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Nashville Predators Minor Changes on Uniforms


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:notworthy: YES!!!

The "N" logo never really did anything for me, as it really wasn't what I'd consider an alternate logo worth wearing. The skull logo is a good alternative, and I think it's about time it's on the H & R sweaters.

And yeah, Kariya looks good there, but I'll miss him in the Mile-High city.

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I don't know about this.

I liked the GEC/N patch. For one, its colour scheme suits the design of the jersey better, IMO.

Plus there are horrible perspective problems with both the skull and the alt/3D logo. I think the N was a good shoulder patch, and the logo is great from side-on.

Just so long as they make it considerably far through the season, I'll be happy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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