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Iron crossover!


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Wa takshino key yoku gatashka naraba (if memory serves me correctly).....if one takes an existing sports team's identity and applies it to a uniform for a sport other then the sport that particular team plays, it is known as a "cross-over"

Welcome to "Iron Crossover"! this is a challenge thread in which I will issue a challenge to all the willing designers of this board to create a crossover concept for a randomly selected team in the "Big Four" (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) and a randomly selected sport for which that team is to be crossed over to. before we move forward though, here are the guidelines, so to speak:

Every set must include a home/away uniform or dark/light uniform. alternate jerseys (and in the case of baseball concepts, hats) are optional and only one alternate may be included.

home/away or dark/light uniforms are to be made using only the selected team's current identity (colors, uniforms, city and name), and any use of an older logo for that team must be used in conjuction with and as a secondary logo to the team's current primary logo.

the alternate jersey will be allowed for more flexibility, and if the designer chooses may create it as a herritage uniform for the team that is chosen.

(example: a seattle mariners hockey uniform must utilize the current logo and the navy/northwest green/silver on the home and away, however the alternate may use the old trident logo with blue and yellow if the designer so chooses)

I have placed all but one team from the big four into a hat and I will draw the team for the first challenge, (the one team is the charlotte bobcats, simply because while they have a colors scheme, name, and logos, they have no uniform yet. It would be best to wait until thier uniform is unveiled before including them)

after that team is chosen, I will remove the sport that team currently plays from the sport draw hat and draw which sport it will be crossed over to

(example: if I draw the san francisco 49ers, all tags saying "football" will be removed from the sport draw hat, assuring that the sport the 49ers will be crossed over to will of course, not be football)

so now jersey designers of CCSLP, show us your crossover skills!..........*bites yellow bell pepper*

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Crap. I was going to edit that but somehow I forgot. I need to fix something on the helmet and the NFL shield on the pants too.

EDIT- My Reds jerseys are updated.

Pessimist- It's not a very good football.

Optimist- It's not a baseball.  :D

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sorry guys, I should have made that clear

yes, please post them here. I dont have enough room on tripod or angelfire to have you guys send them all to me

in fact, Im gonna work on one myself but it wont be part of the judging (Im the chairman after all  :D ). Kinda will give me a start on the MLB football x-over project Im about to start

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mine is not complete yet, but i figured i'll give yall a sneak description.  the primary will be the only one that's entirely red, and instead of making mr. red's head a football, i have him carrying a football and wearing the solid red jersey.  also, i have decided to give the road, alternate and pants pinstripes...i will use black but only as much as necessary(just trim and shadow)...there's ya mental visual til tomorrow :cool:
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Here's mine.  I haven't looked at anyone else's yet, so if it's similar to someone's it's not intentional.

Cincinnati Reds Cross-Over

Yes, I know it's quite blurry.  It makes things look less pixelated in my mind.  However, if the consensus is that the blurriness takes away from it, I'll post the original (much clearer) version.

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