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Useless sports logos trivia


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The LA Kings black and purple uniforms lasted as primaries for three years longer than the black and silver Gretzky era uniforms. The purple and black home uniform lasted as an alternate for an extra two years.


I thought it was interesting that the purple and black era lasted so long for the Kings.

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On 1/27/2016 at 8:37 PM, ConcreteCharlie said:

The Phillies have had their current uniforms...



longer than they wore maroon...



The Phillies have worn their current uniforms longer than any other uniform in their >130-year history.

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders current logo, first used in 1985, is their longest serving logo, surpassing the circle-'S' first used in 1966.


Despite never reaching the Stanley Cup and a few tweaks to the design and color over the years, the current Toronto Maple Leafs logo introduced in 1970 is the longest-serving logo by the club.

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Every time San Diego has hosted the Super Bowl, the AFC was represented by one of the Chargers' division rivals.


Since the 2000 NFL season, only 6 teams have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl: Ravens, Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Colts, Broncos. Of those, the Raiders are the only one with a single appearance in that time frame. By contrast, the NFC had a different champion every season from 2000-06. The streak occurred again from 2007-10. Both streaks began and ended with the Giants.

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I know not everyone reads Uni-Watch Blog on here, so I'm going to quote the large section done on Super Bowl uniform trivia for this season. I apologize for any repeat info.



This is Denver’s 4th trip to the Super Bowl wearing its current uniform design, matching its four trips in the “orange crush” uniforms of the ’70s and ’80s, and the second since the primary color of the home jersey was changed from navy blue to orange. Denver went 0-4 in the “orange crush” uniforms (0-3 in orange, 0-1 in white) and is 2-1 in the current design, one win each in navy and white and one loss in orange.

Carolina, which wore white over white in its only previous Super Bowl appearance, is the second post-merger expansion team (not counting the Ravens, who are treated as an expansion team for historical/statistical purposes) to reach a second Super Bowl. The Panthers are the only post-merger expansion team to reach a Super Bowl, let alone a second, without having thoroughly overhauled its uniform design at least once since its inception. In addition, the Panthers are the only Super Bowl team with UCLA-style “shoulder loops” on their jersey, that have the TV numbers on the shoulder and the logo on the sleeve. (The others –- Colts, Vikings, Bengals and Chargers –- all had numbers on the sleeves when they played in Super Bowls.)

This is the first Super Bowl between two teams whose center helmet striping is “irregular,” — not straight lines or of uniform width from front to back. (This does not count the Seahawks, who have a unique broad pattern decal in the center of their helmets worn against Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII that blends with the shell color and can’t really be called “striping.”) It’s also the first Super Bowl between two teams whose pants striping is irregular in like fashion — not straight lines or of uniform width from hip to cuff.

This will be the second Super Bowl in which both teams’ nicknames/mascots are mammals (not including humans), the other being Colts vs. Bears in Super Bowl XLI. Overall, teams named for mammals are 8-19 in Super Bowls (not counting the 0-4 Buffalo Bills, who wear a mammal on their helmet but are not actually named for that mammal, or the 0-1 San Diego Chargers, whose nickname and secondary-logo history does refer to and include a horse but are primarily associated with lightning or electricity). None of the mammal teams has a winning record and none will after this game; the Broncos are 2-5 and the Panthers are 0-1.

This is the 15th Super Bowl in which neither team’s primary home jersey color is blue, and of those, the first in which both teams use blue as a trim color (and the second in which either team uses blue as a trim color).

This is the 12th Super Bowl -– and the third in a row, second time that’s happened –- in which neither team’s helmet logo/decal contains any letter(s) of the alphabet. It’s also the 13th Super Bowl — and the third in a row for the first time — in which both teams’ left- and right-side helmet decals are mirror images of each other (counting the Seahawks and Chiefs; the Bengals and Ravens would also count but were not involved in any such games).

