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Nba uniforms project


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I've created this post, for my new adventure: THE NBA UNIFORM PROJECT. its going to be a lot like NHLUNIFORMS.com and canis' history in NFL uniforms in the sense of trying to get the complete history of jerseys worn in the NBA not ABA, not CBA, and definately not WNBA :;): , in this i will need you help to answer any questions that may come up, like the years a particular jersey was worn. right now the project is in its very very early stages, just 2 uniforms complete. (links below)

Atlanta Hawks 2000-present

Atlanta Hawks 1995-2000

Atlanta Hawks 1994-1995

Atlanta Hawks 19??-1992

Boston Celtics 1998-present

Boston Celtics 1991-1998

Boston Celtics 19??-1991

Chicago Bulls 2001-present

Chicago Bulls 1999-2001

Chicago Bulls 1995-1999

Chicago Bulls 1989?-1995

Chicago Bulls 1976?-1989?

Cleveland Cavaliers 2003-present?

Cleveland Cavaliers 1998?-2002

Cleveland Cavaliers 1996?-1998?

Cleveland Cavaliers 1994-1996?

Dallas Mavericks 2003-present

Los Angeles Lakers 1961?-1965?

Los Angeles Lakers 1966?-1978?

Los Angeles Lakers 1979?-1998

Los Angeles Lakers 1999-2001

Los Angeles Lakers 2002-present

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I'll try to help as much as I can, since I'm such an NBA junkie.

I store the color changes in my database, but not actual uniform changes (that needs to change).  However, I've got lots and lots of reference material on the NBA, so I'll help you nail it down.  sNOwcAp30's pretty much right; I'll get the exact season.

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Hawks unveiled their new uniforms in 1999-2000 when they moved into Phillips Arena.

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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........since I'm such an NBA junkie.

you know they have meetings for that sort of thing :;):


GMS - I can't stand the anything NBA, and I'm following this, so it must be good, not like SHB's crap  :D  [im just kiddin for those people without senses of humor]

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I have a nitpick for the Wilkins-era unis with the swoosh on the front. I have a basketball card here from 1989, and it doesn't look like the "Hawks" is outlined in yellow, and with another minor nitpick, the K used on the front is lowercase, it looks like you used a capital K in a smaller font on the front of yours. Hope this helps! :D


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As big a basketball fan I am, I don't know much about uniform history prior to the about '94. Sorry 'bout that, you know how much I'd love to tear your designs to shreds!  :D

Looking great so far, GMS.

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i see that 'minor adjustment'...and i'm glad that jordan guy came along and started wearing long shorts :D


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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