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The Washington...Expos? Senators?


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Well, I might as well be the first. I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with this, since it was one of the first designs I posted here sometime during the spring of 2003. I had to choose the nickname "Nationals" because they'd be playing in the National League and not as associated with losing baseball as the nickname "Senators". Since this was one of my first uniform designs, please be gentle:






I may do a more refined version of this when I get some spare time (which is really at a premium lately), but it's as good a concept to start with as any, I suppose...

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I like all but the Inaugural season patch. It looks too much Texas Rangers.

I agree. It also appears that there are too many pinstrips on the home jersey and the scripts need to be enlarged.

On the other hand, I really like the capitol/baseball primary and secondary logos. If you altered them to resemble the capitol building a bit more it would be a great logo.

I know you probably worked from an actual photo when creating your logo but I figured I'd add one to the post to help others out:


As one of your first concepts it is impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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The pants kinda remind me of the Hackensack Bulls "new" uniforms in the movie Brewster's Millions (although I don't know if anybody else here will get the reference ;))

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