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Name the philly afl team


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Hey guys.

Arena Football has given a franchise to Philadelphia which I believe should begin play next season.

Anyway, there is a thread on the Arena Football Message Boards about "Name The Philadelphia Team".

And a few things:

1) I made my post. (I thouht Rebels, Blasters, & Maniacs)

2) Many others have made their posts, with Hawks being the most offered name.

3) Some idiot keeps acting like an ass and saying this thread is over, and he won't just give up.

So, what do you guys think?

I like Rebels way more than the other three I thought up.

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I always liked the name Colonials for a football team.  I'd use a blue helmet with a red center stripe bordered on each side with a white stripe and use the circle of 13 stars from the "Betsy Ross" flag as the side decal.  However, I don't know if a blue, red and white color scheme would be very popular in the land of Giant haters.
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Yes, mom.  :P

It can't be monosyllabic, just doesn't sound right with a long city name like Philadelphia.

I'm not coming up with good ideas, though.

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I'm hesitant about posting this, as it's the only really good name I think I've ever come up with.  I thought of this, oh, five years ago, and I even drew up a logo.  If I have time, I'll try to recreate it later and post it.

Philadelphia Independence

Yeah, it's a non-plural nickname, but it sounds plural -- like Independents.

I dunno...  What do you think, sirs?


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Buffalo already captured the naval theme with Destroyers, so I don't know if the Philly team would consider going that route, however if they do I would recommend the nickname Ironsides.  Color suggestions would be battleship gray, black and white.  I would go with a battleship gray helmet and instead of a logo decal I would put the jersey numbers on the sides of the helmet using the same font and shadowing that the Navy uses on their battleships.
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how about Philadelphia Bells :D

Eh, I dunno. Too close to the old WFL team's name. I'd go with Philadelphia Generals, or you could navalise it and have Admirals. I'm not too high on AFL team names, so I don't know if these are already taken or not...

Kinda off the wall, but if they really want to go the naval route, Philadelphia Frigates might work. There's something weird about it though.


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