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NBA Tweaks/Concepts 2015 (4/36 Trailblazers)


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Ok, so It's been a while since I've posted a concept on here, and the last league-wide project I started was a flop because I got too caught up with school and the presentation for each was too much for me.

So on this NBA design, the presentation is simple. I still took a while on each design, but a few designs are nothing more than tweaks to classic jerseys. These will probably go in no particular order...

I'll be doing each of the 30 NBA teams, as well as 6 additional teams just for fun, possible expansion cities. These will be:

- Kansas City

- Las Vegas

- Seattle

- Paris, France

- Beijing, China

- St. Louis

PS, each jersey's last name and number has a little Easter egg in it. Thought it would be fun for you guys to try and guess what each one means. This first one should be pretty obvious if you're a sports movie fan.

Starting with the Pacers of Indiana.







As always, C&C is much welcome and appreciated!

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Pretty nice start. Utilize the the compression sleeves that are in the template. Color them, and maybe add some element from the uniform onto them.

I actually added those myself to the template. I left all three white because I think they look the best with each jersey. But for each different concept the arm sleeves are different.

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Not a fan of the whole name on the jersey. You should have PACERS on the yellow and white uniforms, INDIANA on the road blue.

With the stripes you have 3 options:

  • hockeyny13's suggestion of a checkerboard chest
  • put the checkerboard design in lieu of the plain borders
  • get rid of the borders and keep it as a simple racing stripe

Also, I would suggest Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Vilnius, Zagreb, Brasilia, and Athens as other international cities to tryout.

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Pacers should stick with Navy & Gold. Royal Blue and Yellow is too much like Golden State. I'd like to see a hybrid design of the 90s flojo with the ABA curvy lines.

And I think you should reconsider your expansion list to add the Kentucky Colonels. They're definitely on the top of the NBA's list behind Seattle. And then what about the St. Louis Spirits and the Virginia Squires Or the New Jersey Americans?

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He could have a team in the mountains of Mongolia if he really wanted to, this is his series and he can do whatever he wants.

As for the concept, the Indiana wordmark seems too small, especially compared to the Pacers wordmark below it. If I were you, I would shrink the Pacers wordmark a little. Also, someone mentioned the Warriors above; if you plan to use their current color scheme in your series, then you should change the Pacers' colors a bit. Overall though, it is a great start!

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Having both INDIANA and PACERS on it makes it look a little NCAA like. I do like the design of the jerseys.

Personally, I would have either INDIANA or PACERS, but not both.

I would go with a darker, mory navy shade of blue just to differentiate them from the Warriors.

Overall, this is a solid set. Good work.

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