9. For the statement I was a bit unsure which direction to go. I've wanted to do an all original concept but none my of statement sketches really stood out. I really did not want to do a concept based on the early to mid 00s Sonics uniform but I ended up doing it anyway. The font is still Agency, I've used the logo on the belt to match the sides(cf. Sonics 00s) and I've tuned the path angled slightly. I might have to revisit this one for some slight edits but all in all I think it kinda works. Nike states that the statement edition uniforms "...sets the tone for big games or rivalries and is inspired by the team's desire to make a bold statement every time they step on the court". I hope you guys feel this uniform qualifies as a statement. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Seattle Sonics Statement Edition Uniform Concept
  10. Thanks for your input! I will take under serious consideration. I also considered making sublimation of rain drops but have yet to "perfect" it.
  11. The Seattle Supersonics deserve a rightful return to the NBA. The association has never quite felt the same after the team relocated and then evaporated from existence. We've all seen alot of different concept of the Sonics and I thought I might be fun to show my take on the Sonics. First off, I decided to abandon the yellow/gold which was a hallmark characteristic of the Sonics. I would absolutely not mind the Sonics to return to form with green and gold, but with the Celtics taking the green and gold(even yellow!) torch I felt it was time for a change. So I turned at my colour map of the NBA; there are only three teams currently utilizing green(Pelicans with their mardi gras uniform excluded). Celtics with white and gold, Bucks with cream, blue and black and the Jazz with the trifecta of navy, yellow and green. It was of course a foregone conclusion that the Sonics would use green as the primary colour, but what about the secondary? Purple would be too 90s Bucks, however I was really considering using red. Red was eventually discarded as it made the uniform look too christmasy(cf. Bucks mid to late 00's). In the end I decided on orange; an energetic and aggressive colour which I think is fitting for a resurrected Sonics franchise. Thats basically how I imagined this concept: it would be the return of the Sonics. Now green and orange would be a very unique colour combination in the NBA. Another point, and this is stupid, is that orange is as close to yellow/gold/bronze as one gets on the ROYGBIV scale and I envisioned it would not be too insulting for the Sonics diehards to accept this evolution. I must mention that I have a slight disgust for the majority of the team colours in the NBA. There is simply way too much oversaturation of red, blue and yellow colour combinations in the NBA right now and it's such a shame. 13 teams using red as either primary, secondary or tertiary colour versus four teams with purple, three teams with orange, two teams (excluding the Jazz) with green and finally only one team with teal. 13 teams with blue as either primary, secondary or tertiary colour as well, and thats excluding the Cavaliers which has adopted black instead of navy. As the Clippers are the current team in the rebranding spotlight, I sincerely hope that Mr Ballmer has the wisdom and foresight to adopt a completely different colour palette! With that off off my chest - back to Sonics! I really wanted to do a concept based on the Sonics uniform from the early 00s, however that specific uniform design has been way overdone and many have nailed it far better than I ever could hope to. I then went the classic route instead and looked to the mid 70s uniform the Sonics for inspiration: a traditional and classic uniform - in other words: timeless. Certainly not a fan favourite to be sure but the design is beyond any fad. Less is always more in my honest opinion. I considered substituting the white trim with black for a while as it made the uniform glow with aggression - it also gave it this tiny little homage to the last incarnation of the Sonics. For the wordmark I went with the same font as used by the Indiana Pacers. I tried alot of different fonts and the Agency font just won out. I used the last Sonics logo and recoloured it green and orange while removing the great wordmark on the top. Kevin Durant's speech last autumn when the Warriors played the Kings in an exhibition at KeyArena sealed the deal on which player I wanted on the uniform. I've been working a long time on the template in use and I hope it looks good enough now to showcase the designated team efficiently. I am currently working on some side panels(just for fun) for the Sonics but all in all I prefer the design as it is now. In hindsight, I might use the sidepanel when I get to the Statement edition. As always - all comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Seattle Sonics Association Edition Uniform Concept Seattle Sonics Icon Edition Uniform Concept
