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  1. Cant go wrong with that classic saints look, my only opinion would be to make gold the primary pants, but that's just personal opinion. Otherwise the design looks great
  2. Unreal. The bead details on the stripes... absolutely gorgeous. These could be top 5 uniforms in the league if they dropped tomorrow, excellent work.
  3. I think I'd go purple numbers on the away, right now it looks too much like a saints jersey. I'd also add some purple pants and maybe a cooler, custom font, similar to what they have now?? Only problem is if you do all that it's not even really a concept . Maybe it's not a bad thing to keep their uniforms rather the same as what they have, I really like their current look, not much you should necessarily change in my book.
  4. Bengals away set with black pants looks especially sharp. You're 2 for 2 in my book
  5. Interested to see what you got here, I love the idea. I'm not sure the best way to upload an image but I hope somebody can help and we can see your designs!
  6. I love the simplicity of that orange jersey. The mainly orange look is gorgeous
  7. Love the black alt for San Jose, that gradient stripe is really sharp
  8. Wolves look incredible!!! Perfect modern refresh of the KG era threads, simple enough to let the colors do the work. Pure fire. Away blue and green alt jerseys look especially cool
  9. Sens are gorgeous. Absolutely love the alts for them, especially your take on the reverse retro and the black alt.
  10. Looks great, love what you did for the cards and these mockups are always incredible, but I totally understand what you mean about them taking a lot of effort. I'd love to see what you got for some other teams, I think this is a great start.