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Thanks to Against All Odds for the Logo

Hey guys here we go again. Let the trilogy begin. This time I have decided to do a baseball theme. So I named it LILG'S MINOR LEAGUE CHALLENGE III: Baseball Armegeddon. Rules are simple, I give you a 13 teams and you get to pick which one you want to makeover. At the bottom I will give you these thirteen baseball clubs. Remember you must make a complete makeover. You can make it traditional if you like, but at least make it over some how Rules are:


Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Home Uniform

Away Uniform


Teritary Logo

Alternate Uniform

The Deadline to have these in are February 11, 2005 at 12 noon Eastern.

Here are the baseball clubs you will be working with


Toledo Mudhens

Columbus Clippers

Oklahoma Redhawks

Phoenix Firebirds

Portland Sea Dogs

Trenton Thunder

Erie Sea Wolves

Chattanooga Lookouts

Huntsville Stars

Bakersfield Blaze

Fresno Grizzlies- Cant find the new ones so if anyone has it please send it by

Potomac Cannons

Winston-Salem Wart Hogs

Well gang there you go, hope you have fun with this, and remember one thing: IF YOU DO POST YOUR CONCEPTS OUTSIDE THIS CHALLENGE YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED

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I'm not taking this project, but I am making this simple request: Somebody, please do a haulover of the Huntsville Stars. As you can tell, that logo is just so dorky and old.

that's the team i'm considering going after :)

my mom is from alabama (actually born in troy, and went to troy state...), and i lived in alabama for a few years as a little kid.... and since i'm already obsessed with a sports team named "stars" it seems the obvious choice for me :)

that is, if i can get anything worth submitting down on paper.

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hey lilg sorry about that logo the colors got kinda light and its a little hard to distinguish the baseball from the outlines...but yea im throwing down on the seawolves most likely.

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