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London City - CSL Concept


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Hey everyone. I decided I would give a shot at making a soccer brand concept. This is the first time I have ever done one like this, so feedback would be great.

The team is London City Soccer Club from London, Ontario and plays in the Canadian Soccer League. The franchise has a storied history and has had some terrible branding over the years.

The crest:

Features the London, Ontario coat of arms and "73" to honor the year the club was founded (1973)







Alternate (features London skyline on back)


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Hi. I really love your concept for London City FC. Great use of the City of London coat of arms and incorporating the all mighty maple leaf into it. I like the sublimated angled hoops in the home and away kits. As well, excellent use of the the city of London skyline on the back of the third kits. The Nike kit template you are using is clean and crisp. Great first concept! Can you tell me what is located on the back of the kits below the collar?

Are you planning on doing any other concepts?

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Thank you very much for the feedback. On the back of the collar is the City of London logo (tree)

I usually make football uniform concepts but I haven't really posted anything just yet

The tree is a bit of the Nottingham Forest-esc crest, great use of it. Any other Ontario based CSL clubs you plan on doing?

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I like the design a lot, but I find most of the outlines too thin. Same goes for the typeface you used. I would also enlarge "SC", at least a little bit.

Also the little crest inside the crest isn't 100% centered, maybe because the bear on the right is or seems a little broader than the stag on the left. It just doesn't look right when you look at "LONDON CITY" below it.

Apart from that, it's a nice-looking logo!

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Absolutely wonderful. I really like what you did with the maple leaf in the crest. And the sporty wordmark underneath the crest is a neat contrast. Like Go Red Sox said, make the outlines a *tad* bit thicker and it's 100% perfect.

The Away kit is awesome, and I really dig your use of the skyline on the third kit.

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Did you consider a chevron kit. The one in your crest really draws my eye. Excellent work though

I am very new to this and don't know what everything means, so what do you mean by "Chevron kit" ?

Take a look at your logo, the "arrow" in the shield between the 2 animals is known as a chevron. So he's suggesting using that on the chest of a jersey.

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