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Jersey Signatures (Taking Requests)


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Philadelphia Eagles home, Philadelphia Flyers home, Penn State Home


Can I have one with the Cornhusker's AdiZero's from their game against Illinois on Sept. 27, with #25 on it (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bt9UcxWIEAIfeCC.png), Newcastle United's home kit from this year, the Cleveland Cavaliers' gold jerseys with #13 on it, and a St. Louis Cardinals' white home jersey with #19 on it. Sorry for the long request, but if you could fill it that would be great. Thanks!


Can I get a Mariners in teal and black Portland Trailblazers?


I know I skipped over the Riders and the Islanders requests, I'll hopefully have those up tomorrow along with some more.

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Ny Islanders home, away, and Stadium Series, and Colorado Avalanche home, away, and alternate.



Sask Riders Home, Away and Signature Jersey #14


The ad patches varried throughout the year (according to my small bit of research) so I went with what I saw most often. Also, I did my best with the pattern on the alternate, and it's a bit off, but it should be fine.

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