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NFL Rivalry Sigs


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OK ive only done a few so i could get ur opinions then ill take them by request. i tried to find a real life picture that represents each team's name. plz don give me crap about the Saints one because i searched everywhere i this was the best one i could find


C&C welcome





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Can you please mak a steelers browns one?

The steelers can be a steel worker, the browns can be a rabid dog or something.

I understabnd if youre busy or cant make it or something like that.

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Bucs VS Panthers... They are probably the biggest rivalry in the South, even though you are obviously a Saints fan, they aren't involved in a real active rivalry. According to SI, the Top 10 New Rivalries in the NFL feature 3 NFC South teams Panther VS Falcons at 8, Buccaneers VS Falcons at 5, and Buccaneers VS Panthers at 4.

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