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Tampa bay lightning concept project


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OK, here's what I propose.

For all the Redwings baseball jersey crossover threads and fantasy league logos showcased on this board, the feedback is mainly debate and the contests promote more competition than cooperation.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.  That is precisely what the internet is all about and I mean no offense to people who only want to come here for fun and get comments on their work.  Mad props.

But, I think there is enough talent on this board to get some serious recognition if we combined forces.  I propose that we, like a lion stalking a heard of zebra, pick off one of the weak ones.  We choose a major league level team where the timing is right, the organization is in an upswing, and the identity is commonly understood to be weak or at least less than it's potential.  

I think we should endeavor to offer the Tampa Bay Lightning an all new logo set and uniform design(s).

There would be a lot involved in this I know, and if anyone wants no part of it I suppose I would understand(?)

It would have to go in phases...a timeframe in which we pick

1) a color set (or any modifications to their current one)

2) logos workmarks

3) uniforms using the preselected winners.

Obviously, if it were to be done right, there would need to be more collaberation than usual.  Somebody puts up a solid logo idea, but its a BMP and kinda crap...then two other Illustrators step up and recreate it for him.

Lets say our colors are picked....and there are two weeks of open submitting for primary/secondary/workmark sets.  After that time period everyone votes in one of the polls here for their favorite.

The top three move on , ONLY now every artist works off of those three winners....in theory getting the best concepts, lined up with the best opportunity for professional creation quality.

THe same for the jersey designs.

I think it would not be out of line to have two or three completely separate pitches ( avenues for them to choose from) all within our proposal.  

When it's all done...some of our slickest graphics people put the snazz on everything and we send it to them.

THe catch is, it'd have to be for nothing.  THis, if it even happened, would be the result of like 50 people's work and no real ownership could be assigned.  Anyone who wanted to participate would have to waive their individual rights to their artwork beforehand.

That's the only way that it would have a prayer.  Most teams are scared to death of an individual fan lawsuit due to a sketch on a napkin.  There is no way a team would open itself up to a class action suit , so the concepts would have to be totally donated and risk free.

I don't know.  I hope there is some level of enthusiasm for this out there.  I would try myself, and if I get no response I might....but we got our resident color guru, some wicked jersey guys, and some new blood in the illustration department and some vets who know a thing or two about finished product.  Add to that the collective knowledge base of everyone involved and I feel good about it.

Also, keep in mind that our whole approach would have to be slightly more intricate than usual..for instance, we shoudn't be using junk fonts, or templates from existing teams, or parts of anyone else's logos.  It would be on us all to help each other weed out the proprietary stuff, and up to the Adobe guys to provide some original numbers/letters to use.

There is every reason to laugh at this or dismiss it as futile.  But I don't think so.

OK, well, I'm crossin' my fingers here.  I'll give it 'til Friday and see what the interest level is and then see if we need to start taking submissions on official color sets.  If not, I'll uh.......probably cower in embarassment and return to a life of mostly reading and not posting.

just kidding.

Hey, I'm a nobody and the Moose picked my idea.  I think these 40 nobodys could make some noise.

The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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I sort of assumed that had "gotten out" a few weeks ago.  In my profile I'm Dave Mann and I assumed people migh've know my handle was Sterling84.  I told Pantone more than a month ago he could let everyone know that someone had won...and then another user asked who did that concept and blah blah.

The concept is under my name on the SSUR page but I say that with the disclaimer that the final is CONSIDERABLY different.  

We'll have lots more time to talk about that once the Moose do whatever it is teams do and start selling them this summer or next fall or whatever.  

Not to be rude, I appreciate the inquiry...but I'd hate for this thread to spin off topic....if you have any more questions can we steer this to the Moose thread?

Thank you.

The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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Sounds like fun! I've hated the Lightning's logo and unis ever since they debuted. (Anyone that uses Brush Script on their jerseys deserves a boot to the head.) Personally, money isn't an issue so working for free is fine with me. Not to sound cynical, but I doubt that they would use it even if we sent it to them. But hey, if you never try, you never know! Let's do it! When do we start?
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Okay, here's my first idea that I threw together this morning:


I'll try to work on some unis and the wordmark later today if I get a chance. What do you guys think so far? This version is a little darker than the original colors I used. I thought about using yellow instead of silver, but too many teams already have navy, yellow and white as colors (Blues, Predators). Any feedback is welcome! I'm really looking forward to this project!

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i did a lightning concept a while back, and i'd be intrigued to see if they'd be interested in being the first NHL team with sleeveless jerseys :;):  hey nitroseed, mind if i borrow your logo for a sec?


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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notoriousap, i know you are anxious, but lets keep this thread on-topic instead of promoting your want for logos for the rest of the MLF, which doesnt start until September.

Anyways, i think this is a great idea, i'd certainly be willing to throw in some uni/logo designs when i find some time  :D  I also doubt that these will be recognized, but like nitro said "if you never try, you never know!"

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I think this is a great idea. For all you guys with illustrator, I made a vector template which I will be giving to Pantone to post on the ssur. I figure it should make things a little easier. I'll send it over to him just as soon as I get a chance to use my home computer. I don't have access to my illustrator stuff at work. As far as joining this project, I am all for it.

Nitroseed, that logo is great. My only question is, do you think that maybe you could incorporate some of their light blue in the logo? Maybe it wouldn't look good, but the best method is trial and error.

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Okay, I adjusted my concept a little. I added the TB Hawaiian Blue instead of dark navy, and I also angled it a bit for some extra visual interest. I tried flipping it around as Mockba suggested, and I've posted both so you can judge for yourself which you think is stronger. Here they are:

Version A and Version B (Mockba's flipped idea)

Let me know if you think of ways I can improve on this!

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I have some Lightning jerseys on my site that people seemed to like. The colors can be changed and new logos placed in, but I think the design is solid.

design 1

design 2


Nitroseed's logo is good, but I just want to say a few things.

  First, I agree with Yzerfan that it does look like a speech bubble.  Good logo, kindof wierd shaping.

  Second, I like the colors Nitroseed used, but think another color should be added, if not to the logo, then the overall pallette.  My suggestion would be a medium blue or a medium/light non-blue shade(see below).  

  Third,  The main color of that logo is dark blue.  We'd probably make the road(okay, home) jersey dark blue, so it wouldn't show up too well.  But we can't make it white, because then it wouldn't show up on the white jersey.  I guess you could have two versions of the same crest to use on the two different jerseys, but I never thought that looked as nice.  Therefore, maybe a medium/light non-blue shade(the medium blue would be too close to the dark to see on the colored jersey) to use as a backround.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking we should avoid yellow.

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I *really* like the logo on that third concept. Would you mind if i cleaned it up a little and tried some things with it?

Also, about the dark blue color, check above and look at the two updated ones. I made it the Hawaii Blue they currently use. Good suggestions, though. :) I do agree, it looks a bit like a speech bubble. I'll work on the shaping of it.

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