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What NHL Logos Do You Want Brought Back?


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BOSTON BRUINS- This is a sweet logo. Very modern, even today. And the best part of it is: it was made eighty years ago. Can't beat that, can you? Also, the Bruins need to drop the spoked "B" and the wimpy Pooh Bear logo and go with this classic. I'm not saying they should go back to the uniforms of 1924, I'm saying that they should incorporate this logo onto their current uniforms. Either that or use the X-line logo.


DETROIT RED WINGS- This is a classic logo and it would go perfect with the ever traditional uniforms the Red Wings have, maybe as a secondary.


NEW YORK ISLANDERS- In terms of logos and uniforms, I'm a progressivist. I don't believe in using logos and uniforms from the past unless that's all the team has ever had. This was a good change of pace for the Islanders and it would still fit in with today's crowd. Maybe have an alternate with the lighthouse.


SAINT LOUIS BLUES- This defines the team name better than the note. Plus, it's more modern than the note. Maybe the note could be used as a secondary.


PITTSBURGH PENGUINS- The skating penguin is dated, the gloves aren't even detailed. This is perfect, even for today. Either this or the X-line logo. Your choice.


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How about none of them!


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With the exception of the Penguins logo, I've got to strongly disagree with all of them. I'm not sure how you can call the old Bruins logo "very modern"... That comment sorta makes me question your mental health, as does the thought of getting rid of the St. Louis note. :P

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Yikes, I don't care for any of those. The Detroit and St. Louis logos would be replacing classic and simple designs, known by everyone. The Islanders logo is too cartoony for a professional league, maybe it would work as an AHL logo. I've personally never liked the "Pigeon Penguin".

If we're to bring back old logos, I'd bring back the old Sabres logo, the silver & black Kings crest, and anything to replace the Corporate Orca in Vancouver.

And of course, the Jets, Whalers, and Nordiques. :(

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There is no such thing as a "progressiveist", the proper word is a progressive.

Anyway, I"m with the nill crowd, though I do like the St. Louis Horn logo. Maybe the red can be replaced by the other blue to go with it better?

My own options would be to bring back the old Sabres logo, and the Grey/black Kings.

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I always did like the horn logo as a secondary, and a recoloured version would work well with their identity now. The problem is, I don't think the current jersey set (the best in the NHL) really accepts shoulder patches well. So, it's best left out.


Otherwise, this retro kick bores me. The spiked-B is classic, and has been used for many more years than that atrocity. The winged wheel is doubly a classic. The fisherman? The hummingbird? Off your rocker, I say.

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About moving the 'Canes back to Hartford and bringing back teh Whale Tail... Classic Logo..... Sorry I am stretching the topic a bit.

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If the Isles bring back the fisherman there will be riot. I don't thing Isles fan like fishsticks and I don't think they want Stan Fischler on thier uniforms again.

I think none of them, I'm tires of this retro stuff. The occasional retro game is ok as long as it is not from the 70's (horrible unis). But this retro for retro sake had got to stuff.

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I said the Detroit logo was a secondary.

Actually that wasn't a seconday. That was the logo of the detroit cougars, who later became the Red Wings. The only logo the Wings have had since being named the Red Wings is the Winged Wheel.

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Like Wurldwyde said, bring back the Kings' "Chevrolet bow-tie" logo. I love the current crown and shield designs, but I really loved the simplicity of the bow-tie. Maybe my boys could wear the shield on their home blacks (or use the forum blue alts as the home uni), the crown on their road whites, and stick the Chevy logo on an updated jersey pattern as an alternate?

Naw, probably not. Maybe, just maybe, I should try my hand at designing my own and putting it up here. We'll see about that...

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The Seals!--the one with the seal holding the stick--(okay they're not in the league anymmore--maybe morph it into a shark and have San Jose use it!

As for the fisherman--NO--it's awful--too fish stick like...

The Bruins should stay with the spoked "B"--but could use the logo above as their alternate--I use it palying EA's NHL...

The Canucks should go back to the rink/stick/letter C

The Blues should stay with the note--it's been their only primary--and it's stood up for 37 years--longer than most of you have been alive...

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I've read numerous posts on this board that refer to the "x-line" logos. What exactly is the "x-line"?

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Not a logo change, but I'd like to see the Devils bring back the green.

Also, perhaps a modernized version of the old Sabers logo.

As for the choices you posted, none of them really. All the currents are better, in my opinion.

(I also miss the North Stars, Jets, Nords and Whalers logos, but I guess that is not really applicable).

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



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