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  1. I'd love to see this become a series, really cool idea and inspiration. Kit looks sharp too, I love the leather crest and patches.
  2. I think I would unify the number colors on the front and back for the mariners, might clean it up a little. The last few have been awesome otherwise, although I'm still pushing for the rockies in the old colorado rockies/current nuggets colors !
  3. Huge fan of that statement for the spurs, that looks awesome!
  4. Pacers look great minus the black, I know that's a theme of your series but it stands out like a sore thumb here. Otherwise looks great
  5. very nice, I really enjoy just the clean white one the best. I love the phantom side panels and the focus on the all navy elements, it allows those stripes to really pop. I think the white and navy piping just looks super classy. Overall well done
  6. Always loved green and red uniforms, these look great
  7. Love everything about Orlando, especially that black alt with the full sublimated pattern. Only thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the AC/DC font , I feel like that doesn't really match the brand and the kinda cartoon-y word marks and designs they've always had. I would even prefer the Shaq/penny era fonts, could really cap off what is a great set other wise. Good work
  8. Not your fault at all, I just never liked those specific bobcats uniforms, despite really liking their color scheme I feel like Charlotte has so many better looks throughout their history, obviously the muggsy/johnson era, but I understand how in their current palette it wouldn't be much of an interesting reverse retro... What about the later bobcats uniforms, like 2012/13 road jersey as your base? Could be a cool look, idk. Nothing wrong with the current look except for my personal dislike of the jersey its based off of.
  9. Love the eagles shade of green and cleaned up uniforms... really all they need to have an awesome set. Lions look incredible too. Little touches go a long way
  10. Great presentation, excited for this series to play out !