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  1. Nets look awesome, I think their actual uniforms are clean but so simple, these add the perfect amount of flair that they need. Also they remind me of the old NJ Nets pattern, which of course I'm a fan of. Nice work
  2. Miami actually looks incredible. Top 2 along with the Steelers
  3. Looks great, I'm not sure how I feel about their actual uniforms, I like the new green and the logo but the jerseys are pretty terrible. These are what they should've done, I always thought the old ones were classic and with a new green they could be really nice. For some reason I'm excited to see what you do with the Ravens, I think they already have a pretty good set except for the terrible logo, so I'm interested to see what you could do with them. Good job on the jets!
  4. That red Pats alternate is super clean, I love how the blue and white stripes contrast off the red background, just pops.
  5. Dudeeee, the Chiefs and Saints look so good. Great job with every team so far, I honestly have no complaints. Excited to see my cowboys
  6. The Orioles look really sharp, I have no complaints so far, great work
  7. Seahawks look good to me, they keep the modern elements while also cleaning it up a bit. I was always a big fan of the grey alt., I think it's a unique look to the league and would be something really cool to set them apart if they made it the full away set.
  8. Yeah, honestly the only thing I would change about your concept, the classic Bucs always look good.
  9. These are really awesome, every team has a unique and creative design with patterns, local references, and more. Love seeing the time you put into these. I would love to see your take on the MLS, not sure if you've ever done it before?
  10. The whole thing looks awesome, logos and uniforms. Would be super happy to see them go to something like this
  11. I could see them doing exactly this to be honest. Uniforms honestly look really good, but I will never, ever, ever support that awful logo, haha.
  12. Seattle looks awesome. I think they already have the best helmet and uniforms in the league, but I dislike the color balance, especially on the away, where there's literally no blue. This fixes that and improves on an already really solid set.
  13. Great job with both the kings and the pacers. That 3rd Kings jersey is so awesome, the word mark is amazing and would make for a great city set. I also love the simplicity of the pacers. Simplicity is a good thing sometimes, and the Pacers are a team that definitely looks better with your simple approach. Love it, can't wait to see more