  12. This is one of the absolute greatest team rebrands I have ever seen on this site!
  13. This is amazing work!! I cannot wait to see the rest! Would be awesome to see your take on Seattle!
  14. Absolutely lovely work, absolutely lovely! I would love to see your take on some expansion teams!
  15. If not a new name, new colours is a must. Blue and/or red is in such high usage that it feels diluted. 15 teams with blue, 13 with red, 6 team with both(exluding Cavs morphing navy into black). Orange, teal or green would be great, purple is a no-go. Clippers is a cool name, it just doesnt feel home in Los Angeles, at least to me. LA Stars feels more appropriate. I actually liked the Clippers GTA: San Andreas font they are going with, at least compared to the atrocious LAC logo. Proposed colours change from 92 contained orange and a seafoam green colour. Here's an old sketch of the proposed uniform:
  16. Really cool to see the logo in different colours! I actually like the global logo color scheme the best of the bunch! The championship rendition is coming at a close second - Rockets should seriously consider using your work as inspiration!!
  17. Sorry, issues with my network!
  18. This is great work! Really distinguishable and gives the Rockets a more sports oriented feel instead of feeling like a DLC to game, which the current does! I would really love to see what it would look like if you recoloured it in Rockets colours - would be really cool if you used the earned edition! I am by no means taking away anything from the palette you are using, which is really crisp and clean. Anyways, thumbs up from me
  19. It has been a while since the last time I've posted. I've been busy with alot of work and life so I havent really had too much time dedicated to my concepts, unfortunately! Ever since the news broke that Kemba Walker is a Boston Celtics and not a Charlotte Hornet anymore, I thought this was the time to release my latest revision of the Charlotte Hornets. It's by no means finished and by definition this a hasty upload by me. I've been working on the Hornets since on and off since forever but I have reached this mindblock so I hoped I might get some constructive critiscm and suggestions of direction. As mentioned, this is very much a work in progress and the stalest concepts I have, so please help me! One thing I knew from the start was that I did not want to use the pinstripes - some like them but for me they dont really add anything. I've brightened the teal and purple a smigde to make the colours a more fun. I've also done some editing on the uniforms template in general, some minor details as the seam on the back jersey, breathingholes on the numbers and other things. My original idea was including a beehive pattern on the sides but it felt too busy. I tried using the beehive pattern on the wordmark and numerals and again it felt busy. At the moment I have gone for the more clean look. The sharp, angular stripes on the shorts are somewhat inspired by the city edition. Even though it doesnt look like it, I was trying to mimic wings. I really like the Hornets uniform set but the numerals just doesnt work for me so I added an outliner. As mentioned earlier, I am a firm believer that home uniforms should use the city team name and the away and alternates should wear the city name - Charlotte Hornets is not the Los Angeles Lakers so I have enforced my belief here. I tried to recreate the wordmarks as perfect as possible but to no avail - I am a novice when it comes to Illustrator, and a horrible one at that! As you can see, I kept Walker on the uniforms. Even though Terry Rozier is going to Charlotte and Kemba Walker is a Boston Celtics, it just wanted to do a homage to Walker. He has been a (the only?) bright spot in Charlotte and is arguably the greatest Hornets of all time. It would be a sting to use Rozier, pun not intended. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! I need just about every suggestion possible! Charlotte Hornets Association Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Icon Edition Uniform Concept Charlotte Hornets Statement Edition Uniform Concept
  20. Holy helvete, these are simply delicious! Amazing concepts
  21. This time it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. I have always been a fan of uniforms using team name for home and city name for away. I fooled around with some concepts where I used Los Angeles on the icon and statement but it just did not feel right so I scrapped it. As with both the Celtics and Knicks, the Lakers are a sacred institution in the NBA and this was a major factor while I was creating them. If I did too much I might summon the wrath of Lakers fans so I felt it only necessary to do as little as possible for this franchise. I added a showtime inspired collar and trim for all sets. I also took the joyous liberty of removing the atrocious black side panels on the statement edition. These are by no means a set of revolutionary uniforms but they are cleaner and more in tune with the «Showtime» homage than their current sets. I did try to find the hex code for the infamous "banana" yellow colour but I wasnt able to, so I used the colour drop tool on the current uniforms. Not sure if it is the right hue but it's the closest I could come up with based on the pictures of the jersey. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Statement Edition Uniform Concept