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High School Re-Brand | AWHS Bishops (Looking for criticism)


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So a local high school of mine has been really trying to get away from this old logo and I decided to try an remake it, after all they mistakenly put it on their football field so they can't wipe it away forever.

There's something off about my design that I can't quite put my finger on so that's why I'm looking for to C&C before I move onto working on jerseys and other branding.




This was pretty difficult to do, especially the little staff which was nearly impossible.

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Even if you want to leave one half completely shadowed, you could contour it around the nose and other features just to make the geometry a little less rough. I really like the overall design though, well done!

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I've been experimenting with many different styles and ways of improving the design including making it a full-face and lots of other elements. But, I decided I didn't want to go too far away from the original logo so I updated the nose, mouth and added an eye to the left side to match the original. I have also made a few soccer jerseys and a secondary logo which is an update of their current primary.


In my opinion, the nose makes him look like a scarecrow but it looks even weirder without it. 






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