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  1. Im a huge fan of logo 1, I love the way the hardhat almost looks like it is wrapping around the entire crest. Attention to detail is again fantastic with the homage to the short north sign and the tower's windows, the window reference is so clever and tastefully done. Really nice work, its a shame that teams continue to trend in this minimalistic direction, my Internazionale fell victim to it as well.
  2. Pains me as a cowboys fan but the white eagles one with the wing is super clean. Great execution
  3. This is pretty awesome, id love to see some more
  4. Chefs kiss, hope you keep this series alive !!
  5. A few problems with Toronto, albeit another solid set: Purple feels forced on the red jersey, I'd either drop it and keep it on the alt or lean into it and add some more, and also add to the home whites. As much as I love the purple raptors, I think dropping it is the best option, keeping it on the alt however, which is an excellent uniform. I also hate the whole OVO thing, I get the importance and its cool to honor a local artist but it's just corny and overdone to me now, like most of the city jerseys in the NBA . That being said I do like your design, feels very Vegas with the diamonds down the side, but its well done. Good job with this set
  6. Community edition for the bucks is so nice !!!!! I thought it was inspired by Blue Moon tho, which would work with the whole beer history there
  7. Hope to see the whole league potentially, that's a tall order but this series has been awesome!
  8. Let's see Toronto or dallas
  9. Uunbelievable work man! OKC is exactly what they should be!
  10. gotta love the team brown purple beauties. Can we see an iteration with the current yellow blue and green?
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