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Cowboys throwbacls tonight


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Throwbacks or not----blue at home? Sacrilege. From Uni-watch:

''The Cowboys, in fact, are known to harbor such an aversion to their blue jerseys that their opponents occasionally wear white at home just to force the 'Boys to wear blue, a gimmick that Carolina plans to use against Dallas in Week 16 of this season.''

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Cowboys don't wear white at home for fear of some curse. They wear white because the owners early on thought it would be nice to see some different colored jerseys in the stadium. Everybody else who wears their colors at home has their color and white on the field every week. The Cowboys wanted white and another color.

The blue "curse" comes from being forced to wear blue for Super Bowl V, then losing to the Colts in a sloppy game. The Cowboys were forced to wear blue again for the NFC Championship Game in 1980 against the Eagles and lost, and they abandoned the royal blue jerseys. The redesigned navy jerseys aren't considered "cursed" anymore.

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I loved the Redskins throwbacks from a couple of years back. Best. Jerseys. Ever.

Didn't Joe Gibbs say he didn't like them? I thought I heard that somewhere...

(How could you NOT like them?)

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Didn't they wear blue "double stars" (not the throwbacks) at home a few years back?

For thanksgiving they did.

I believe that was when the great Ryan Leaf was their starting QB.

It was back in 02 when either Carter or Hutchinson was their QB.

They've worn them more than once on Thanksgiving then.


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