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I became interested in basketball at the age of 9 back in 1996, and i loved the Detroit Pistons' teal horse logo. (The one that they used up until 2001.) I loved the reddish alternates they had as well, one of the first uniforms i fell in love with.

You were NINE in 1996? Good gosh...I'm old.

Me - I thought the Portland Trail Blazers' logo was really cool (this was around 1971 or so). Plus, I liked Red and Black together (I was already a football Cardinals' fan), so they became my NBA team. The Pacers were already my ABA team, and once the merger happened for the 1976-1977 season, the Pacers slowly became my number one team, and supplanted the Blazers forever.

But not after enjoying that NBA Championship by the Blazers in 76-77. I still remember that one very clearly...one of the best examples of extreme teamwork ever.

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In '94 I think I saw the Quebec Nordiques logo (I was born in 1987, do the math) and I fell inlove with it. I then lost interest in hockey, and fell inlove with it again in 2001. The Nords logo is now one of my favorite logos ever. :)


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can't pinpoint it but i recall the lime green Orlando Thunder jersey as the first one i can really say i fell for :D oddly enough, i was around 8 or 9 (1992) :hockeysmiley:

then the Pats came out with the flying elvis, and i was more or less hooked. B)


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Sadly enough, my first interest came with the old Charlotte Hornets logo - hey, to my own credit, at least I liked them before they added and starting overdoing gold...


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When i was a kid. My father did a run into Canada (My Pops is a trucker), and he brought back for me the 1988-89 NHL Guide and Record Book. It had Mario on the cover, and it had the Gretzky trade on the cover.

It was my first real up-close look at team logos, (there was a local TV channel that used to do computerized updates, and they had these nintendo-lookin' logos they used to put up, was also kinda cool, but i digress) and i loved it.

That was when my love affair with Logos began.

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I can't remember when mine began. I know I always used to draw sports pictures, and making the logos on the helmet or baseball cap was something I was really into doing. And I collected sports cards as a kid, and thought it was really cool when Topps started putting the teams' logos in color on the front of the cards.

One strong memory I have was back when I was about 12 or 13 (1984/85), I remember reading a copy of Inside Sports. In this one issue was an ad that showed every NHL road jersey. I drew my own quick versions on a sheet of notebook paper, with lines pointing to the specific colors. Later on I redrew the logos and colored them based on the chart I made.

Since we didn't have cable TV at my house, this was the only chance I had to see all the team jerseys, because a lot of the hockey card photos were either close-ups, or all taken at home, so I only got to see the home jerseys.

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I never was one for logos or uniforms until 1993. I watched hockey regularly in my youth, but the first jersey I ever really wanted to own was the white Mighty Ducks jersey. I was ten when it came out and when I first saw it, I was in love! I got it for Christmas that year and wore it nonstop for the ten straight days. For then on, I began my love affair with hockey jerseys. Logos are a smaller entity, which is why you don't see me doing much logo editing.

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