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American Premier League - All done!


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I've had this idea for a few weeks. It started when I was playing FIFA 15, as i played in lower tiers of England in Manager mode, and Be A Pro. What if America had storied teams like England does. I love US soccer, but there's something way cooler with a team that was formed a hundred years ago that bounced between top levels compared to 3 new USL teams springing up every year, so I started researching the old American Soccer League, and teams like the Bethlehem Steel. The ASL folded due to fighting between the league and the US Soccer Federation and the US Open Cup. Not to mention the Great Depression. I began planning a 3 tier, 20 team each league with various cities across the US, but with a major focus on the North East, where the main teams would've been located in the 1930s. Since the US started to grow south and west, some teams would've been founded in the 50s and 60s.

Then I made my new template. I wanted to test out how it works through concept. Then next thing I know, I'm 11 teams in. Basically all the following teams will have older sounding names. I'm making a point to not use FC, because hypothetically when the teams started they would need to distinguish between soccer and football.This wont effect my World Baseball Cup series at all, because I have most of those concepts done. I just want to show off my new template, which can be downloaded here.

I have a good idea of who I want where and which leagues, but I'd love some (emphasis on some) ideas for teams. So sit back! I would love a football manager mod if anyone wants to give it a try, I would help provide the stadiums and stuff.

American Premier League

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Boston Irish SC

The Boston Irish, like many teams in the early days, were founded by European immigrants who came to America looking for work. The team started playing at Nickerson Field in 1934, the first year of the reorganized American Premier League. Their classic green and white hoops became a iconic in the 60s with the growth of color TV. Oh, and how good Boston was. The Paddys won their first league title in 1964, then repeated the next year. The same group of players would go on to win 4 of 5 US Open Cups starting in 1968. The team also went on to win the treble in 1972 with the US Open, League title, and CONCACAF Champions Cup. Ten years later, the team won back to back titles in 82 and 83. They got approved to build a new 33k seat stadium on the banks of the Charles River near Boston University and Fenway Park after these titles. This was the last time the team won a trophy for some time with the new playoff format being installed in 1984. In 1996, for the first time in league history, the team was relegated to the American League 2 on a last day goal by Milwaukee United, boosting them out of 17th spot on the final day. The stay was short lived, as they won the promotion playoffs in 1997. The team finally broke the 20 year curse in 2007, on the same night the Red Sox won the World Series over the Rockies. Their clash has been yellow and green for the majority of the last 40 years, inspired by a player from Norwich that they brought over.


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When I saw this thread in the Concepts corner of the front page, I was like "looks like someone's doing their own raysox US Soccer 2030 series", so you can imagine my surprise when I saw you were the OP. But it does make sense, with you recently releasing a new template and all.

This should be a cool series in that you should have A LOT of teams representing the various ethnic enclaves from U.S. history. I think you handled that sort of idea pretty well in your other series with the Dayton Dutch Lions and Milwaukee Bavarians, so I'm looking forward to what you come up with here.

I was looking at past U.S. Open Cup champions the other week and that seems like a good place to start for ideas. You already mentioned Bethlehem Steel, but Maccabi Los Angeles is tied with them for most Cup championships (5), and that gives you a team out west.

Honestly, if your leagues were divided up into divisions, you could probably have a whole one dedicated to Brooklyn, let alone New York. I know you won't have divisions though, since this seems like the whole 3 leagues with single tables and promotion & relegation, which just means you'll have to makes some cuts.

For my own personal heritage reasons, I'd love if you made your own version of New York Hungaria. They not only have a Cup championship to their name, but were also the first U.S. team to beat a Mexican team in a confederation cup match in Mexico--the only other team to have done this is FC Dallas in 2011.


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Thanks Sonics! I was considering Maccabi for the 2nd tier LA side. I have 3 New York teams in league 1 and the rest are somewhat spread out. Two of those New York teams spawned from my idea of 11 teams in New York, to match the 11 in London.

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Missa like it.

I'm making a point to not use FC, because hypothetically when the teams started they would need to distinguish between soccer and football.

Even in a case where it stands for Field Club?
*cough cough*
Did someone here mentionned the 1898-1924 Brooklyn F.C.? No? Well, that's just me.

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Chances are, if it's a big US city, I included it. What league they're in is TBD, but every city mentioned above is somewhere in this league.

Hudson United

Hudson United is one of the most successful teams to come out of the early years of League 2. Started after a merger between the New York Soccer Club, and the Bronx Field Club, Hudson began playing in lower tiers in 1949. Splitting time with the Giants at the Polo Grounds, the team established a fan base and stole fans away from the powerful Queens Park. With the formation of League 2 from regional leagues, the Cabbies were promoted to the Premier League in 1957, just in time to fill the hole the Giants left. The team began looking for a new stadium location closer to downtown, and built it when the Polo Grounds were demolished in 1962. Hudson's first trophy came in 1965 when they won the US Open Cup. The core of that team would go on to win the 1969 APL title, and CONCACAF Champions Cup the following season. After another Open Cup and League Title in the early 70s, the team experienced some hardship. In 1984, the team was relegated for the first time in their history. This angered many fans, and they demanded a change in ownership, but all was better when they won League 2 the following year. A streak of big spending helped the team find it's footing in the top tier again. The team won 4 trophies in 3 years from 1993 to 1995, attracting many more big European players to come to the States. The star studded team won back to back titles in 2003 and 2004 with a Open Cup and Champions League to boot. Since then, they're constantly making the playoffs, even if that was their last league title. They're the defending champions of the US Open Cup.

All these trophies were worn in their classic white and purple kits. The clashes were once always orange and black to match the Giants. Once they built their stadium down the Hudson River, they switched to yellow and black to match the taxis of the city, and is still the clash the team wears most years.


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