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Royals alternates today

BJ Sands

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The Royals broke out their black alts today at The Stadium. Not only do the jerseys look bad, they are matched with the all-blue game caps. If they insist on wearing black, the least they can do is match.

(Pics to come)

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Unnecessary and should no longer be in their range of colors.

HOWEVER, it does not look bad in and of itself. I always felt the same about the A's old black alt to. They had no business using it, but it actually worked.

Of course the A's used a black hat and the Royals aren't, but I think blue works just fine.

I didn't realize they were gonna have the road black alt though. There is a home one too, right?

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I think they switched it to a road alt this year.

Personally, I'm fine with this look. Is it unnecessary? Yes. But if they want to sell authentics that "appeal to the kids," as I believe they said when they unveiled the first version, then this is the way to go. Why? Because the black has been removed from every element except the black jersey. No more black trim on all the other jerseys and no more black caps. They look like the Royals again... except now they have a black jersey that actually looks OK -- and says "Kansas City" (!) -- that they wear every once in a while. I can live with that. I saw them play this weekend a lot on TV and I think the new look is great.

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I liked the last black jersey (there's one hanging in my office right now) and miss the front placket/collar trim. They should have kept the black cap, though. It was a nice looking item.

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why would they make a big deal of getting rid of black on their uniforms and then break out these monstrosities?

Makes no sense to me.


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I just think it looks kind of unprofessional. It's a look that more resembles a high school team. The black jerseys look okay with black hats, but not blue.

What's wrong with the blue alts being used at home and away? that would look much classier.

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IMO, the new "Kansas City" script makes the jersey seem way too cluttered. And no matter what the Royals say, the black's gotta go. I totally agree with you on the use of the blue for both home and away.

PS. I actually saw that beaning of Mike Sweeney as I stood next to Pedro Martinez (ironic?) in the Mets' clubhouse this afternoon. Yes, I'm bragging - so what?


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I have to speak against my own interest here. I like the Royals as much as any Twins fan can, and I hate black as a uniform color for teams not named Giants, Orioles, or Pirates. That said, from a purely aesthetic perspective, this uniform works.

Royal and black actually look good together when used properly (see the St. Paul Saints of the independent Whatever League They're In This Year league). It's a contrast thing; the royal is so bright, the black so, well, dark, that they work almost like complementary colors.

Would the blue cap clash with a plain black shirt? Yes. But, get this: the Royals aren't wearing a plain black shirt. They're wearing a black shirt with big royal script, names, and numbers, along with royal piping and royal undershirts. So in fact the caps match nicely as part of the outfit.

And the fact that this is a road jersey helps, since the black works better with gray pants and the royal elements than it would with white, where the white and royal would be dueling with each other to make the black look even more dominant.

Conclusion: Morally, these uniforms are just plain wrong. But on purely aesthetic grounds, this is a fine uniform.

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I hate 'em - (ok KCScout, tell us how you really feel).

Get away from black - go with the sky/carolina/UCLA baby-blue.

The black alts. stink!!! :cursing:

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WHAT I LIKE: The new Kansas City wordmark...that does look pretty slick and it's an upgrade from the block Kansas City they used to have (IMO).

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: The fact they're in black...sorry, but didn't you guys make a big deal about dumping the black drop shadows & black crowned road hats? Now, Baltimore, San Fran, Arizona, Colorado, the 'Burgh, & the White Sox I can see rocking a black alt...not the Royals.

Make these royal and you've got a real winner here...hopefully Royals brass has something like that in the works for '07 and decides to let the black shirts die a natural death (much like they should in another borough of New York (looking SQUARELY at you, Freddy Wilpon <_< )..)


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