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i'm new to this board and just started doing some logos for request in the request forum.

i was told to put some of my logos up here in the concepts forum for critique...





please let me know ideas, changes, ...

i don't mind harshness...usually makes it better


ps-i just happens that the first two people needed the same colors. i can use other colors too :D

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reall cool stuff

if i had to make some contructive critisism heres some small things i might change

move the cavaliers guys head doesnt really fit with the wordmark... dont get me wrong they both look great, they just dont fit together so id keep them as seperate logos, especially because his head covers some of the text

i think on the cavs face it make the nose a tad smaller and make the mustache bigger and more twisted to give it a musketeers look

id like to see a sword as an alt logo for that set

also the colors are a tiny bit bland.. maybe use a lighter blue or add a third color like yellow or red.

great job on the outlaws. the only thing i might suggest is change the 'O' logo a little because imo its a little hard to tell what letter its supposed to be when it stands alone -- maybe u can go with a SC logo -- cuz the C in summit city on the wordmark looks pretty cool although its a little hard to see cuz its so small... thatd be nice in a large version

only thing id change to the ufal logo is maybe a white outline around the star so it stands out more... but then it might be too busy and take away from the letters and football idk ur choice

but thats a lot of REAL nitpicky things all in all its some really great logo sets nice job

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I would echo goforbroke's comments about both team logos. To expand a little on them, if you were to change the Cavaliers wordmark, I would consider using a thinner font, as, IMHO, that would look more Cavalier-like (?). I like the font you have now, but for some reason, I think of fairly thin fonts with that name. Also, I have no problem keeping the logo and wordmark together, contrary to goforbroke's suggestion.

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These are nice. I really don't have any major complaints here. I'd like to see a logo for the Cavs like the one for the Outlaws with only the logo and no wordmark, but the one with both is still great. Nice ideas, and a good job. Oh, and :welcome: .

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I've seen that Outlaws logo before.

Doing a google image search for Outlaw logo will bring up four that look very, very similar to that one, but I didn't see one that was exactly like that.

For whatever that's worth.

I was originally thinking the Buffalo Bandits, but it wasn't very close. Your post made me think of the Lehigh Valley Outlawz (not picked up on your search because of the spelling). Lehigh Valley Outlawz Some similarity there too, but not exactly the same. I think that may be one that my University Outbreak partner, lightbluenc, did.

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Love them both... But the Outlaws logo reminds me a little but like the Kansas City Outlaws logo... They were basically a wannabe hockey team that folded after two seasons. Or maybe it was one :unsure:


KC Jayhawk

I think last season was their only season in the UHL. They played at Kemper Arena and the reason they folded was their owner got arrested but I forgot what for. :D

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