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My univeling of my newest project....


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Hey Guys, This is my newest Project. After my concept for De La Salle, I figured I would do more high schools. I did a bunch of the "Top" High school football teams and some not.

So well heres some of my project thanks, Nitroseed for his Michigan Panthers logo and for letting me use the NitroCow Wolverines logo collaboration. Steve-o for letting me use is Trojans logo and his Skyhawks logo. LogoFan for his Portsmouth Spartans logo (hopefully he let me use it, he never answered me.)

BigStick.ca for me re-drawing thier eagles logo cuz im lazy. Paynomind and GMS for the template they gave to me. Some of the schools I picked cuz they were either in the top rankings or part of my life.

Schools like: De La Salle, Bellevue, Edgewater, Independence, and Southlake Carroll are in the top rankings. Schools like St. Louis and Mission Viejo are just cuz there is some players on those teams that I like.

Putnam City North and Firelands are high schools that I attended. Most of the players that are the "models" are on the team, but some are famous alumni that went to those schools. The Putnam City North player is #16 Sam Bradford, but I chose to keep his last name off due to style of jersey.

Anyways Please Comment as you wish, and I hope you enjoy!

(also I only did the home jerseys cuz the Away are usually the same, just lighter colored)

Bellevue Wolverines (#24 J.R Hasty) (Bellevue, Washington)

Bellevue Wolverines

De La Salle Spartans (#5? Kevin Lopina) (Concord, California)

De La Salle

Edgewater Fighting Eagles (#2 Michael Dunn) (Orlando, Florida)

Edgewater High School

Firelands Falcons (#76 Eric McKinney) (Oberlin, Ohio)

Firelands High

Independence Patriots (#12 Chris Leak) (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Independence High

Kahuku Red Raiders (#11 Spencer Hafoka) (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Kahuku High

Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits (#1 DeShaun Jackson) (Long Beach, California)

Long Beach Poly

Mission Viejo Diablos (#6 Marc Sanchez) (Mission Viejo, California)

Mission Viejo

Putnam City North Panthers (#16 Sam Bradford) (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Putnam City North

Southlake Carroll Dragons (#4 Chase Daniel) (Southlake, Texas)

Southlake Carroll

St. Ignatius Wildcats (#23 ???? Lee) (Cleveland, Ohio)

St. Ignatius

St.Louis Crusaders (#14 Timmy Chang) (Honolulu, Hawaii)

St. Louis

Tulsa Union Redskins (#7 Mackenzei Adams) (Tulsa, OK)

Tulsa Union


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im from just outside cleveland (avon lake) and while i hate st. ignatius with a passion, i dont quite agree with the concept seen here, but thats just me. :P i agree they need something new, but i dont think this is it. great collection though. you have a very definitive style and a good quality of work.

I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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If you do Philly's Paul VI uniforms, can you do my St. Augustine Hermits? Our colors are navy, Columbia blue, and white. You can put my number (#60) on the back, but I'd ask that you do them nameless.

Note: St. Augustine also goes by "the Prep".


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I haven't done this in a while, so I'll give it a go.

Cow, you've tackled quite a task here, so I'll give you props for that. Overall, I would say that these are good. Not bad, not great, but good. I like the fact that you're trying some new takes on jersey concepts, as we typically see a lot of the same thing over and over around here. Many of these seem very Nike-esque, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

However, that said, I will say that these have a rushed feel to them. They all exhibit a very creative strain that is very apparent, but they don't look like they were executed to their fullest. My first suggestion would be to go back and take a little more time to smooth these out and fine tune them. Some of these are on the verge of excellence if you dance with them a bit.

The other concern I have, and maybe this is just something I've picked up from doing detailed jersey seam drawings lately, is that a lot of these wouldn't translate well into real life. For instance... St. Ignatius. The piping is an interesting element when you're working on a flat template. But, think deeper. How would that piping translate to a real jersey? Would it look completely arbitrary or would it conform to some natural seam line? These are just some things to consider when you're making your jersey designs.

Overall, you're done some nice work here, but I'd encourage you to push it further. Go back and look at each one, give it the time it deserves and ask yourself how you could tighten it up and clean it up. Don't rush it; just let it come to you naturally.

Good work, bro.

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