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Brass' eBay Jewels!


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"Umm... yeah. They're like, throwbacks I think. The Mariners definitely wore them back in '64. I think that was like the 2nd or 3rd year they moved west from... let's see here... uh, Detroit. Yeah, that's it. The Cincinnati Mariners, which explains the red pinstripes. Did I say Cincinnati? I meant St. Louis... hey gotta go..."

*runs away*

Sheesh. Not worth 15 pesos.

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Did you see the Angels jersey the same guy is selling?


It's a vest, but what's with the rose-colored shoulder flaps? If I didn't know better, I'd think it was the faux-satin edge of the bedspread the jersey is laid out on...

It was for that weekend series that the Angels played in Milan. It's a warmup shawl.


How many satin bedspreads have you seen with an Angels logo on the hem? I almost was hoping that it WAS part of the spread.

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Practice Jersey? or piece of crap?

I remember those jerseys when the Coyotes first introduced their logo in '96. Not replica, not practice, not authentic. Just a cheap way for CCM to make a buck.

I remember those...IIRC there were versions for most teams...I figure that's what a Walmart hockey jersey would look like :D

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fashion jersey.....

i just won an authentic roger clemens astros home jersey.........for 35 bucks....and here is the kicker, its authentic to the t. just like the authentic reds road i got for 40 off of there.

so if you know what you are looking for and can consult the mlb style guide, you can find gems on ebay.

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