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Atlanta Braves Redesign Concept


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say how you really feel greg, dont hurt my feelings like that please:

GStra**11*2 (11:22:30 PM): seriously though, its nice :censored:, the only thing weird to me is that it in the primary that it is giving off more a a shield vibe than an arrow which (i think) you were going for

hahah thanks man...yea i was going for an arrowhead

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Nicely presented, but I just to feel it saying baseball to me. Looks more like baseball stripping & letting...

I am not sure why it seems that way but it just does. Then again I like more tradional looks.

I do like the idea of the arrow versus what they carry now. Maybe use the old feather idea they had in the 70's versus an arrow. That might tie it together better.

just my thoughts...

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kept almost the same colors, added some for depth, and the big version of the cap logo is sort of messed up, i need to fix it. but here it is:


::sheds a tear:: You bring honor to the Braves n city of Atlanta. Well done.



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all of these MLB redesign concepts would make kick ass batting pracitce jerseys. as for primarys, well, im more of a traditionalist


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I like it, a lot.

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I know you're goin totally radical with it, and I like 99% of your work, but for the love of Rockin' Leo..no.

This design looks too much like a certain Kansas City football team for my liking.

Atlanta has really new, dynamic designs (Hawks [sorta], Falcons, Thrashers)..but c'mon..leave my Braves alone.

A guy I'm freinds with (he just graduated from high school last year) got picked up by the Bravos (E. Campbell)..and I could never see him wearing these.

The Jerseys are not bad, it's the logo that hurts them. The Wordmark, font too small for me. The Cap; not bad, I just like the more traditional A. Finally, the alternate: Turn the arrowhead upside down, bend it it more..and that'll make a spiffy A..the letter inside it kinda ruins the idea of it..not to mention that the arrowhead looks a lot like a bent up football.


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once again i love the work.

i hate traditional looking jerseys, i find them boring.

nothing wrong with progressiveness.

what the braves wear is boring, not that i follow them because i could care less about baseball period. but i love the design of the jersey. the braves are in serious need of a change.

stick to your guns and stray away from old, traditional and boring. even when it comes to the yanks and the colored sox.


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I like the concept, though I think they are too modern looking for the Atlanta Braves.

I, for one, like the tomahawk under the names. It could be interpreted as either a tomahawk or an fancy underline. Either way, it looks pretty slick.

I don't think I would have gotten that it was an arrowhead in the logos (except the cap logo) had you not said something. Looks a lot like a shield.

The A on the cap looks like an R (especially when it is smaller). Maybe giving the A a little more of a point would help.

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I like those, although I think I'd like them more if they had silver trim instead of that gold color.

I suppose the current Braves unis are a bit of a sacred cow, but I don't care for them all that much. Never have (although it could partially be because I don't like the Braves themselves). But I liked the ones in the 80s that had a lot more blue and less red.

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