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Since this hasn't been suggested before...

I would say to also make the front numbers smaller, and to change the font of the numbers and player name. If you don't know a good source of fonts for your concept, look at Conrad's font thread here on the boards. It should be the first thing at the top.

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If it weren't for the word Rockets in your primary logo, I'd have a hard time figuring out that was meant to be a rocket. Looks like a crayon or paintbrush or dare I say phallical-looking stick.

The lines are too thin. The font is so 70s and therefore dated. The brown mustard yellow on the update doesn't seem to mesh well with the red. Why a drop shadow - it simply creates congestion to the legibility of the wordmark. In the secondary, the skyline is too compact that it would lose any kind of visibility on the shorts, and winning another championship with this proposed rebrand would negate the secondary logo immediately. No on the tramp stamp on the shorts.

I like what you're trying to get at with the jerseys and meshing a couple of eras together, but all in all this concept falls too flat, IMO, and comes off rushed.

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A new update, I've realized that maybe the retro font may be too old of a look for today's NBA, so I changed the original font to the font that the Rockets currently use. I've also added a more realistic looking rocket to the primary logo and have added a tertiary logo which is off of the Rockets' current logo. I changed the Gold again and also made some modifications to the secondary.

Here they are.

Primary Logo:


Secondary Logo:


Tertiary Logo:


Home Jersey:


Road Jersey:


Road Alternate:


C & C appreciated.

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Each update has been progressively better - I'd maybe shorten the rocket a little bit or move it to one side a tad, just so its not sticking up that far away from the rest of the logo. But generally I think it looks pretty bad ass. I personally really like the NASA style shuttle, ties in nicely with the Houston mission control thing.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Another update for this concept. Hopefully I've fixed all of the issues with it.

I've shortened the rocket on the primary so that it no longer sticks out as much...


And I have replaced the previous number font with one that more closely resembles what the Rockets currently have.




C & C appreciated.

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