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Whos got the best unis in sport?


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I have nothing against polls but they are getting to be a bit of an obsession on the board at the moment, so I thought we should have a general thread were you get to say whatever you want about which Unis you think look great and why!

I'll start, and say I think that in the NBA the updates the Lakers and Pistons for instance have done on there traditional unis look great! Thats how to do modern without ruining a great look and a great tradition!

For similar reasons I like the NY Jets look right now! Keeping to traditional ideas but not making it look stuck in the 60s!

In Baseball, I don't think enough of the Unis give there teams a clear identity. A lot of teams at the moment seem to be messing about with the colours but staying very much within the stylings of a traditional baseball uni! I'd like to see a few more teams try and be abit more imaginative and come up with what could be a different but lasting look! The Yankees didn't always were pinstripes after all! That is one of the reasons I dont mind vests too much! At least they add somerthing a bit different!

I dont really follow hockey, but from what I have seen I do like the NJ Devils look, and the Wild seem to look quite good! (One of the better recent expansion unis!) Also I like the old teams who have kept a fairly tradtional look, like the Canadiens and Maple Leafs.


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Well, off the top of my head (starts at the brain then through the skull) I like the Wild, any of the Original Six in hockey. I chose the Wild because I love the colours and it's the only unifrom that I have. I chose any original six (execpt the Bruins 3rd) because of the simplicity and history behind it.

I like the Red Sox, Yankeers, Cardinals, Giants in baseball because of simplicity and tradition.

I'm also a fan soccer and Aussie Rules uniforms as well.

I don't care much about basketball or NFL uniforms in general.  I'll add more later.....

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I like these becasue they are clean, sharp, and don't have annoying logos or off colors.

I have to agree with quadival on the Original Six. They just have that classic look to them. However, I will say that although I am not oppposed to the Wild logo, I can't stand their name. I think making a mascot an adjective is stupid. There are plenty of good animals and nouns out in the world.

Florida Panthers Away and 3rd (3rd offers the best logo with the panther breaking a stick)

Starting with the 91 Minnesota North Stars and carrying on until the 98 Dallas Stars, their away jersey. I really dislike the new star design on the jerseys. But the old black were great.

All Philadelphia Flyers when they added the black line to seperate the shoulder colors from the chest.

2000 & 2001 All Star game jerseys. I like the player jerseys more than the goalies.

I only really know hockey so I cannot comment on other sports, except maybe for a few NBA teams: Spurs, Bulls, the old Miami Heat with the flamming ball (but I dislike the adjective name), and the Lakers.

Im sure that there are other hockey one's that I like, but these are my favorites.

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Here's my current faves:

Football: Gotta go with the Blue Bombers.  Yes, it's CFL, but it's major league and pro.  Navy and Gold is an underused combo in sports (what most teams call 'Gold' is really yellow).  Hell, the London Monarchs in the old WLAF ripped off the Bomber unies, adding just a little red to the mix to keep things different.

Baseball: Chicago Cubs.

Basketball: Hating basketball, I just don't care.  If pressed to make a choice, I'll go with the Bulls.

Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks.  Honorable mention to the Minnesota Wild dark jerseys, and, of course, the pre-Phoenix Navy Jets jerseys and the Navy Whaler jerseys. Maginfique!

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IMO,  based on the teams that are here right now, nothing from the past.

Hockey:  Minors:  Grand Rapids Griffins

    NHL Tie:  New Jersey Devils & Detroit Redwings (simplicity)

             College:  North Dakota Fighting Souix

Basketball:  NBA-Dallas Mavericks  

                College-Kansas Jayhawks

Football:  NFL- 49ers (though I hate 'em_sorry SF fans)

             NCAA-Hawaii Rainbow Warriors & the

                      Kansas State Wildcats (Cowboys template)

Baseball:  Minnesota Twins  (I like the "M" and the Twins font)

LaCrosse:  Vancouver Ravens (cool name great unis)


Kansas-BB-banner.png My-son-Soldier-banner.png

Kansas City Scouts (CHL) Orr Cup Champions 2010, 2019, 2021         St. Joseph Pony Express (ULL)  2023 Champions     Kansas City Cattle (CL)

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MLB: The new sleeveless Pirates jerseys are really sharp IMO. Nice and plain. I also really like the Angels, for the same reason

NBA: The Pistons, new Cavaliers, and Mavericks are the best. I really like the Nets 3rd grey jerseys, but they hardly ever wear them.

NFL: Seahawks have the best shade of blue helmets ever created. Simply gorgeous. Uni's arent bad either. I also like the Buccaneers and Broncos.

NHL: I'll go with the Wild, the Stars and the Oilers.

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Arena Football League - Los Angeles Avengers

Canadian Football League - Toronto Argonauts

Major League Baseball - San Francisco Giants

Major League Soccer - San Jose Earthquakes

National Basketball Association - Dallas Mavericks (After a tough four-way battle with the Celtics, Spurs and the new Cavaliers.)

National Football League - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (By a whisker over my beloved Seattle Seahawks and the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the exception of "throwbacks" to be worn on LIMITED special occassions, I HATE "alternates". The Buccaneers' White-for Pewter pants swap was less offensive to me than Seattle's abysmal all-Seahawk Blue uniform or Jacksonville's Back jerseys, Black pants and/or Teal pants.)

National Hockey League - Minnesota Wild

Just one man's opinion.

Brian in Boston

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My God there are a lot of Wild fans out there.  Were you all born in Minnsota?  I agree that the colors are a good combination, but I would have never guessed that it was a fan favorite.

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MLB:  Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers

NBA:  New Cavaliers, Celtics(only team that can still pull off a scoop neck)

NFL:  Chicago Bears, Saint Louis Rams

NHL:  Minnesota Wild(road is okay, home is amazing).  Having the sleeve stripe being green on a green uniform bothers me, but great logo and home uniform and font.

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NHL - Detroit Red Wings

MLB - NY Yankees

CFL - Edmonton Eskimos

NBA - Who Cares

NLL - Toronto Rock (I dig the logo)

EPL - Man U baby

NFL - GB Packers (who else)

AFL - NY Dragons

Kings Cross AFC -BIP, Winnipeg Falcons - TNFF, St. Louis Archers - MLF


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MLB- Pirates sleeveless, Cardinals

NHL- North Stars, Hurricanes

CFL- Blue Bombers, Stampeders

NBA- old pinstriped Hornets, new Cavs

College Football- I dunno. But I noticed KC Scout listed the K-State Wildcats as using the Dallas Cowboys template. I noticed this too. K-State looks a lot like the Cowboys, Iowa looks a lot like the old Steelers jerseys, and Louisville's white jersey looks a lot like the 49ers white jersey to me...


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As a few people have nominated some soccer jerseys, I thought I would as well! I cant honestly say that I really like any of the English shirts that much! If I had to pick one I guess i would go for Newcastle United- tradition in a modern way again I guess!

As far as the Wild is concerned, I think the dark green works really well, and its a fairly unique design for the jersey!


2011/12 WFL Champions

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MLB:  Baltimore Orioles 1992 orange and 1999 black alternates, Florida Marlins 1993 alternate, Chicago Cubs 1998 alternate, SF Giants 2001 home alternate, LA Dodgers blue alternate, AZ Diamondbacks purple alternate (through 2K2), KC Royals blue and black alternates, Twins home alternate. (Do we see a trend here?)

NFL: Washington Redskins dark jersey/white pants combo (NOT the 2002 uniform that never existed "throwback"!)

Rest of 'em...don't know, don't care!

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