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FIRST CONCEPT POST: San Diego Chargers


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It took me a minute to get an idea of how to use Illustrator, and I know that I still

have a long way to go but this is my first attempt at bringing across my view. I've

made changes to the uniform as you can see by adding the "baby blue" to both the

home and away uniforms and navy to the alternate which also has been concepted

to match the other two. The "bolts" on the shoulders have been enlarged and I just

completely did away with their old style "bolt" striping on the pants and added a set

that matches the shoulders.

I know it's a long shot with the stripping on the neck and sleeves but I thought it

gave the uniform as well as the socks a nice contrast. Also, I contemplated about

possibly changing the yellow/gold that the team use's now to a metallic gold but it

didn't seem right to mess with the club's tradition so I just darkened it along with

the baby blue to give them both a more distinct and deeper feel to go with the dark


Let me know what you think and or should change and I'll make future posts that

will be based on your idea's. - Thanks - bigdub :D

My Webpage

If anybody knows how I can post my concept without having to link it to a web page please let me know. I want to be able to have it just come up with out having

people go to another site.

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Since the concept is on photobucket, just use the %7Boption%7D tag link under the photo in your album and copy it into your post.

I like this concept a lot, though. The colors are really nice, especially the blues that you used. The striping on the pants is cool too. Really nice job.

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I haven't tried the helmets yet cause' I'm still learning my way around Illustrator's

software so it may take some time. I could tell you that I'd keep the bolt pattern the same color as it is on the pants and that the helmet for the alternate uniform would be white only I wouldn't put numbers on the side. Just the bolt.

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I like the pant striping but I think maybe ti would look better if it wanst as wide. Seems like it is just a little too big to me, but I like the the design better than the centipede lighting bolt they have now. The powderblue with the navy outline looks better than the navy with powder blue to me.

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I'm impressed with this first concept of yours. I am interested to see the back of the jerseys and how the lightning bolts look back there. For future concepts you may want to use a double digit number like 97.

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