This is the 14th Super Bowl matching one team whose jerseys have generic varsity or block numerals against one with a custom numeral font (the Patriots’ current design is counted in the latter category). Teams with custom numeral fonts are 7-6 in these games. Note: Of the first 30 Super Bowls, only one involved a custom numeral font: Super Bowl XX between the Bears and Patriots. Only two of the last 19 Super Bowls -– XXXVII (Bucs/Raiders) and XLIV (Saints/Colts) -– have not involved a custom font.

This is the 25th Super Bowl between a team with a “metallic” helmet shell finish and one with a non-metallic helmet shell. Teams with metallic helmets are 16-8 in these games, including the Broncos’ loss to the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVII.

Can Newton will be the first quarterback to wear No. 1 in the Super Bowl, and it will be, obviously, the lowest number worn by a Super Bowl quarterback .The numerical disparity of 17 between Peyton Manning’s No. 18 and Newton’s No. 1 represents a new record for the largest disparity between the two starting quaterbacks’ uniform numbers in a Super Bowl. The previous record was 15, set two years ago in Super Bowl XLVIII (Manning’s 18 and Russell Wilson’s 3). Manning is the only Super Bowl QB to have worn No. 18, which is the second-highest quarterback number after Johnny Unitas’s 19.

-Jay Braiman featured on www.uni-watch.com specifically http://www.uni-watch.com/2016/01/25/monday-morning-uni-watch-168/


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Speaking of the Panthers, their first Super Bowl appearance (against the Patriots) was the first time that both conference champions were named for regions, and not cities. Other combinations are possible, but haven't happened yet: Patriots-Cardinals, Patriots-Bucs, Titans-Cardinals, Titans-Bucs, Titans-Panthers.


Because the Giants and Jets technically play in New Jersey, the first Super Bowl to ever feature two teams from the same state didn't happen until 1995, when the 49ers played the Chargers. As of 2016, no closer relationship has happened yet, since the Giants and Jets have never met in the Super Bowl, while the Rams and Raiders never met when based in LA. If the Chargers move to LA, there is a potential for an all-LA Super Bowl.


But in other sports, it's happened. While MLB has produced many all-New York World Series, you may have forgotten we had an all-St. Louis World Series in 1944, when the Cardinals played the Browns. (In fact, every game was played at the same stadium, too!) There has never been an all-Boston World Series, but it almost happened in 1914, when the A's beat out the Red Sox in the final standings. Likewise, the 2009 season had the Dodgers and Angels within one series win of meeting each other in the World Series. Philadelphia also used to have two teams, but there was never any serious prospects of an all-Philly World Series. Neither the NHL nor NBA can produce Finals featuring one city. The former has no two-team cities, and the latter aligns their conferences on East/West geography.


Getting back to football for a second, the Super Bowl is obviously held at a neutral site. Usually, that site features a NFL team on a regular basis. So far, no team has ever made the Super Bowl as the literal "home team." But there were two close calls: the 1979 Rams played in the Super Bowl when it was hosted at the Rose Bowl, not far from the Coliseum where they played (they would move to Anaheim the following season). The 49ers played at Stanford for Super Bowl 19, not far from Candlestick. Several times, the team that plays at the host site has made the playoffs in the same season, most recently when the Cardinals made the 2014 playoffs.


And one more Super Bowl fact: Cleveland is the only city that has neither hosted the Super Bowl nor sent its team to the Super Bowl. The other teams that have never appeared in the Super Bowl (Jaguars, Texans, Lions) have all hosted (or will host) the Super Bowl at least once.

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Every Anaheim Ducks uniform since 1993 has used silver as an accent colour.


For the Mighty Ducks, it was in the striping and some detailing on the primary logo, or on dark uniforms, the triangle itself. For the Anaheim Ducks, it's used as an outline colour on basically all of their logos, except for the third jersey duck mask crest which again makes use of silver for detailing.

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