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  1. BYU looks incredible, especially the basketball team. That alternate script is cleannnn, and I love the mountain details on the shorts. Pure class. I can't say I'm feeling the away for Wisconsin football, I know you want to separate the red and white teams in the Big 10 but I honestly just prefer what they have now to what you did with the vertical sleeve stripe. And for Memphis, although I think the design works for all the other sports, for football the uni combos only look good when the stripes match. The non-monochrome combos look kinda clunky with the mismatched stripes.
  2. Some awesome work in this thread.
  3. As a Cowboys fan, this is absolutely the way I'd want the skins to go. I'd hate for them to completely switch up the design and go for a tacky, non traditional name. I've always loved the spear on the helmet, if they came out and dropped this tomorrow I'd be super satisfied. Unreal work with them. Only thing I'd add would be some burgundy pants for the away set, but other than that this is perfection
  4. Dolphins are beautiful, love the shade of the orange alt
  5. The double stripe on the socks feels unnecessary but besides that, it's beautiful. I'd maybe drop the logo on the sleeves, and make all the sun rays the same size to fix the shape.
  6. I think they're decent except for the white side panels. If they dropped those they'd actually be like an 8/10
  7. Saints look so good but I'd love to see the gold a little bolder like what they use on the current color rush. Great design though
  8. I'm not crazy about adding gold to the Falcons but other than that I enjoy the set. Arizona is amazing btw.
  9. Way to end on an absolute banger. I've enjoyed this series so much that I literally ranked every team . Top 5 is Miami, NYRB, Vancouver, Colorado, and Phoenix. I got the whole ranking if you care enough to see it hahahaha
  10. The nets are unbelievable man as a nets fan I would kill for something like that. I like the original city ones we had like the black biggie version but the bed-stuy one is kinda corny to me. Not only does it perfectly represent that Brooklyn vibe, but it is so detailed and just . DC isn't bad I saw somebody else recently post a DC cherry blossom concept that leaned more into the pink and the floral pattern, which I think I prefer more, but this is a pretty solid look. Also I really enjoy that Detroit one too. You've barely missed with any of your designs, the whole league looks great. Let's see the Knicks!
  11. I love RSLs home kit, away is nice for some clash but for them, the yellow kit looks best when it has some blue and red in it to match the home. I really like the first two kits tho
  12. Falcons look a lot better, but the Rams... I feel like there's no continuity, one set has orange, the other has bone and navy. I would try to settle on one color palette, simple blue yellow and white for example, and apply that to all the sets. The jerseys themselves look fine, its just the colors throwing me off a bit
  13. I like what you got with the Jazz, nice stuff. Warriors look a little off to me. The orange kinda feels out of place, especially on the shorts.
  14. I just went through this entire thread, great designs. Real Salt Lake might honestly be my favorite, they look super classy.